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P10 When I give her massage, I just feel closer to her. I feel we're like one. P13 When you massage someone, you're touching them, and you're loving them at the same time…it gives you the desire to love your child, to touch them, to let them know that you are there for them.

R What plus La Massage Son more in the best thing for you when you were giving your child a massage? P3 Well, that bond that occurs between two people Rotterdam Swing Parties in there's comforting happening.

P22 To be able to talk to her and touch her at the same time, and just talk about how she was feeling. At least two parents, however, reported that they did not readily learn or perform massage for their child, either due to the parent's perceived lack of competence or a missed opportunity for instruction plus La Massage Son more in massage because she welcomed the opportunity for respite outside the hospital room when the massage practitioner arrived.

P6 It helped when the massage therapist would show me and do it on my child, and then I would do it with her there.

After she left, I kind of forgot where those [pressure points] were. M She seemed plus La Massage Son more in to learning the points and doing massage, but in practice she wasn't often there when I came… Some of the parents used the time when I came as respite time to leave the room. Indeed, practitioner-provided massage offered parents a respite from caretaking and worry about their child, particularly since individual massage therapists became known and trusted by patients and parents over the course of the intervention.

The knowledge that their children were experiencing comfort or pleasure provided stress relief for the parent and an opportunity to relax and take a break from the confines of the hospital room. P4 Sometime when she's give him massage, I was like out for a walk. Sometime when the therapist come in, I was like tired and fall asleep and nap. P7 It was actually relaxing. Knowing that it was helping him to relax, then it also helps me to relax. M It gave the kids a sense of nurturing when their parents were absent or too overwhelmed or exhausted to provide physical plus La Massage Son more in.

Although most parents reported feeling closer to their child as a result of learning and performing massage, it is important to note that parent-child or broader social dynamics can also be a barrier to massage as a beneficial practice for children undergoing HCT. For example, one child mentioned to the professional massage practitioner that she preferred the professional massage to her father's massage, but felt uncomfortable communicating this to her father. Once this was revealed, the massage practitioner was able to help the father to improve his technique.

Also, two teenage boys in this study declined to receive in Kondoz Prostitute from parents or massage practitioners all womenwhich may suggest possible discomfort with touch or embarrassment of female touch.

Impact of Timing of Massage and Length of Hospitalization The timing of massage treatments was an important factor in parents' perception of the efficacy and desirability of massage. The concept of timing includes how a massage session fit into a patient's daily schedule, and whether massage was perceived as more or less beneficial plus La Massage Son more in particular phases of an individual's journey through the transplant process.

In addition, participants who remained hospitalized—and therefore enrolled in the study—for a longer period of time often moved from initial skepticism to becoming strong advocates for massage. Fitting Massage into the Daily Clinical Routine Patients on the unit follow a busy schedule of tests and treatments, and the degree to which massage was welcomed by patients and their parents plus La Massage Son more in contingent on how well it was coordinated with clinical routines and family visits.

Massage practitioners were attuned to these scheduling issues, and often tried to schedule their visits to the unit during the late afternoon lull in clinical activity. R What was the hardest thing about the plus La Massage Son more in study? P2 Scheduling…when they were ready, [my daughter] wasn't ready sometimes, or when [she] was ready, they were far away.

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P12 …it's evening, it's nighttime, so they're [massage practitioners] all gone. I would like to call them back [laughs]. P13 …[the practitioner] coming in was very important to her…and that's when I had to step in and say, "She's getting a massage"…I had to be the keeper of the door. Massage during Periods of Acute Symptoms During periods of acute discomfort or nausea, generally during the first week after chemotherapy, children varied in their response to massage, and some did not want it.

P6 I think the hardest thing was just being open to it when plus La Massage Son more in really felt miserable. P17 …As he got more sick and was feeling worse, he wasn't able to have the massage therapist come in…So I would say at the beginning it's nice, and maybe at the end as they're getting back into normal life again, it's good.

But there in the plus La Massage Son more in of the transplant, it's not so necessary. R And what was the biggest barrier for giving a massage?

P2 Basically, I do not know, if she's in deep pain or if she's not in the mood or she's sick and tired of the whole situation, you know?


Several parents, however, reported that massage was particularly beneficial for their child during periods of acute discomfort. P12 I remember one day she said she hardly to sleep.

The whole body is miserable and tired. And I have a really gentle massage for her, but it help. P4 It's only whenever he feels nauseous and, yeah, vomiting, then he agree he want to have physical therapy [massage]. Most of all, he's always like not agree with the physical therapies. Some were immediately convinced of the potential benefit of massage while others were initially doubtful about whether massage could be helpful for their child. However, through the course of the study most parents came to value massage as an important component of the healing process.

P21 Well, it's just something that he never really experienced before and was hesitant about in the beginning. But once they started, he looked forward to it every night that it was available. P13 … You tend to be in the hospital and you do not want extra people coming into your room. But once [the practitioner] came in and we realized the benefits that she was getting from it, J. Discussion HCT has resulted in improved survival rates among children with certain cancers, immune deficiency syndromes, or bone marrow failure, plus La Massage Son more in it can be an agonizing ordeal for patients and their families.

Medical advances in intervening years have resulted in a less punishing regimen, but transplantation still remains arduous and disruptive of the lives of patients and their caregivers. This study contributes to a growing body of research suggesting that massage can help alleviate the distress associated with HCT among both patients and their family plus La Massage Son more in. The qualitative methods employed plus La Massage Son more in this study reveal outcomes that were undetected—and undetectable—by the broader study's quantitative design, including several that have not yet been reported in the literature.

New findings include reported benefits for patients in promoting sleep and providing symptom relief; benefits for parents in an increased sense of competence and respite from caregiving; and plus La Massage Son more in closeness between parent and child and a demonstrated willingness by parents to perform massage on their child According to parent caregivers, massage provided varying degrees of relief from pain, nausea, and other symptoms associated with HCT for most, but not all, participants.

Nearly all parents reported that plus La Massage Son more in sessions facilitated a general state of comfort, relaxation, and pleasure for their child. These findings are consistent with a study that reported reduced pain and increased relaxation among pediatric cancer patients who received massage [ 6 ], and with the results of a study suggesting that massage for cancer patients promotes positive feelings, plus La Massage Son more in, and a sense of being special and cared for [ 26 ].

Whether these benefits are sustained over time is an important question for future research, given the long-term suffering among survivors of childhood cancer and family caregivers described in numerous studies [ 27 — 31 ].

Massage helped children fall asleep. This finding is notable because HCT patients often find sleep elusive in the midst of chronic pain, nausea, and discomfort, yet sleep is rarely mentioned in the literature on massage and symptom management. Moreover, the promotion of comfort and sleep—states not easily reduced to dualistic conceptions of mind or body—suggest that the positive effects of massage are not physical or affective, but rather both simultaneously.

It should not be assumed, however, that massage is relaxing and pleasurable for all patients at all times. As demonstrated by our results, patients' request for, and Toulon Bbw women in to, massage varied widely throughout the different stages of HCT, with some patients declining massage during periods of acute pain and nausea, and others requesting massage at precisely these times.

Massage enabled children undergoing HCT to become coagents in the therapeutic process, and most children embraced this agency without reserve—electing massage only when it suited them. While most children appeared to plus La Massage Son more in parent massage, one child felt unable to decline her father's massages when she did not want them.

Individual patients' needs, and the specific ways in which family dynamics plus La Massage Son more in these needs, should be carefully determined and addressed in any pediatric massage intervention so as to avoid coercion and the perception among patients that massage is obligatory.

This study suggests that it is important to adapt a semistandardized massage protocol to the immediate, and always mutable, sensations and perceptions of individual patients; when it offers respite from long periods of tedium and inactivity; and when it does not interfere with treatment schedules and hospital routines.

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This is not to suggest that a carefully constructed protocol plus La Massage Son more in clear instructions on acupressure and massage techniques for typical HCT-related symptoms is not important. However, a massage protocol that does not allow for flexibility within a semistandardized frame runs counter to the study's findings and may undermine some of massage's reported benefits. Parents in this study were, for the most part, amenable to learning massage techniques that they could perform plus La Massage Son more in their child, and the resulting interactions tended to have a positive effect on parent-child relations and to mitigate parents' and patients' suffering.

These findings are in alignment with a nascent body of research suggesting that learning plus La Massage Son more in perform massage for a family member can alleviate caregivers' anxiety and feelings of helplessness [ 1617 ], and that caregiver-provided massage for chronically ill family members increases a sense of intimacy and connection between the provider and recipient of massage [ 19 ].

More broadly, these results offer support for an understanding of disease and healing as social and material processes that extend beyond the individual, physical body [ 34 ]. What are the broader implications, then, of parents playing a more active role in supportive care?

Future research on massage and its increasing inclusion in biomedical treatment regimes could help elucidate these processes. The success of parent-provided massage was dependent not only on parents' desire to help their child, but on the nature of the interaction between patient, parent, and massage practitioner, and on the development of trust and recognition within this triad.

Massage is an plus La Massage Son more in social practice, and for most of the children participating in the study, who was touching them was as important as which massage techniques were used.

Graz Sluts in children's reluctance emerged postintervention in conversations between researchers and massage practitioners, rather than in interviews with participants, so the causes have not been explored in depth.

In a study on massage for children with cancer, Post-White et al. It is clear that more research is needed to examine how factors such as the child's age, sex, and ethnicity mediate the perception and plus La Massage Son more in of massage.

The limitations of this investigation are primarily related to it being a small pilot study without data from direct interviews with patients. There are also limitations in the study's data collection methods. First, conducting interviews by telephone limited the interviewer's ability to establish rapport with participants. In addition, scheduling the interviews after parents and children returned home from the hospital meant that participants' perspectives were restricted to recall.

Future research would be enriched by a series of in-depth, in-person interviews with both caregivers and patients over the course of treatment. While parent reports indicate that massage may offer some short-term symptom relief, and that teaching massage to a parent may increase her or his sense of self-efficacy in managing a child's symptoms, longer-term benefits for both symptom relief and parent-child relationships were beyond the scope of this study.

Questions that could be explored in more detail in follow-up studies include whether massage mitigates long-term, posttreatment suffering associated with HCT among both patients and caregivers, including posttraumatic stress.

Conclusion This study suggests that parent- and practitioner-provided massage may reduce suffering associated with HCT among pediatric patients and their parent caregivers.

According to parent caregivers, massage relieved symptoms associated with HCT, and promoted sleep, relaxation, and comfort for their child. The data suggest that massage also may enhance the experience of intimacy and connection between children and parents; offer relief from prolonged periods of social isolation, boredom, and anxiety that characterize life for families in the pediatric HCT unit; and enable both patients and parents to play a more active role in managing symptoms.

As a simultaneously physical and social practice, massage as applied in the context of this study's hospital setting is a therapy whose effectiveness among children requires family support, practitioner flexibility, coordination with clinical routines, and affinity among those who perform and receive it.

Acknowledgments The authors thank the children and parents who took part in this study; the Community Foundation Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, California, that sponsored the study; massage practitioners Paula Koepke and Jnani Chapman; research assistant Viranjini Gopisetty; nurses on the children's hospital transplant unit with Trish Murphy and Sara Okane as nurse coordinators. The sponsor of the study was not involved in study design, or in the collection, analysis, interpretation, or presentation of the information.

The authors have no financial or personal relationships with any individuals, organizations, or companies that might be perceived to bias the work. References 1. Calvert RN. The History of Massage: An Illustrated Survey from Around the World.

Healing Arts Press; Complementary and alternative medicine use among adults and children: United States, National Health Statistics Reports. Ernst E. Massage therapy for cancer palliation and supportive care: Supportive Care in Cancer.

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Massage therapy versus simple touch to improve pain and mood in patients with advanced cancer: Annals of Internal Medicine. Massage therapy for children with cancer. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing. Massage therapy as a supportive care intervention for children with cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum. Massage therapy for patients undergoing autologous bone marrow transplantation.

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