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So I'm in Ranong now, a good place as far as I can tell until now. It's a border town, but it's not a dirty as Cambodia's Poi Pet for example. There. Burmese Girls are Willing to become Prostitutes . and nurses working now as prostitutes in Bangkok and the Thai border towns of Ranong. Ranong July 4, – Old timers in Penang would always think fondly It can also boast of having the most Burmese prostitutes in the world.

Time Magazine July Ranong July 4, It is the birthplace of Khaw Sim Bee Phya Rasada Nupraditbetter known as the Raja of Ranong, who ruled the five southern coastal provinces right up to Trang a century ago. Ranong ground is also the prime real estate donated by Khaw to the people of Penang as a recreation park where Dewan Sri Pinang stands today.

It can also boast of having the most Burmese prostitutes Ranong Prostitute in the Ranong Prostitute in.


However, what dissident Burmese student, Aung Zaw editor of Irrawaddy magazinesaw was most shocking; hundreds of Burmese girls kept as sex slaves in tiny cubicles surrounded by high walls and guarded by criminal pimps.

Guards at the steel door frisked customers entering the brothel. Each of the tiny cubicles contained a cement bunk with a thin mattress where the girls were forced to entertain clients.

Hidden doors concealed by pin-up posters led to Ranong Prostitute in passageways where Ranong Prostitute in girls could be hidden during poilce raid. It was and prime Ranong Prostitute in Chuan Leekpai declared eradication of child prostitution as the cornerstone of his new government. Thai NGOs and social welfare organisations were ecstatic. On July 4, special police teams and commandos drove from Bangkok to Ranong all night in a well-planned lightning raid on the notorious brothels named Vida, Victoria and Sonthaya.

Ranong police and residents watched in awe as the police and commandos smashed through the well fortified dens owned by a local big shot named Pinai Nakaew, an ex police corporal. They were followed minutes later by police undercover agents poised to secure the premises when the police launched the raids at 8. Alas, the brothel was alerted when one journalist vehicle which missed Ranong Prostitute in ealier rendezvous, got lost and arrived a few minutes before the police.

A Dispatch From The Other Side Of A Shit Ditch – Ranong, Thailand

Lights were suddenly switched off, plunging the area into darkness and the free Chat to horney guys door slammed shut. Pandemonium and mass hysteria broke out among the girls cowering in fear as the commandos smashed down the steel door with sledge hammers and crowbars. I accept a pill for no other reason than to keep the playing field even.

This situation can easily careen out of Ranong Prostitute in. A razor-like clarity cuts into my brain. Shards of glass pierce the back of head before fusing into a lens. Ka Go is a university graduate. I have no doubt about that, his English is impeccable. He also speaks French fluently. He is a Ranong Prostitute in man of about 30 years who looks closer to fifty. He wears the worn out face of the Ranong Prostitute in. The Ya Baa has loosened his inhibitions and fears.

He talks freely now.


The Myanmar army pressed him into service three years ago as a porter, lugging steel boxes of ammunition through the rugged terrain next to the north east border with Thailand. Ranong Prostitute in who cannot work are killed.

Ammunition is expensive so they use a plastic bag and tape. Ka Go senses my doubt. Ranong Prostitute in visit our home and we offer you Ya Baa. The army makes it. It is easier to control a people with meth than with guns. Ka Go calls his wife on his cell phone. Everyone has a cell phone here. Except me. I have no one to call.

Burmese sex workers sold in Ranong

He Ranong Prostitute in me to stay for supper and I accept. The sizzle and smell of frying chicken perks me Ranong Prostitute in. I have another drink.

I feel safe now although unsure of how I will get back to my hotel room. It is the feral packs of dogs patrolling the streets at night that unnerve me. Supper is ready and we are summoned to sit on the floor mat in the center of the room. I recognize this dish. It is chicken ankles. Ka Go tears into his meal; this is a rare treat. I pretend that I am eating calamari. It is easier that way and the texture is vaguely similar.

She Ranong Prostitute in see that I am a quiet drunk. Not everyone on this side of the shit ditch is an easy drunk; violence is endemic — its bursts forth on rage birthed by despair.

The wives bear the brunt of the fists and kicks. Ka Go is silent. I fear that I have asked an impertinent question. A fog of Ranong Prostitute in hovers over our meal. I have gone too far and regret it. They are called chickens. I am far too gone to refuse.

She neither speaks nor understands English and has no idea of the dark confessions Ka Go now offers. Girls as young as 12 years old are brought here by longtail boat — a 40 minute, skulking Ranong Prostitute in across the Pak Chan River from Burma. Virgins are highly prized.

After her third sale she is regarded as a common whore. Her customers then are Ranong Prostitute in Burmese fishermen. To blunt the excruciating boredom of a life lived on a fishing boat heroin is the preferred escape. Needles are shared. So, too, are the favours of fellow fishers. Many fishermen refuse to wear a condom and if a girl insists on it she is beaten senseless. If a girl Ranong Prostitute in tested positive for HIV she is executed.

The army is afraid that soldiers will get infected. The army does not waste ammunition on these girls. They use plastic bags.

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It is late now. The Ya Baa Ranong Prostitute in worn off and I feel queasy. The following day I set up my easel near the Sangla pier at what proved to be a not so surreptitious landing dock for illegal Burmese migrants.

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