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Danielle Panabaker, wallpaper, danielle, panabaker, key, dating. Danielle Panabaker as Victoria Strange Kay Panabaker, Flash Arrow, Betta, Killer Frost. Stephanie Kay Panabaker (born May 2, ) is an American zoologist and former actress. She is best known for her roles as Jenny Garison in the reboot. Oct 13, Normal 0 0 1 25 6 0 0 0 Kay Panabaker is no ordinary break out CG: How would you describe your perfect first date?.

It's always just been the most enjoyable hobby and to be able to pursue that dream as my job has been a dream come true.

A peek into the family life of The Flash star actress Danielle Panabaker

I think the point at which I realized I was successful was when Panabaker dating Kay was able to support myself solely acting. What was your first "big break"? First I had a heavily recurring role on Disney Channel's Phil of the Future and went straight from that to shooting Summerland. Those two jobs exposed me to two very different audiences.

Kay Panabaker

From there on, I did a slew of different jobs and the rest is history. Was your family supportive that you wanted to act?

My family has been very panabaker dating Kay. It's impossible to be a young actor and not have supportive parents. They gave up so much of their personal lives to help me follow my dreams.


My mom continues to give me great, unbiased advice even though I no longer live at home. It's also been great having my sister as a successful actress panabaker dating Kay we can relate with one another. Daphne on No Ordinary Family. Daphne is very sarcastic teenager and can be seen as very bratty, but deep down, she is actually very insecure.

When she panabaker dating Kay the ability to reads minds, she freaks out.


As she begins panabaker dating Kay control her power, she tries to help out her friends and frenemies, but she actually ends up causing more problems than she started with.

My own family is very quiet and different from my TV family.

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One really great similarity panabaker dating Kay that I talk with my own family about whatever's on my mind just like Daphne panabaker dating Kay talk to her family about what's troubling her.

Caitlin Snow in the CW superhero series. Keep reading to learn more about this relatively quiet star. Harold Jerome Panabaker father He was a sales manager and for the nature of this job, his family moved rather often. Stephanie Kay Panabaker younger sister from same parents Date of Birth: May 2, Zodiac Sign: Today, she has guest starred in a number of television dramas and soap operas.

Kay has had the recurring role as Debbie Berwick on Phil of the Future — On having a sister who was also an actress at some point, the Friday the 13th actress says if anything, being in same career with her younger sister has brought the family together because they can sit at dining tables and talk about some project they are working on like the time when both sisters co-starred in Read It and Weep In panabaker dating Kay, after she starred as Rosa in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la Fiestashe retired from acting and went on to study zoology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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