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The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome | The New Yorker

The name is a pseudonym, which she requested in order to protect her privacy. Her life in Havana was fascinating but orderly. She lived with her husband and their twelve-year-old twins in a quiet neighborhood full of in Havana relationship Nsa, and drove an S. A veteran of several Foreign Service tours, she felt at ease in Cuba—except for one peculiar incident.

Earlier that year, when the family returned to Havana from a vacation, they were struck by a foul stench in their kitchen.

The freezer was unplugged. Lee and her husband cleaned out the rotten food, plugged the freezer in, and went back to their routine, thinking little about the fact that someone had been there while in Havana relationship Nsa were away. On the evening of March 17th, Lee came home from the Embassy, made dinner, and ate with the twins in the kitchen nook.

Her husband was away on business. Afterward, the kids went upstairs to play Minecraft. The kitchen lights made in Havana relationship Nsa hard to see out the window, but she knew that there was a wooden booth outside where Cuban police kept watch. In Havana relationship Nsa Lee was cleaning, she felt a sudden burst of pressure in her head, then a stabbing pain worse than any she had ever experienced.


Her breath quickened and she was overcome by panic. As the pain grew more intense, in Havana relationship Nsa remembered overhearing a security officer at the Embassy talking about how employees could protect themselves. She made her way to the family room and took a few minutes to steady herself.

After checking on the twins, she went in Havana relationship Nsa her bedroom to lie down, but the pain kept her from sleeping. At breakfast, her son asked her to read the ingredients on a box of cereal, and she struggled, moving the box back and forth as she tried to focus.

In the coming weeks, she often felt dizzy and lost her balance, and sometimes walked into doors. She felt as if she were moving even when she was still, a sensation that she compared to walking after taking off roller skates. She in Havana relationship Nsa sleeping just an hour or two a night. Co-workers noticed that she was becoming forgetful. One afternoon, a colleague stopped by her office to discuss running an errand together.

Between December 30,and February 9,at least three C. When the agency sent reinforcements to Havana, at least two of them were afflicted as well. All the victims described being bombarded by waves of pressure in their heads. Unlike Lee, in Havana relationship Nsa, the C. But when they opened an outside door the sounds abruptly stopped.

Some of the victims said that it felt as if they were standing in an invisible beam of energy. The Americans suffered from headaches, dizziness, and a perplexing range of other symptoms. Later, specialists studied their brains and determined that the injuries resembled concussions, like those suffered by soldiers struck by roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there were no signs of in Havana relationship Nsa. A year earlier, in March,Barack Obama had flown to Havana to celebrate the restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, after more than half a century of enmity.

For most, the answer is a dog. Before the first meetings, in June, in Havana relationship Nsa, Rhodes in Havana relationship Nsa U. But the analysts could tell the negotiators little about internal Cuban deliberations. Rhodes and his advisers found that these discussions advanced surprisingly quickly, given the obstacles. In addition to the underlying tension between the two countries, the Americans assumed that Russian intelligence agencies would find out about the negotiations and try to interfere.

The U. As the negotiators honed an agreement, Rhodes and Alejandro Castro needed to talk more often. Rhodes had access to secure communications links in the Situation Room, in the basement of the White House. Castro came up with an unorthodox solution.

First Chinese-Cuban film to be shot in Havana

He created two Skype accounts—one for Rhodes and one for himself—using American-sounding fake names. From then on, his Skype calls were piped directly into the Situation Room. The Americans concluded that most Cuban officials were only now learning that the negotiations had been held and felt that they had been snubbed.

In in Havana relationship Nsa United States, anti-Castro politicians were also upset about the secret negotiations. But Rubio did see one benefit in reopening in Havana relationship Nsa Embassy in Havana: Therefore, I am often in the business of making lemonade out of lemons. In the main building, known as the chancery, the chief of mission has an office on the fifth floor, with a balcony overlooking the ocean.

Compared with C. The in Havana relationship Nsa threat facing the Embassy was espionage. The perimeter of the facility was sex Asyut Beach free in by a force of Cuban guards, who were vetted by the government. Similarly, most of the local employees who worked inside the Embassy were handpicked Cuban nationals.

The Americans assumed that many were informants, so, to prevent bugs from being slipped into sensitive offices, even cleaning and maintenance crews were forbidden to go above the second floor, unless they were escorted by one of the Marine guards who controlled access to the chancery.

Inin Havana relationship Nsa Jimmy Carter was President, the U. Interests Section in Havana, which operated under the formal protection of the Embassy of Switzerland. The Cubans pushed back.

A larger staff at the Embassy would create new opportunities to bring in spies and human-rights officers who would work with dissidents. Benjamin Rhodes tried to reassure the Cubans. Eventually, the Cubans agreed to let the number of U.


As a result, only fifty-four of the agreed-upon slots could be filled. The Cubans were even more suspicious when the State Department said that it would need to send large shipments of supplies to the Embassy. Finding supplies in Havana was impractical. There was little to buy, and, more important, the Americans suspected that Cuban intelligence would slip listening devices into almost everything they purchased on the in Havana relationship Nsa. To avoid penetration, even the furniture had to be shipped in.

State Department officials told the Cubans that they needed to send several large steel containers by sea, and that they wanted them to be exempt from inspection. These vibrations are conveyed to the cochlea and converted into electrical signals. Allan H. Frey; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The false sensations, the experts say, may account for a defining symptom of the diplomatic in Havana relationship Nsa — the perception of loud noises, including ringing, buzzing and grinding.

Initially, experts cited those symptoms as evidence of stealthy attacks with sonic weapons. Members of Jason, a secretive group of elite scientists that helps the federal government assess new threats to national security, say it has been scrutinizing the diplomatic mystery this summer and weighing possible explanations, including microwaves.

Sign up for in Havana relationship Nsa Science Times newsletter. And the F. The microwave idea teems with unanswered questions. Who fired the beams?

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The Russian government? The Cuban government? A rogue Cuban faction sympathetic to Moscow? And, if so, where did the attackers get the unconventional arms? At his home outside In Havana relationship Nsa, Mr. Frey, the scientist who uncovered the neural phenomenon, said federal investigators have questioned him on the diplomatic riddle and that microwave radiation is considered a possible cause. Frey, now 83, has traveled widely and long served as a contractor and a consultant to a number of federal agencies.

Frey, at his home outside Washington. Inhe stumbled on an acoustic effect of microwaves that was eventually named after him. The short radio waves power radars, cook foods, relay messages and link cellphones to antenna towers. While radio broadcasting can employ waves a mile or more in length, microwaves range in size from roughly a foot to a tiny fraction of an inch. But their diminutive size also enables tight focusing, as when dish antennas turn disorganized rays into concentrated beams.

The dimensions of the human head, scientists saymake it a fairly good antenna for picking up microwave signals. A man who measured radar signals at a nearby G. Intrigued, Mr. Each lobe bears a small region — the auditory cortex — that processes nerve signals from the outer and inner ears.

Investigators raced to confirm in Havana relationship Nsa extend Mr. At first they named the phenomenon in Havana relationship Nsa him, but eventually called it the microwave auditory effect and, in time, more generally, radio-frequency hearing.

The Soviets took notice. Not long after his initial discoveries, Mr. Frey said, he was invited by the Soviet Academy of Sciences to visit and lecture. Toward the end, in a surprise, he was in Havana relationship Nsa outside Moscow to a military base surrounded by armed guards and barbed-wire fences.

Frey recalled. Zaid said a N. Image The high-pitched chirping that diplomats heard while working at the Consulate General of the United States in Guangzhou, China, might be explained by a phenomenon known as the Frey effect — radio-frequency hearing.

From Havana: the relation between Cuba and the EU

In Albuquerque, N. Their novel approach won a patent in Havana relationship Nsaand an update in The In Havana relationship Nsa effect was to induce sounds powerful enough to cause painful discomfort and, if needed, leave targets unable to move.

It is unknown if Washington deploys such arms. But the Pentagon built a related weapon known as the Active Denial System, hailing it in a video. It fires an invisible beam meant to deter mobs and attackers with fiery sensations. Russia, China and many European states are seen as having the know-how to make basic microwave weapons that can debilitate, sow noise or even kill.

Only intelligence agencies know which nations actually possess and use such unfamiliar arms.


The basic weapon might look like a satellite dish. In theory, such a device might be hand-held or mounted in a van, car, boat or helicopter. Microwave arms are seen as typically working over relatively short distances — across the length of a few rooms or blocks. High-powered ones might be able to fire beams across several football fields, or even for several miles. The shaky economy forced Moscow to stop providing Havana with large amounts of oil and other aid. In Decembermonths after the start of his first presidential term, In Havana relationship Nsa. Putin flew to the island nation.

It was the first visit by a Soviet or Russian leader since the Cold War. He also sought to resurrect Soviet work on psychoactive arms. In JulyMr. Putin again visited Cuba. The two in Havana relationship Nsa signed a dozen accords.

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