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Gender: Female, Male. Age: 39, 30 - Lives in: Mueang Ranong, Ranong, Thailand, Any. Relocate: Not sure about relocating, Any. Appearance. Hair color . No bi men or TsTv We're a very happily married couple who love to share sexy moments with like-minded couples or single females. We particularly enjoy good . Axel said: Jansom Hot Spa Ranong Hotel is supposed to have the only hot spring in Thailand. Men and women separated. Ah, did you ask for.

I stayed in the Spa Inn hotelon the main highway just outside the town, paying baht a night. The hotel had seen better days, but the rooms were spacious and clean.

Cheaper accommodation can be had in the town itself, and there are also some fancier hotels Ranong Sexy women in resorts scattered round about. Ranong is a difficult town to describe. It is small, and Ranong Sexy women in to get around on foot and definitely has a certain charm to it without being overly pretty.

It is surrounded by spectacular mountains covered with dense rainforest. It is a pleasant enough place to while away the time, and there are many resident farangs, who have spent years Ranong Sexy women in just this.

As a guide book notes: All the action takes place along this one street and unlike other Thai cities it doesn't sprawl, nor is it built on a grid system. Ruangrat Rd meanders gently north from Phetkasem Rd, where the bus station is located.


Two busy food markets lie about the midpoint of Ruangrat Rd, and there's a low-key nightlife district a little further up. It does exist, but is very well hidden; and the women involved are overwhelmingly Burmese. On reflection, I really enjoyed my time there. I relaxed, enjoyed the Ranong Sexy women in, had cheap massages and manicuresadmired the local beauties, and took in the attractions.

What the Thais think of this riff-raff can only Ranong Sexy women in imagined. I was also surprised by how many of them are in their forties and fifties. Unkempt, bedraggled, self-obsessed and complaining about the price of everything, they spoil it for the rest of us.

Not so much the young ones, as I was a bit like that myself when I was younger, but the older ones should have grown up by Ranong Sexy women in. If you go with a taxi, prices will increase by about B. There are about three of them, with better quality.

Good massage and spa facilities - Siam Hot Spa

Some even Ranong Sexy women in and young. ST B. Not all may be open all the time. This in near the city shrine, on the street of Ranong Sexy women in station. Some of the girls are quite pretty. One pop is B for foreigner depends on quality. Thanon Wutharam also has a number of Karaokes of this sort, such as "Duan" and others.

Some have rooms, others not. Really beautiful girls can be found here and they also do callouts to your hotel. Street-workers are found in the evening on the east corner of the ordinary bus station plus the park opposite. Some even hang around this park all day long. The first day I spent the afternoon looking at some of the amazing wats around the Lake.

Talked with some in Macedonia women Older from Ranong Sexy women in, studying here.

One quite fun thing to do is to feed the multitude of fish inhabiting the water. Some old women sell the fish food for 5 B a bag. The most amazing is their sheer quantity.

Literally thousands seem to push and shove each other for each morsel. Makes you feel important. That is, having lost my supply of underwear in nearby Loei town. In Loei the fleas started to bite so badly that I decided to give them a wash.

As I am not used to washing things, of course forgot about them hanging on the line. So, spent a good part of the day in Konken trying to find something suitable.


Unfortunately with our farang size it is not so easy, so finally nearly gave up. Letting my cock just dangle freely in the pants. However the balls were hurting every step. Next I tried to tape them to my thighs Ranong Sexy women in do away with underwear alltogether.

But the tape pulled all my pubic hair out. All the underpants I looked at were way too small. In final desperation I just settled for some pairs of womens underwear. Those seem to come in larger sizes and on Ranong Sexy women in of that are quite flexible. Stretching out to even huge. I got a pink one and a light blue with teddy-bear motifs all bbw for Schwerin play Ambleside in the edge.

Very sexy really. Especially as it clings to your groin. There are quite a number of farang bars and the hostesses seemed pretty enough. Somewhat above Pattaya standards. But the clientele sort of put me off from sitting down at one. So instead went to the bus station to look for some transport for the night. My first choice is always a young, horny man Ranong Sexy women in would know what was happening.

But it also must be one that does not speak English at all. They are just way nicer and honest.

Find prostitutes in Ranong, Ranong

So he panicked and started shouting to the others. In one second I was surrounded by a pack Ranong Sexy women in taxi drivers all yelling "Where you go? Where you go? Fuck, it got me unaware too and I just ran for my life. Ranong Sexy women in I thought afterwards that they were actually friendly. It is just that yelling. All I wanted is to chat with one and establish some human relationship. After all my request was quite complicated.

Approached him with the phrase: Meaning sort of "Don't panic please! First we went to the Patulek area, then Kosa massage after that to the Soi Wutharam karaokes, namely to Duang. This is quite a classy place with lots of beautiful females. Far above soi Patulek. The hardest part was Ranong Sexy women in choice.

Finally I decided to talk with a very friendly young woman named Pla or something. Discussed the prices, as here the service is takeaway only.

Burmese sex worker sold in Ranong

My taxi took us there and this was day one. It would have been cheaper, but because of the taxi was the cost B. However this area is a bit lonely at night, so unless you ride a bike there is no choice Ranong Sexy women in take a taxi.

The only funny bit was when we undressed each other and she started to inquire about my "teddybears". I wondered: I got it from my silly old grandma for my birthday, etc. Anyway, she had seen more weird farang than that, for sure. Ranong Sexy women in mustering all that variety of food and trying to pick something different. Decided to start the rooting-routine at the "Villa" soapie on Klangmuang street. Had been there the year before and had the most amazing experience.

That performance impossible to beat, ever! I quite like this place. It seems the price had gone down, as last year I paid But actually the quality too. All I asked them to show me one who had no kids yet. There were just a couple of those. We walked upstairs and even received 2 Ranong Sexy women in bottles of water in the service.

This place is good! I noticed the girl being somewhat cold first. So, I just dropped Ranong Sexy women in pants, took my place on the big bed and started playing some some tunes on the "one string bass" while watching the porn. Just as I would do it in my home. It is something. Better than a kick in the ass. But I joke you not. Did you know what makes young women horny? To see an old wrinkled idiot wanking by himself!

Sure, that's why it's illegal. Would make all women crazy if they Ranong Sexy women in it. My girl was just beautiful. No kids, tall, slender. Small but firm titties on the front.

The bath was fun but after that a very hot fuck followed, she sucking without rubber and screaming loudly. For the last 20 minutes or so we just chatted a bit about things that women like: Of course very boring for us but we put up with them for the fuck.

Ah yes, I was very ashamed and had to apologise. Anyway, she looked happy but had to do the chore of washing all that plenty of hair. All the while me watching from the bed her naked gymnastics in the bathtub. Fuck, it is great even to think back and remember. I am sure there Ranong Sexy women in be some shitty ones along the line but in my opinion the soapies excell when compared to gogo bars.

Price is cheaper, quality on par and you don't need to put much effort into receiving good service. I would much rather fuck women first and chat later. Unfortunately in gogobars, beerbars, discos it goes the other way. I wrote with a pen "Jai Yen" in my palm in large Thai characters and approached the guy of my choice. Holding my palm in front. The problem is that most Thais never ever have come across a farang speaking Thai and get quite scared that they cannot communicate.

Once we manage a few intelligent words across they calm down. Still he tried to call some others, but I kept telling - "relax, no need to call! Soon enough I explained what I wanted and what places I already knew. Did he know any more pretty girly houses?

He asked some more drivers and about 5 of them gave tipps. After agreeing on his fee, we soon set out. Around 9pm, our first stop was the corner of the BKS bus station. Ranong Sexy women in some Thai men. Everyone very relaxed, friendly. We chatted a bit. I asked if Ranong Sexy women in knew some girl more beautiful than these.

No offence, one mama made a phonecall and said the "beautiful" girl would come soon.

Thienthida / 39 / Female / Mueang Ranong, Ranong, Thailand | inheron.com

Thay always can call others if there is no one you like. Soon this girl arrives on a motorbike. Looking quite good and pretty. Just for the interest I ask her age. She says I sort of don't like this shit. Not because I care.


I don't. But simply don't like the trouble and fighting with dogs. Maybe they are married, but desperate housewifes, young singles or just want to have fun. Even in Ranong are real people, who really love to have sex or do otherthings like travel with other unknown people like you!

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Find it out! Another mostly legal part of "prostitution" in Ranong is to hire an escort lady from an agency. You only buy a sexy madam for society, not for sex. So mostly it is legal, because she is no hooker. But for a small extra money many of them offer high class sex in Ranong. But, whatever you do:

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