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looking in someone Australia for real Just

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Here's how to look. Step 1 Detail What You Know Step 2 Usually, you'll know a bit more than a person's name when you're doing a people-search for information. For instance, you may know the state or city they live in, or even a looking in someone Australia for real Just or zip code.

Perhaps you have a phone number as well, or know where the person works, or attends school. Whatever snippets of information about the person are available, write them down, so you have them all in one place.

Step 3 For instance, my neighbors wanted looking in someone Australia for real Just know the birthday of a new neighbor of ours, who we all knew only by first name. With just the first name -- along with knowing his address and phone number -- I was able to find his birthday date. And in the process, found his surname as well.


Step 4 Be Realistic Step 5 If a person's first name is very common such as my first name, which is David then your odds of tracking down a lot of information are pretty slim. On the other hand, I know someone with the first name Grietje. Now that's more like it! With an unusual first name to work with, you have a much better chance of finding information.

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Step 6 So, if you're looking for information on David looking in someone Australia for real Just San Francisco, then you might as well forget about it Step 7 However, if you're looking to find out something about Grietje in Peoria, then your odds are much better, as there is likely to be only one or two people, at most, in a mid-sized town with that particular first name.

In Aprilthese were the rules about public access to the most current electoral roll in AEC offices: Members of the public may access the publicly available roll on Public Access Terminals in AEC offices without challenge as to the purpose which they are accessing the roll.


AEC staff will still monitor public access to the roll to enforce the restriction on copying or recording the roll by electronic means. AEC staff will monitor public access to the roll in relation to the length of time looking in someone Australia for real Just individual member of the public uses a terminal in order to ensure that other members of the public can also gain access in a timely fashion.

The previous policy, which restricted people from searching the electoral roll for information about other people, was reversed in April Note that under the rules, you may not copy, record or photograph any information from the electoral roll with any electronic device. Follow this link for more information about viewing the electoral roll: For family tracing, historic electoral rolls can be very useful in tracking people over time and place.


Past copies of electoral rolls published annually are available for public inspection in state and local libraries. Contact your local library or the state library in your capital city to see what electoral rolls are in their collection. This is not a free website, however, you can access Ancestry.

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It may also be available at your local library. Births Deaths and Marriages Every state and territory has a registry of Births Deaths and Marriages or BDMwhich is responsible for registering life events including births, deaths, marriages, changes of name, and adoptions.

Here is a list of the registries around Australia: Most BDM offices have a website where you can search birth, death and marriage family history indexes, at no cost. Looking in someone Australia for real Just, you do have to pay to look at search results, and to get a copy of a certificate from BDM. Also please be aware that the registries only have information for the state they are in, and they will not be able to search nationwide for you.

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