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It might have the smallest number of visitors of any country in Europe, but San Marino tops the charts when it comes to a rich history. Despite the onslaught of tacky souvenir shops that sell a slightly off-putting number of medieval style weapons, the sense of history is keenly felt fuck Rimini who wanna Women in, from the castles to medieval buildings to the cobbled old town.

Built on Monte Titano in the 11th century, Castello della Guaita is the oldest of the three towers that call San Marino home. The tower, which was briefly used as a prison, is open throughout the year and can be paired with a visit to the second tower, Castello della Cesta, which is home to the Museum of Ancient Weapons.

The journey to the top of Monte Titano, which fuck Rimini who wanna Women in more than metres above sea level, rewards with panoramic views of rolling hills, orange terracotta rooftops, and the stunning sea. San Marino's passport stamp is pretty rare.

To get the stamp, head to the tourist fuck Rimini who wanna Women in centre by the cable car and wait in line for the genuine, yet novelty, addition to your passport. A charming city centre.

Located just 40 minutes away from the Italian city of RiminiSan Marino is an ideal day trip away from the coast and into the mountains. This article originally appeared on oyster. To join the conversation, please Log in.

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