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1. There's only one bar in the whole town. Which means the bar all the singles go to is also the bar your dad goes to on Friday nights after work. A young, single, big city professional moves to a small town and Thinking about larger nearby towns is a standard piece of advice for dating. How hard can it be to date a Kiwi girl? Well actually it can be quite difficult, you really do have to pull out the stops to impress a New Zealand female!.

Best case scenario, you're now in a long-distance relationship. Your mom knows him as the guy who vomited all over your house after prom. The guy who's funny and charming and has a nice job now?

He's the same dude who stole a bottle of your parents' wine and vomited in a vase when he was The in towns small tips Dating of shame" means walking past all your old teachers and coworkers while they're on their way to church.

What It's Like Using Tinder in a Small Town - VICE

It's one thing to walk home in last night's clothes in front of a bunch of strangers. It's another when you know everyone. You know everyone's sexual history. You're having a hard time reconciling your most recent crush since you heard he slept with Becky Appleman, and she's been your mortal enemy ever since she put gum in your hair in third grade. Half of the dating pool is already out because you're all friends. It's in towns small tips Dating asian Belgrade Horny in, close-knit community, and you see some of these people as brothers and sisters.

There's no such thing as a "blind date. Yeah, that's your friend Brad. The guy who owns a restaurant? You already went on a few dates with him and he's an asshole. And as anyone who has ever dated knows, being single is a numbers game.

Very small. Online dating has offered us the promise of solving the supply-and-demand problem, making it more efficient to match those looking with those available. How could I approach in towns small tips Dating in this tiny town? I went on some good dates, some bad dates, a whole lot in between.

What I loved most, however, was that when a date was over, it was over, if I wanted it to be. I lived in a city and I prized my anonymity.

Tinder, But For Small Towns

I felt free. I was a in towns small tips Dating newcomer to town, but even so I felt sure I would recognize everyone with a profile. And the flip side of that: They would recognize me. But suddenly the stakes felt different. There was no hiding. We were introduced at the party of a coworker; we drank whiskey and chatted late into the night.


He was also recently out of a serious relationship—a lost soul, but a charming one. With him, it did not. On weekend nights he tended bar at the popular watering hole a few blocks from my apartment.


Oh, well. Tinderthe location-based app that shows you little more than a couple of pictures, a line of text, and overlapping Facebook friends. No last names. No pressure. My city friends swore by it.

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I downloaded the app onto my phone on a Wednesday night, and with a glass of wine in one hand, I spent an hour swiping left and right with the other, wholeheartedly enjoying the ping of adrenaline when I got a match. It seemed oddly closer to the experience of meeting someone in, say, a bar—all context beyond gut in towns small tips Dating and fast-track aesthetics removed—despite the fact that I was at home in sweatpants on my couch.

When I encountered the picture of someone I knew from town, however, I freaked out and hastily deleted the entire app from my phone, only to download it again the following day. In fact only a couple of swiping sessions, within a couple of days. I expanded my search to include men from anywhere 10 miles around me. Then I increased the top end of my age range to 40, and then Well, this is depressing, I thought.

I began to more carefully consider every single man, every in towns small tips Dating potential match. In Boston, I was picky. I dated a certain type of man.

But upstate Tinder was different than city Tinder and Hudson was not a place teeming with lawyers and doctors and PhDs in chemistry. And so as I in towns small tips Dating away, I found myself both matching and connecting with men I would never have given a second thought in the city. I was disappointed in myself for being so narrow-minded. I also liked the challenge. I love a good getaway! The Hudson Valley is beautiful!

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