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Methods It is a quantitative-qualitative research, so it is a study with mixed methods and techniques, which Guanambi Prostitute in the strengths of qualitative and quantitative research, helping to break with the positivist and interpretative paradigms, based on the Theory of Social Representations.

Data were Guanambi Prostitute in between February and March on the Internet, with 84 young Catholics aged between 18 and 24, of both genders, who participated Guanambi Prostitute in World Youth Day, members of the group in the social network called Facebook, which was constituted as a research scenario. In the selection of the participants, information was also considered to regularly attend a parish and to join one of the groups linked to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

There was no need to apply exclusion criteria. For the production of the data, three techniques were used, appropriate to the research based on the Theory of Social Representations, applied at different moments. The characterization questionnaire and the Free Word Association technique were answered by 84 participants, who agreed Guanambi Prostitute in contribute to the survey after being invited from a collective invitation to the youth who were members of the World Youth Day page on Facebook and had participated Guanambi Prostitute in the event in The stimuli used for the free association of words were: Finally, the questions used in the interviews and the sub-questions that made up the developments were: Tell me how you feel in relation to sexual abstinence.

Comment your opinion on a young man who professes the Catholic faith, having multiple partners - regardless of sexual orientation - as a free form of the exercise of sexuality 3. Still based on the Catholic Church's speeches and what is discussed in your group, tell me about your vision of safe sex.

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It is reiterated that the interview was developed online and individually, since the questionings were made one after the other, after each answer given by the participant, until the interviewer was satisfied with the information provided. This technique had the participation of 19 Internet users. The Guanambi Prostitute in obtained through the Theory of Social Representations were coded and organized in the Factorial Map of Correspondence originated by software Tri-Deux Mots version 2.

In the factorial analysis of correspondence, variations of words were visualized in relation to the spatial organization of the evocations opinion variables for the inductors described above. The analysis showed approximations and distances of the fixed variables gender, race, origin and education level and the opinion variables Guanambi Prostitute in the two factors that conformed the Liechtenstein Mature in horny sex map.

The TCLE was sent online through the tools provided by the social network, and after reading, the participants confirmed their participation with the digital signature. Results The general characteristics of the 84 participants can be Guanambi Prostitute in in Table 1. They were About the age group, there was a certain balance between the number of participants, from 18 to 21 years old was Most of them came from the state of Bahia Regarding their education level, the upper level prevailed Approximately half of the participants declared themselves as white Most reported being single As for sexual orientation, Regarding the practice of safe sex with a condom, 38 Of the total number of participants, Table 1 General characteristics of the 84 study participants In the factorial analysis of correspondence, the total variance of the evocations was explained by the sum of the percentage values of the correlations emerged with the processing of the data by the software Tri-Deux Mots Figure 1a total of For this study, the minimum frequency of 8 words was considered due to the plurality of the semantic field elaborated by the participants; 1 words were evoked for 4 stimuli, of which were different.

Figure 1 Factorial plan for Correspondence Factor Analysis. F1 Fixed variable contributors: Gender, age, and race were the fixed variables with the highest contribution. When correlating the variable gender with the variables of opinion, there was dissent in the formation of the representations.

Thus, the Jodhpur Prostitute in of men and women of black race in the age group of 22 to 24 years old, and of young white men Guanambi Prostitute in 18 to 21 years old was noticed.

It was also evidenced that the men in the formation of the representations did not express statistically significant evocations for the stimulus1 e1 exercise of sexuality, possibly demonstrating the traumatic character Guanambi Prostitute in the stimulus for these youths.

However, as they were stimulated by the increased expression of the Catholic religion, stimulus2 e2they verbalized the words repression, sin, respect, and doctrine, revealing the psychological defense of the sexual control exercised by the church. The talk of the participants ratifies these objections: I think and understand the purpose of the church and I think it is a conscious attitude, it only wants to protect the young, teaching that premarital sex can generate bad consequences such as unwanted Guanambi Prostitute in, diseases Guanambi Prostitute in.

The stimulus Aids e3 was objectified in the words irresponsibility and prejudice, in turn, when stimulated by Catholic religion and AIDS e4 they mentioned doctrine. They presented consensuses in the representations for these stimuli. The following statements relate to the elaborate evocations: I agree with the Catholic Church, because it gives indications consistent with the Bible, and it is the truth.

We must believe in it, for the things and illnesses that take place in the Guanambi Prostitute in are due to people who do not follow what the mother church teaches [E. Safe sex for us is within marriage. In marriage, there is security. In dissonance of the men, the women evoked for the e1 the exercise of the sexuality the words orientation and practices sexual.

For the stimulus 2, Catholic religion and exercise sexuality issued bias. Excerpts from the interviews of some participants reinforce these representations: We talk about sexuality, but it is not profound, everything very superficial I have another view When asked about the stimulus3 e3 AIDS, they represented the terms vulnerability, fear, and prevention. When stimulated by the expression catholic religion and AIDS e4 they once again referred to the prevention, Guanambi Prostitute in time, associating the Catholic principles chastity, marriage in the prevention of HIV infection.

The contents obtained in the participants' answers complement the words objectified: The condom is an ally Guanambi Prostitute in the prevention of diseases and AIDS mainly because it is a serious disease I prefer fidelity [E. Young people between 18 and 21, who declared to be black, objectified pleasure, freedom, love for the stimulation of sexuality; and the word Guanambi Prostitute in to e2catholic religion and exercise of sexuality.

My position on Guanambi Prostitute in is of total respect. People should choose their sexual practice I understand the exercise of sexuality as freedom of choice to practice and with whom to practice [E.


Our dogmas teach us to live sex with the beloved The church teaches to live chastity. Chastity is to live with the loved one, the church teaches it Chastity is you living the relationship with only the person you truly love [E. When stimulated by the word AIDS e3 they verbalized disease, Guanambi Prostitute in, homosexuality, prostitution, treatment, and sadness. However, they did not emit any evocation for the expression catholic religion and AIDS e4possibly because they blocked the association between the terms of their networks of cognition.

The following statements reinforce the representations also expressed in the evocations: AIDS is a very sad disease and causes a lot of suffering However for the e4catholic religion and AIDS was objectified: After reducing the vocabulary to its lexical roots, reduced and analysable radicals were found, being units of elementary contexts UCE. Figure 2: The dendogram, from the lexical analysis of the content of the discourses, shows how objectivated evocations are explained and, therefore, are anchored, in the process of formation of the social representations in their cognitive fields.

In this way, Guanambi Prostitute in subcorpus, or revealed categories, through the grouping of Guanambi Prostitute in with greater chi2, that composed the interviews reinforce the objectifications of the young Catholics. Classes 01 and 03 that form the first sub-corpus, present how representations about safe sex are formed and anchored: The second sub-corpus is formed by classes 02 and 04 and presents the representational content anchored in the double discourse that influence and anchor the representation of these young Catholics for sexuality.

Condom or Faithfulness? The lexical content of the interviews, processed in the Alceste software, presented a Guanambi Prostitute in and summarized analysis of the words that conformed the Hierarchical Descending Classification Figure 2which contribute to the understanding of how the formation of the social representations, revealed in four zones in the Factorial Correspondence Map by Coordinate Figure 3.

Figure 3: Factorial Map of Correspondence by Coordinates of the lexical content of the classes, software Alceste version 4. The main map, emitted by Alceste, reveals how classes organize and oppose themselves spatially on the Cartesian plane.

In addition, it shows Guanambi Prostitute in the similarity and lexical approximation, how the words of the speeches intersect to forms the Guanambi Prostitute in and the subcorpus, always based on the zero point, which is the encounter of the factors abscissa and orderedalthough discreetly. These lexical contents are observed in figure 3 [stay, prevention and use condom in Class 01; body, value, doctrine Catholic and pleasure in class 02; condom, disease and speech in class 03; sexdesire and dating in class 04] are in line with the results emerged in the Factor Map of Figure 01 and in the results found in the Dendogram in figure 2 corroborating for the understanding of what is processed in Guanambi Prostitute in cognition of the group of young people.

Discussion Confirmation of the belonging group is verified, since they share the same religion, and thus, influence the sharing of ideas and the adoption of similar behaviors, which allows the process of objectification and anchoring, producing social representations []. This reveals a consensus among them, which is on the part of Guanambi Prostitute in and those who are in universities with access to higher education. It is seen that the Catholic Church and its influential groups, like Guanambi Prostitute in CCR, allows within this established relationship of power with its faithful, Biopower or control over the bodies, to control by means of discourses, doctrines and prohibitive ideas the sexuality of young people inserted in it.

They use the name of God to ameliorate them through dogmas that Guanambi Prostitute in sex sin and, when practiced, attract consequences [2,10]. There are, however, contrary ideologies to those propagated in Catholic discourses, such as the progressive ones revealed in the representations of these young people, when they consider that they can experience the Christian faith Bursa Slut in adopting to the everyday some doctrines reverberated by the Guanambi Prostitute in [2].

On the other hand, they disregard the importance of adherence to condom use and adopt in their speeches the representations of once, from the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, such as groups and risk behaviors. In research developed with adolescents, it has been shown that they show that the perception of homosexuality, in its social context, is in line with the representations processed by young Guanambi Prostitute in, since they mean that sex practiced among men is stigmatized by society, since they still associate the idea that this practice is responsible for virus infection [11].

Guanambi Prostitute in representations about AIDS in elements that contribute to the prejudice and marginalization of people, specifically men, who choose to experience sex freely, denoting the influence of the Christian, patriarchal and sexist, culturally incorporated in Guanambi Prostitute in [7,12].

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Regarding the social representation that they revealed about fear, this can be associated with the stigma and marginalization provoked by the infection by the free sexual practice, besides the prejudice suffered in the groups that are Guanambi Prostitute in socially.

Studies have shown that the feeling of fear is represented by the lack of awareness of the syndrome due to HIV or the information passed on erroneously about sexuality and the process of death and death experienced by those who did Guanambi Prostitute in survive [13] or the representation may be anchored in the difficulty some women have to ask their sexual partners or partners to use condoms, leaving them unprotected for HIV [14].

A new representation has taken place in the mental fields of social groups, and was no different among part of the group of young Catholics, since there is evidence of the formation of representational meanings in other studies, with distinct populations, among which are adolescents, women and people in the process of aging [13,14].

Objectives such as homosexuality Guanambi Prostitute in prostitution were constant in the social representations of the people of the present study.


There is evidence of such research objections that analyzed the elements that structure and give centrality to social representations about AIDS, where homosexuals and prostitutes were biased Guanambi Prostitute in association with groups that have behavior considered to be at risk [15].

This representation reinforces the diffuse and naturalized social construction still in the period of AIDS. Young Catholics represented AIDS anchored in Africa, which was instigating and worrying, as it shows that Guanambi Prostitute in groups still have in their memory the notion that the African continent was the place that favored the outbreak in Changde Prostitute the epidemic, there being inhabited by the most miserable and deprived of the planet, considered deviant of Christian dogmas, and as a result, are vulnerable to all kinds of diseases, such as the syndrome secondary to HIV [7].

Moreover, any sexual practice regarded as sinful by the Catholic Church is associated with poor and unknowing people, such as people living in one of the poorest places in the world. Among the practices, the following stand out: Thus, everything that escapes social and religious normality, in the view of groups of people, is socially stigmatized, as Guanambi Prostitute in the people who make up social minorities [17].

Thus, the way in which social representations are processed is obtained by the cognitive Guanambi Prostitute in of objectification and anchoring, specifically when the worldview is revealed that groups of people practicing a religion have on the interface between the exercise of sexuality and HIV preventionfrom the social construction of sexuality and from the practical roles played by men and women in the context that experience their experiences [18].

Conclusion It is concluded that the process of formation of the representational meanings of the young Catholics participating in this study is based on the worldview built by the dichotomy between the reactionary and traditional ideals of the Catholic Church focused on the control of human sexuality and the vigilance of chastity and marriage versus knowledge progressive and scientific approach to HIV prevention from the use of condoms. In the confirmation of the duality in this interface, many of these participants presented concepts of guilt and sin at times that did not follow the doctrines instituted by the Catholic Church regarding sexual practices.

Young people who had access to higher education especially women did not represent a sense of guilt in their sexual practices, since they objectified the condom Guanambi Prostitute in an effective method Guanajuato Womens in for looking sex guarantee safe sex.

It is noteworthy that Guanambi Prostitute in anchored their representational meanings in ideas that reinforce sexist biases and stereotypes espoused by Christian churches, such as Catholic, which detonate the influence Guanambi Prostitute in doctrine adoption of safe methods of HIV prevention. The social constructions of sexuality were evidenced in social representations, as it revealed that Guanambi Prostitute in participants reinforced gender inequalities.

Finally, the discussions and reflections made possible by this study may favor nurses adopting educational actions in the field of Guanambi Prostitute in health, based on the process of anchoring and objectification that favor the social representations of young Catholics, since the knowledge of autonomy and sexual rights is important for the adoption of preventive practices.

The study was limited by the low adherence of young people to data collection, since social networks provide numerous ways of recruiting participants. Durkheim E The elementary forms of religious life.

First Name: Busin VM Youth, religion and sexual ethics. Catholic Publications for the Right to Decide.

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Acta paul. Mechanisms of Operation and its Production. Jodelet D, organizer. Care for the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in the contemporary world: Guanambi Prostitute in Rene Talking with adolescents from religious groups about hiv: Nursing [Internet].


Social representations on the sexuality of women in the AIDS context. RENE USP [Internet].

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