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Jose Naranjo, director of Arctic World and Ingrid Ortlieb, a german woman than here: volcanoes, geysers, lava deserts, waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, accumulation of ice and icebergs in the south of Greenland) and Tasiusaq farm. .. Arrival at the pick up point in Isertoq Bay, where you can appreciate a "new". I've got nothing interesting to say” “My job is boring” “I am boring” “When I try to be confident, I end up coming across arrogant” Any of these. 3 days ago As we gain height into the mountains, both snow and wind pick up, making visibility impossible. bathing in hot springs as icebergs meandered by, bushwhacking through Pearsall-East-Greenland-Tiniteqilaaq-school-girl- during around the hatch and launched into the ice-choked bay near Tasiusaq.

I was picked up at the airport by my Airbnb host, Reneand taken to the accommodation.

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Heaven for the next 5 days! Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in a 5 minute walk from the centre of Nuuk! There are plenty of Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in to keep you occupied, but after 2.

That is a strongly flavoured meat! Seriously, seriously intense flavor, and apparently not just because it was in sausage form … the meat itself is very gamey. While I was there, I heard another antipodean accent — and met Andrea — a Kiwi lady who had been living in Nuuk for 9 months.

All the newer areas of Nuuk tend to be apartment buildings — so there is quite a dichotomy of architecture in the capital. The mall is in the multi-story building you can see at right of the image. Nuuk has gorgeous surroundings The nice thing about some of the older apartment buildings though — they have amazing murals painted on them. Love this!


I took a break from hiking there are two short hikes in the surroundings of the citybut did walk out to a few different viewpoints around in Siauliai Swingers. The image below was taken at 9: Yes, the sun is still up! And the images below were taken at midnight. Nuuk is just a little south of the Arctic circle so the sun does set briefly between about 11pm and 2ambut it never gets completely dark in summer.

The flavor was very unexpected — very, very mild and kind of fishy yes, I know a whale is a mammal. From top left: Shellfish salad, marinated salmon, mussels, musk-ox hotdog, prawns, and fried whale meat So, a very lazy time in Nuuk catching up online and hanging out with Andrea, Lars and their friends.

Lovely way to spend 5 days though — just chilling out for a while! East Greenland, here I come! July 3, by lgermany 0 Comments My final excursion in South Greenland was a boat trip out to the Qooroq Ice Fjord to see the calving glacier.

On the way across to Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in glacier, however, we did swing by some of the larger icebergs in the Tunulliarfik Fjord for a closer look. Then it was on to the glacier itself. Apparently, we got a lot closer than what most trips get Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in a smaller boat and allbut we were still 6km away!

As close as you go.

Geen categorie – Page 8 – Willem Vandoorne's Travel Log

And we got closer than most! I had expected to get right up to it like you do with the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, so I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Thank goodness for zoom lenses! After enjoying the peace and quiet for a little while, it was back to Narsarsuaq to get ready for my flight to Nuuk.

Goodbye South Greenland. It has been a lot of fun! It is infinitely more spectacular. July 2, by lgermany 0 Comments The weather in Greenland can be a little like the weather in Melbourne. In other words, quite unpredictable. When I set out on the Narsarsuaq Glacier hike green trail in the map below at 8: By the time I was ready for the return journey at Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in the time I got back to Narsarsuaq at 1: You have to be prepared for all weather!

Every hostel I stayed at in South Greenland had these hiking maps on the wall, who in Visa fuck Women short descriptions of each hike to go with them. Brilliant idea! The first several kilometres of this hike, I have to admit, are Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in boring.


You simply follow the flat, bitumen road out of town through the Hospital Valley. I guess the chimney to the left of the road is all that is left of Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in hospital? Another pebbly gravel road! This led me over a small pass, at the bottom of which was the much more interesting Flower Valley.

Looking back at the pass to the Hospital Valley and Narsarsuaq from the Flower Valley After some more nice, flat walking with the occasional stream jump thrown in for good measure, I arrived at a waterfall and an almost vertical trail with ropes!

Yes, it is steep! But there are ropes to help you I think I mentioned Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in in a previous blog post somewhere — I actually prefer this type of hiking where you end up using your hands and your feet to climb as opposed to just an uphill slog — and in this case, it was only about a m vertical climb.

It turns out that my 50 cent insect repellent from Iran does work quite well, and again, thank you head net! I love glaciers!

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The allure of Greenland proves irresistible to Tricia Pearsall, who returns again and again to this land of immense beauty. Here, dancing night sky meets glacier, and precipices of ice provide a thrill ride like no other. Photos by Tricia Pearsall Hold on!


Clutching the side rails for dear life with my mitten-layered fists, I squeeze Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in eyes tight as the sled catapults off the glacier snout. Through a squint, I make out a large boulder below coming up fast. We just howl like wolves in complete Arctic euphoria. This is the thrill of East Greenland—riding behind a pack of hardworking elegant sled dogs, a chauffeured limousine through the snow in this, some of the most dramatic natural beauty on earth.

We race across the harbor, barely avoiding sinking into the slushy sea ice, and up the hill into the village of Tiniteqilaaq. Egon Poulsen guides a pack of sled dogs through East Greenland.

Lisa Germany Photography

This is my third trip to Greenland Kalaallit Nunaatthe largest island in the world. This time, I go to the east coast, to the tiny hamlet of Tasiilaq on Ammassalik Island for an eight-day dogsledding excursion with Arctic Dream.

Under the guidance of Egon and Michael, skilled mushers and local hunters, and Tasiusaq Hot woman pickup in pure bred Greenlandic dogs, our group sets out across the frozen harbor bound for a hut above the Sermilik Fjord, the second longest fjord in Greenland. As we gain height into the mountains, both snow and wind pick up, making visibility impossible.

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