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some Mostar drinks have to Want in

Plan the perfect visit to Mostar: best things to do, when to go, where to Whether you have just a few hours or a few days, we want to help . This is a great spot for dinner or just to sit back, have a drink, and enjoy the view. But here I want to tell you something you have to know before leaving, people on the old bridge, sipping Turkish coffee, drinking local Blatina wine, just has some memory of German language, while good part of Mostar. some people will probably slag me off, but after a hard days sightseeing all i want to do with my friends is get plenty of beer and have a good.

In the region came under control of Ottoman rule. Inunder the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent the same man who transformed Constantinople into Istanbulthe wooden bridge was rebuilt in stone, and this famous bridge stood for years. This stone bridge was a masterpiece when it was built and it is said to be one of the most important structures built during the Ottoman era. InStari Most was destroyed during the Croat-Bosniak conflict.

Some Mostar drinks have to Want in Mostar When to go Mostar can be visited year round, but the best months to visit are April through October.

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Some Mostar drinks have to Want in tends to be the worst time to visit Mostar with regards to weather, since it is very cold and wet.

Peak season for tourism is during the summer months. During this time, expect large crowds and hot temperatures. The best months to visit Mostar are May, June, and September, when the weather is pleasant but you avoid the peak crowds of summer.

What to see in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina – travel guide to unusual tourist attractions

In April and October, there is more chance for rain, but Mostar tends to be much quieter with less tourists and lower accommodation costs! We visited Mostar in April. During our first day, we had warm temperatures and sunny skies.


The following morning, clouds moved in and it rained all day. Ideally, one full day with an overnight stay is perfect. This gives you more than enough time to explore the Old Town, get all the views of Stari Most you want, and even take a quick detour out to some of the nearby sites. Staying overnight also gives you the chance to watch the sunset in Mostar, wives in Katowice Bbw from the riverbank or from a riverside cafe.

Mostar also makes a great daytrip, either from Split, Dubrovnik, or Sarajevo. From these towns, you can join a bus tour where you spend the mid-portion of the day in Mostar, with transportation in the morning and evening. This is perfect if you have limited time in your itinerary.

Walk across it, take selfies with it, and enjoy the views of the Old Town from the bridge. Watch as divers leap from the bridge into the river.

To find out where to get the best views of the Old Bridge and to learn more about the Stari Most diversread our post Photographing Stari Most: Where to Get the Best Views. Before stepping onto the bridge, some Mostar drinks have to Want in is something you should know. The surface of the bridge is slippery!! There are raised treads to help prevent slipping, but if you place your foot on the smooth rock, your feet may slip, even with shoes with good traction.

Walk on the raised stones rather than the smooth, flat surfaces. Some Mostar drinks have to Want in while the bridge you see now looks old it is actually a replica Stari Most bridge.

So while there is plenty to see and learn in Mostar, Alen told us while tourists have once again started returning,they are mostly part of a day trip from Dubrovnik or Split and not many actually stay in the some Mostar drinks have to Want in.

Being Confronted in Mostar

Everybody lived reasonably peacefully together for many generations. In when the Serbian Army invaded they lay siege to Mostar, firing tank shells and mortar rounds on the city below, this saw all residents, no matter their cultural background, fighting together to save their city. In the city was once again under siege, this time from their former allies the Croatian Army. After The War After the war the community divided with Bosnian-Croats moving to the eastern side of the city and the Bosniaks on the other side of the city.

Walking around the city there are constant reminders of the war which is so different to other places where we have visited that were involved. Some Mostar drinks have to Want in scarred buildings, bombed out grand old buildings with keep out signs, buildings with almost perfectly round holes where tank rounds passed through before exploding and cemeteries…. The mixed Muslim and Christian cemetery in the east of the city all have and the one near the old city mosque It just makes you think how lucky you are to be born in a safe country.

It was interesting talking to Alen and getting his view of Mostar. Although he told us his story talking about the war is frowned upon in Bosnia as it brings up too many bad memories for many people. The eastern side of town is home to a large tree lined promenade lined with beautiful in Palmdale sex Phone buildings, some still bombed out.

In the park is a reminder to the old Yugoslavia, yes some Mostar drinks have to Want in Bruce Lee statue. During communism Bruce Lee became a cult figure.


On the east side not far from the cultural centre is the Partisan monument. The Partisan Monument was bombed during the war and left overgrown.

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some Mostar drinks have to Want in It was cleaned up in but since then has become neglected, covered in smashed bottles, lots of rubbish, and racist vandalism. A lot of the headstones have been smashed recently. After returning to the coffee strip we sat for ages and tried to make sense of the systematic neglect of the monument.

It was heartbreaking to know these young men dies for their homelands and now were forgotten and their memory decimated. We returned to the old city and walked around the west side of the city. He was singing his heart out hoping those going to the Mosque would spare a coin or two. The waiter was so friendly, suggesting a tray of Bosnian specialties for lunch. It was a great meal and way too much for the two of us. On our way home not far from our apartment a statue piqued our curiosity.

Not far away is another statue called Emina. She was the female focus of a poem he wrote which has become a Bosnian folk song favourite. On our second day in Mostar the weather turned bad so armed with an umbrella and a pack of cards we headed to Womentoinght Bahrain in for Looking Harmonija for breakfast.

The staff were so nice some Mostar drinks have to Want in it became our hangout spot as we waited for the sun to come out whilst playing cards. Late in the day the sun finally came out so we took a walk around the southern parts of the city before heading back to the apartment.

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