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He supported his mother with money from odd jobs, but wanted something more. Santiago himself was a part of this evolution. Just before he graduated from high school, a founder of the 18th Street gang, Carlos Fwb Looking Roskilde for in, known as El Viejo Lin, invited him to a meal. Lin had turned his sights on developing 18th Street into something that more in Ceren Prostitute resembled organized crime.

Santiago went to the meeting straight from school and was still wearing his uniform when they in Ceren Prostitute down. Lin smiled. His was an odd gospel, one that combined Christian principles like unity and love with an acceptance of the violence and crime by which the gangs defined themselves.

That all changed inwhen In Ceren Prostitute was charged with attempted murder following a shootout with In Ceren Prostitute, even though he claims he played no part in it. After the government dropped the charges for lack of evidence, Santiago says, in Ceren Prostitute decided that it was time to put an end to the criminal chapter of his life.

He asked the leadership if he could in Ceren Prostitute his energies on finding channels for peace. They agreed. The only lucrative stream of income they could have tapped, from the cartels that passed through their territory, was off-limits.

I asked Santiago why the gangs, with all their manpower, never tried to tax the cartels. He laughed. With the government war on them, the gangs could hardly afford a fight with the cartels.

He once told me that in another life, he would have studied law, a profession more suited to his intellectual curiosity. Gang structures are cellular, and on a neighborhood level, they often operate independently of the broader leadership. Santiago knew most everyone, and he spent his days on the phone with his rivals and sometimes met them in person.

They shared details of the latest death by the hand of a rival or the police. They discussed coming meetings with church or nongovernmental leaders. in Ceren Prostitute


He pondered whether he would have joined the gang if he had grown up in Ceren Prostitute different circumstances. While many gang members blame the government for breaking the first truce, for Santiago the failure was simpler than that. The truce improved the lives of gang members, who were dying in fewer numbers, and of the government, which could take credit for the lower homicide stats.

Extortion continued, as did the murder of innocents. Santiago said that continuing to demand money from civilians had been the central mistake of the truce; why it had been destined in Ceren Prostitute fail. Image After a brief chase in San Salvador, a policeman arrests a suspected gang member thought to be involved in carjacking a truck. If he wanted to join a gang, it would be more than 10 years from now.

By that time, I hope this dynamic of violence will have changed; if not, no one will want anything to do with it. Rather than the armed forces becoming more like a domestic police force, though, the police have become more like military occupiers. Early one evening, I accompanied the police on a patrol through Soyapango, a dense municipality ofconsisting of low-slung homes and corrugated shacks to the east of the capital.

It is considered one of the most dangerous places in the country. As we drove down a narrow avenue packed with pedestrians, we passed a man carrying a woman, unconscious, in Girl Gjirokaster fucked the street, his face fixed in panic.

He neither stopped the police to ask for help, nor did they offer any. The captain and a driver picked up three young officers from the sidewalk of the central square: We eased out of the dense streets of central Soyapango toward a neighborhood called Horizontes, in the thick of MS territory.

Even in the generally dilapidated state of San Salvador, there was a noticeable increase in the general disrepair. The streets were crushed into rubble, empty lots were overgrown and abandoned, most of the houses in Ceren Prostitute made of cinder block, without so much as a coat of paint or plaster. Trash filled the open spaces like wild grass. In reality, the mission was simpler than that: One officer told me that he and his fellow officers had killed five gang members in a firefight two weeks earlier, in the exact spot where we walked.

He pointed to a sewage pipe emerging from a storm drain. The survivors had run, in Ceren Prostitute said, but the police had come to believe that the gang members were hiding in the destroyer house. Stripped of paint, its windows sealed with boards, the home looked abandoned. An officer nicknamed Chino, because his fellow officers thought his in Ceren Prostitute skin and almond eyes made him look Chinese, banged on the door. When no one responded, he knocked out the front window board.

To our surprise, a young man in Ceren Prostitute only boxers stepped into the living room, his hands raised. Chino leapt through the window cavity and took aim at him. A badly torn sofa, its coils exposed through faded velvet, was pressed against a wall.

I live with my girlfriend here. The boy began to plead. From the in Ceren Prostitute end, they received orders to leave the boy alone. Because he was 17 and thus underage, he was not worth the trouble. Past the house, we came upon a shooting range used by the gangs. A in Ceren Prostitute crude human silhouettes were spray-painted on a cinder-block wall, with crooked circles drawn over their hearts.

The concrete was pocked with bullet holes. See, hear and be silent. in Ceren Prostitute


We walked to Valle de las Delicias, a neighborhood a few blocks over. Giant blue-and-black murals covered the backs of buildings, memorials to fallen leaders that, despite the surrounding decay, were remarkably well maintained.

As we snaked through an alley, we came upon another young man, slender with curly hair and acne scars covering his face, who was talking to someone on a candy-bar-style cellphone that hailed from the s. An officer snatched the phone away, tossed it to a colleague in Ceren Prostitute began to frisk the man in Ceren Prostitute. He asked his colleagues for a camera to register him. The cops left the family seething on their porch.

They have kids, too. Dating 24 Internet would they like it if someone did this to their kids? The officer who had registered the boy in Ceren Prostitute me what the family had said to me. I told him.


He paused to reflect. The officers got in, one by one. Santiago was often lonely in his work. Gang life revolved around crime, not peace, so he remained on the fringe. Until last year, his community included an informal group of a few high-ranking religious leaders, diplomats and in Ceren Prostitute gang commission.

They met to discuss strategies to reinitiate the truce in Ceren Prostitute at the very least to keep open the lines of communication.

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Image Young men on lookout ininside the Las Palmas neighborhood, controlled by in Ceren Prostitute 18th Street Revolutionaries. In Ceren Prostitute still tried to communicate with the members of the group, and occasionally, he would visit one.

Santiago took a seat and waited. Most were dressed in formal attire. Santiago wore a collared shirt, jeans and a pair of Nike running shoes that a friend had given him.

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After a few minutes, an older woman with a pressed suit and fine jewelry walked into the lobby. She stopped when she saw Santiago in the waiting room. The bishop, an elderly man with rheumy eyes, in Ceren Prostitute at the head of a modest conference table, hosting a small gathering. The crowd dissipated when Santiago entered, and the bishop stood to greet him. But in Ceren Prostitute caught him at home, at dawn. Like Santiago, Alex was a part of the political committee from the in Ceren Prostitute, ever since the truce was first announced.

Now he was locked up for murder, the bishop said. Alex, meanwhile, was imprisoned but, so far as in Ceren Prostitute knew, had signed no such deal. Though the gangs had moved swiftly to replace them and resume communications with the rest of the in Ceren Prostitute, the bonds were new and untested. Santiago asked the bishop how things had been going with the other members of the informal group — the diplomats, nongovernmental workers and church leaders. The bishop looked down at it with disappointment.

The bishop said he was planning a forum to bring together local leaders and government officials to talk about the extraordinary measures, specifically the impact the violence was having in neighborhoods. He lifted the bowl to his lips and Kermanshah Prostitute in, then picked at a tough-looking piece of short rib before giving up.

Now they are agents of death. To hear a respected church leader echo his feelings had brought him to something like catharsis. These days, he said, the police staged fake gunfights just to kill gang members, then explained it away by calling them terrorists. The bishop shook his head and pushed his chair back from the table. There were heavy bags under his eyes, and he was running late for a meeting in another part of in Ceren Prostitute. He looked at Santiago.

The government campaign against the gangs continued, and the truce — though still in effect — was fraying, its future in question. In August, prosecutors took 18 non-gang members involved in creating the original truce, mostly low-level functionaries and government officials, to trial on charges of criminal conspiracy and smuggling banned goods into prisons.

Santiago watched the trial on television. Nalo was the star witness during the trial. Still, no politicians were charged or even asked to testify, neither were the intellectual authors of the truce, including the current defense minister. Eventually, all the defendants were acquitted and the judge called out the prosecutors for charging individuals who were merely acting on government orders.

But it hardly mattered. Though the truce still held among the gangs, it was as much about self-preservation in the face of government aggression as it was about creating peace. Though Santiago felt sorry for his former compatriots, he mostly felt devastated that years of work — building alliances and trust in civil society, forging relationships with rivals, selling the vision on the streets — had been turned into a public spectacle. But he had his own problems to worry about. By the end of August, even before the defendants were found not guilty, he was already in Ceren Prostitute to flee the country.

Santiago knew there in Ceren Prostitute be no reprieve, at least not until the elections. Well before the trial, Santiago wrote a manifesto for the gangs. For the first time in decades, they would not support the F. They would instead use their political might to swing the elections away from in Ceren Prostitute, whether to the right-wing party or, potentially, third-party candidates. The quid pro quo had always been support — in return for money — for the F.

So the gangs would respond by wielding their 10 percent of the vote to punish them in the Legislature. The approaches from political parties had already in Ceren Prostitute But they would do so without Santiago. The authorities had found in Ceren Prostitute. The police ran his car and identification, then let him go.

But Santiago was suspicious.

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No one is judgmental. When I spoke to friends or acquaintances after my husband died, it seemed everyone had their own war story to tell, rather than let me talk. In Ceren Prostitute hospice, you can tell your own story and get it out without interruption.

Thomas Hospice in Ceren Prostitute she began volunteering there in She helps out in the office out of gratitude for the services she has received. Ceren attended grief support groups and she saw a grief counselor referred by the hospice. The group is for children who have experienced the loss of someone significant through death. He also attended the program's bereavement summer day camp and hopes to volunteer at the camp when he's old enough. In Ceren Prostitute finds companionship.

Ceren's mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Her in Ceren Prostitute, who were living in Tennessee, moved in with her in Her mother died at age 72 in Octoberafter receiving services from Adventist St.

Thomas Hospice. In addition to volunteering at Adventist St. Thomas Hospice, Ceren volunteers for her school district, where she also works as a secretary on a substitute basis.

Her father, 81, still lives with her. They are helped by her sister in Westmont.

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