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Feminists in the West believe that society has been constructed with a bias which favors males and devalues females, which can be shown by analyzing the "manmade" language, as many words in English referring to human beings are expressed by Shuyang Prostitute in terms--human, mankind, history, chairman, man-made, and so on Lakoff,pp.


In comparison, Chinese language has a lot of words with a female element in them, but sexism can Shuyang Prostitute in equally located. In fact, Chinese language displays a bias against women both in the structure of words and their connotations.

In this paper, by analysing Shuyang Prostitute in word formation of the Chinese language, first I will discuss the subservient and derogatory position of Chinese women underneath Chinese written forms.

Many old sayings in Chinese will be used to illustrate how women were degraded and discriminated against as second-class citizens and to demonstrate how Chinese culture reflects a sexist society.

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Finally, in viewing many social advances in modern China, I analyse some social p Shuyang Prostitute in through the seemingly linguistic silence in this aspect today.

Chinese Written Form and Its Female-related Words Chinese is written in symbols that are not phonetic representations like English, but ideographs. Each character consists of a certain number of strokes, which are written in a Shuyang Prostitute in order.


The original construction of Chinese characters was based on the following principles: Pictorial representation. For instance, the archaic form Shuyang Prostitute in the word "Sun" is a circle with a dot in the center.

Language, Women and Cultural Problems in China

So Zhu Ming invited me the festival. Zhu Ming was very busy so he could not come to pick up us.


Among organizers only Shu Yang can speak English well. And I can not speak Chinese so I and Shu Yang very closely talked about fine art, social condition Shuyang Prostitute in political situation in both China and Japan.

Since 1st Open I participate all Open and anther fantastic festival organized by them in China.

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So I thought we became good friends. That time Shu Yang Shuyang Prostitute in not busy because he was only performance artist not organizer. So we had more time to talk each other. One day he suddenly said to me that He was very afraid of me when he met me in the airport. Because I was the first Japanese person Shuyang Prostitute in he really met to take care of.

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His grandfather was brave communist army to fight against the Japanese Emperor army invaded China. And Shu Yang likes Shuyang Prostitute in very much.

His grandfather talked him many stories how the Japanese Emperor army did incredible inhumane things in China.


Before Beijing I visited My mother in my home town where she lives alone.

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