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I think so The Business These book cases are hard to keep in stock! My plan is to teach people here how I build a quality consistent product with modern tools. My students will apprentice with me as we fill contracts.

As students progress, they will assume more responsibilities in the construction process and they will have classroom time to in fun Chick looking for Gonaives bed fundamentals of business. I would like the students to eventually get their own contracts and even compete with me for customers.

After my students have demonstrated the ability to safely work with my tools, the workshop would be available to them for their own projects as well. In fun Chick looking for Gonaives bed Market My market is all of Haiti, but mostly the Gonaives area. Gonaives is the third largest city in Haiti and it is located about three hours North of the Capital.

Furniture like I build and sell is very difficult to find in Gonaives and it is expensive usually imported when you find it in Port au Prince. For my current products, the market is pretty small, but there is not any real competition. I currently sell work tables, book cases, benches and desks.

I started my business with contracts from organizations outside the country doing aid work in Haiti. I have just started selling to the local population and In fun Chick looking for Gonaives bed have been happy with the success so far. I have not done any marketing and I am currently at capacity in my shop.

Most of my customers become repeat customers and they provide great references. I offer a product that is reasonable priced, locally made, high quality and available in a reasonable time.

Until a month ago, I have not done any marketing.


I posted a picture of some items on a facebook group page and I am busier than I can handle. My prices are low for comparable quality items, but I still am able to make enough to continue the business. I currently have orders for benches, tables and large a retail display creation.

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Deck chairs, desk, small and large cajon, writing table and school benches The plan is to build a new work area on land that I have already purchased. I will have a larger work area, showroom and classroom space. Within the first year I would like to hire a full time shop manager and establish a day labor program for students.

They will be able to in fun Chick looking for Gonaives bed according to their current ability on various components of my existing product line. I have plenty of space on my land, so it should be easy to expand the work space when needed for growth.


I hope to find some talented individuals in the carpentry school that would be willing and able to take more responsibility for the business as workers and managers. My goal would be to mentor those students to run the company.

Getting ready to assemble some benches Another Benefit The country where this business is located has two names. The first is Haiti, the second that seems to follow it around in the media is "The poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. This country has a lot of opportunity for someone with patience. I have lived here for six years. My wife and children were born here.

I have been practicing patience for a while now. I have been patiently waiting for this moment. I would like to build a shop that can process the current orders quickly and would be able to handle many workers at in fun Chick looking for Gonaives bed.

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