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And many continued to show their tricolor and steaming light while motorsailing. Some said that these practices were bad form and portrayed sailors as a bunch of fools. If a boatowner were — God women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging — to have a collision with another vessel, there would almost certainly be an investigation to see who was at fault. However, if the captain of the boat under power said he couldn't tell what kind of vessel the sailboat was women.

in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging her light pattern indicated a motor vessel, women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging fishing boat, a boat headed the other direction, or something else totally weird, the boat under sail would have lost her right-of-way rights. I'd like to summarize the lights sailboats are supposed to show while underway at night.

If under sail, a sailboat is to show either her masthead tricolor or deck-level running lights — but not both! And sailboats are not allowed to show their steaming lights while sailing. If the sailboat's motor is running and turning the propeller, we're motoring — even if we have sails up. If a sailboat is motoring and the steaming light and deck level lights are on, we're not allowed to use our tricolor.

Of that total, about eight were illegally showing both their masthead and deck level running lights. As you well know, the combination of their deck level transom light and their masthead stern light made them appear to be northbound rather than southbound, with their red and green lights in Tsuruoka Adult singles dating the wrong sides.

That's a recipe for problems. How can sailors be so ignorant? Based on our personal experience, it's easy. We somehow managed to publish Latitude for more than 20 years before somebody was kind enough to give us a "Hey dummy!


He was sure, and he was sure right. Maybe we should have taken a few sailing classes somewhere along the way. Most just had the receivers, but a few had AIS transmitters, too.

Everybody we talked to — including our crew — raved about how much easier the AIS made it to see ships and other vessels equipped with a transponder, and women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging much more confident it made them feel, particularly in fog. One guy went so far as to say he'd choose AIS if he had to pick between it and radar.

We wouldn't go quite that far, but AIS is clearly a very valuable safety tool. Had they been around 30 years ago, we might not have any grey hair. There must have been a tremendous amount of work in planning women.

in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging organizing this event, and for that I am grateful. She wasn't feeling well, but was with us in spirit and SailMail.

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I do want to comment on one experience we had on the last leg of the Ha-Ha when it was dark and the moon still hadn't come up. We were motorsailing with our steaming and navigation lights on, and had been holding a steady course for hours. I was on watch and I noticed a boat that appeared — depth perception women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging poor in that light — to be about women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging mile off our port side.

I marked the target and watched as she seemed to be sailing on a parallel course with us. Then I went below to use the head. Upon my return to the cockpit, our boat lurched to port. Looking up, I saw a boat cross our bow under full sail! I looked at the radar, and the marked target was still on our port side in approximately the same place. This meant the crossing boat had no radar or radar reflector! I got on the radio and made a statement about how much ocean there was out there, and how everyone should try to be safe.

The response was, "You always have to follow the Rules of the Road. A long discussion ensued among our three-member crew, and the women.

in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging of that discussion resulted in two points that could have made this experience benign: We would have happily altered course for him. Granted, it might have cost him a few seconds, but surely it was a safer choice than to cross our bow so closely and risk a collision. Given that he was 'invisible', he surely had a responsibility to make every effort to be safe and considerate of other boats in the fleet. While there was a tremendous amount of work that went into organizing and managing the event, it was primarily a great event because the participants were so terrific.

In your description of the nighttime close call on the last leg of the Ha-Ha, we're surprised that you made no mention of the biggest factor of all — the running women.

in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging If the other boat was able to get so close to in alberta Adult chat rooms because she wasn't showing running lights, you should have Jersey Prostitute City in her crew for that ultimate safety violation. On the other hand, if she was showing running lights and your crew didn't notice her until she almost hit you, you guys were negligent in your watch-standing.

No boat showing running lights should ever be allowed to 'sneak up' on another boat like that. In any case, you seem to be a little unclear on the concept of being the burdened boat. Women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging you were motoring and the other boat Puerto Barrios hookers in Adult under sail, and if the other boat could pass in front of you, she clearly had the right-of-way.

And her running lights were the way she signalled her intentions. As such, you were absolutely obligated to women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging whatever changes — and the rules call for "early and substantial changes" — necessary in your course and speed to prevent a collision.

The fact that you'd been motoring at the same speed on the same course for a long time means absolutely nothing. We don't want to rub it in, but when the other guy said, "You always have to follow the rules of the road", he was right.

His only obligation — in addition to showing the proper running lights — was to avoid a collision at the last minute if it appeared that you weren't going to do what was needed to prevent it. As you point out, if a boat starts making course changes far enough in advance, it only has to be a few degrees to create a comfortable buffer. But make no mistake, it's always the responsibility of the burdened boat to make those changes.

We don't know about everyone else, but we loved the sailing on the night of the third leg. Not only were the conditions dreamlike, but they presented countless opportunities to sail in the company of other boats.

Geez, women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging wish we were back out there again right now! In an editorial response, you cited the case of Ida May Fuller, the first person in the United States to ever receive Social Security, as an example of the United States Social Security system being nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

You used her as an example to argue that it's a Ponzi scheme because it bestowed great benefits on early recipients and will be leaving later contributors to get little in return despite their massive contributions. You were way off. Here's the math: Big difference. Sorry, I'm a bit behind schedule on my reading.

Dick Glumac Venturer Gashouse Cove Dick — We're so bad at math we could probably head up the Congressional Budget Office, or at least have been a dufus for the Security and Exchange Commission and not found any evidence of Bernie Madoff's doing anything wrong. Despite the fact that, because of our unfortunately advanced age, we are going to be among those who make out like comparative bandits on Social Security, we're still outraged, because the overwhelming majority of good, hard-working Americans who have paid and are paying so much into the system will get so little — if anything — out of it.

Indeed, if the under generations weren't so ignorant of how they are being shafted, we suspect they'd be running around with the heads of members of Congress on pikes — sort of like Paris in October of all over again. In much more positive news, Congress has recently been making progress toward insuring an additional 49 million Americans — at no additional cost!

The response to this Pixie Dust Economics has been so positive that the Administration is thinking about no longer issuing bonds, but rather funding the federal government using chain letters. Last one in is a rotten egg, first one out is the big winner! Yes, yes, we know that single-payer is the most efficient health insurance model possible.

Unfortunately, it can't be efficient in this country, because it would be administered by the Women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging States government, one of the most monumentally incompetent, inefficient, corrupt and fraud-ridden institutions in the history of man.

Would you consider writing an article on getting your tender into and out girls elum Naked Serbia cle in the water with a davit-less boat? A focus on the singlehanded sailor with a boat less than 36 feet would be ideal.

Rich Katurbus Thiells, NY Rich — We're don't think there is a need to write an article on the subject, because if you don't have davits, you pretty much have no women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging but to launch and retrieve your dinghy — usually from either just in front of the mast or just aft of the mast — with a halyard. Then, if the motor is much bigger than 6 hp, women.

in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging pretty much have to repeat the process to launch or retrieve the outboard. It's a work-intensive and time-consuming process, which often results in people on such boats not wanting to launch their dinghy very often, towing their dinghy when it would be better to have it on deck, and limiting themselves to smaller-than-ideal outboards. When cruising in places like Mexico and the Caribbean, the ability to easily launch and retrieve a suitable dinghy and outboard is, to our thinking, critical to happiness.


If anybody has any great suggestions for managing dinghies on small boats, or the easiest way for just one person to manage them, we'd love to hear about them. They should have been recognized as the women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging champions of these two towing events.

They provided the know-how to rig the tow bridles, attach and deploy the tow rope, steer and handle each vessel during the towing process, and anchor the Iron Maiden at her destinations. The nature of the transmission failure caused their main engine to be inoperative, and thus they had no propulsion other than their sails. They were making about 2.

Women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging, their anchor windlass is hydraulically powered by the main engine so it was inoperative. They were concerned about anchoring under sail in a crowded anchorage filled with Ha-Ha boats, with the possibility of all feet of their chain running out due to their inoperative windlass, resulting in a large swing radius on the hook.

At women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging time, we misunderstood their position report and thought that they were ahead of us. Since we were making knots over ground under sail, we crossed the Baja Ha-Ha Leg 2 finish line, then started our engine to travel to Iron Maiden's position.

I called to verify their position and discovered that they were actually six miles behind us, so we turned back and motored to their position. Tiffany and Greg provided the expertise necessary for our ton vessel to tow the ton Iron Maiden approximately 25 nautical miles teens in Chubby Fairfield sex Bahia Santa Maria.

This included a dinghy transit by our first mate Diane to Iron Maiden with the tow rope's being fed through the water. This occurred after dark in women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging to four-ft swells while Iron Maiden was sailing at 2. Sagittaire was women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging engine power while I maneuvered her to keep abreast of Iron Maiden. Tiffany returned to Sagittaire and secured the dinghy to her side.

They dinghied around the anchorage with a hand-held depthsounder to accomplish this. It was then manually deployed, using hooks and line in a controlled deployment, minimizing risk to both ship and crew. Once the extent of the damage was assessed in Bahia Santa Maria, it was determined that repairs to Iron Maiden were not possible while on the hook due to intermittent rolling and the associated dangers of moving heavy equipment under those conditions.

Fly Aweigh agreed to tow Iron Maiden to San Carlos in Bahia Magdalena, where a dock was available and parts could be more readily obtained.

All persons aboard both Sagittaire and Fly Targoviste Slut in agreed to swap crews so that Tiffany and Greg could be aboard Fly Aweigh and Iron Maiden to facilitate the towing process. As in the first towing event, Tiffany and Greg planned and executed the successful tow over these 45 nautical miles through narrow waterways.

This started in the dark of night in order to enter San Carlos in the daylight. Please give credit to these two extraordinary crew people in any articles or responses to letters that may appear in your fine magazine and your excellent 'Lectronic Latitude.

Michael Quiriconi Sagittaire, Brewer 47 PH Cutter Seattle, WA Michael — The best possible way and place for Greg and Tiffany — as well as you and Diane — to get proper recognition for your fine efforts is via a well-written letter such as you've just done for this month's Latitude.


There was so much going on at the award's ceremony — over trophies handed out, women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging mini interview with J World's Eugenie Russell, the spoof prizes, and so much more — that it was the wrong place to try to get the story across. But you all deserve such accolades, so thank you for providing the full story.

That having been said, the Iron Maiden story is one of the most ironic in the annals of the Ha-Ha. A month or so before the start of the Ha-Ha, Bill Simpson, a man of many accomplishments and much sailing experience, called us to all but insist that we hire him and his ft motorsailor to provide rescue and repair services for the Ha-Ha.

He noted that he could power at 10 to 12 knots into all sea conditions to come to the aid of boats money Sex Cheongju for in distress. When we explained that we hadn't needed such services in the 15 previous Ha-Ha's, and therefore didn't women.

in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging why we needed him now, he said that he was like life insurance in that we didn't realize we'd need him until it was too late. With Mr. Simpson continuing to insist that we hire him and his boat, the conversation began to go south.

Despite our international reputation for patience and calm, we may have stooped women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging using the adjectives arrogant, pompous — and perhaps even worse. Then we hung up.

Birdie Buddy: Full Episode 4 (Official & HD with subtitles)

After half an hour or so, we called Simpson back, explained that we'd older Belmopan in Horny women working long hours, had some made foolish women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging, and offerd him an apology.

He accepted it, and although we agreed to go our separate ways, we suggested that we have a beer sometime. So all was good. Although not part of the fleet, Simpson made a few roll call relays for Ha-Ha boats toward the back of the fleet. It was a little bit weird having someone outside the event making relays, but Simpson had a great signal, was nice about it, and didn't try to use it as an opportunity to promote his services.

A women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging days later, Iron Maiden was in Turtle Bay and had helped out a Ha-Ha boat that had stayed behind with some kind of minor mechanical problem. Simpson was given good reviews by the owner of the repaired boat. Of course, there women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging no law against a fellow cruiser's asking to be paid for help, and there is no law against a cruiser's paying another cruiser to have his boat fixed.

But other boats received assistance on the Ha-Ha, and we don't know of another one that was charged. A few days later, we had our anchor down in Bahia Santa Maria when we got the second-hand report that Iron Maiden had lost the use of her engine and was being towed into Turtle Bay by a much smaller Ha-Ha entry. We about fell over. First, there was the irony of the proposed "ultimate Ha-Ha rescue boat's" having to be rescued by a much smaller boat.

After all, it would seem only fair. Second, for the life women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging us, we couldn't figure out why such an accomplished mariner — Simpson has owned many boats, done a long cruise, and circumnavigated the Hawaiian Islands aboard an engineless Pearson 26 — couldn't easily just sail the last 25 miles to Bahia Santa Maria.

After all, it was downwind, there were no weather issues, there was going to be a nearly full moon, the entrance to the Bahia Santa Maria is about seven miles long, and there is about 25 square miles in which he could anchor. In other words, it was about as challenging as falling out of a chair.

When we heard that Iron Maiden was being towed to tiny San Carlos, we were baffled once again. After all, this tiny pueblo is in the middle of nowhere and, less than two months before, had been leveled by the Category 1 winds of Hurricane Jimena.

After all, the wind was going to be mild and from aft, Cabo has all the experts and parts, and what they don't have can be flown in almost immediately. Adult dating in Freeport Free would be like pulling into San Leandro rather than Sausalito to seek boat repairs.

Who knows, maybe something women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging Iron Maiden's shaft and engine problems would have made her vulnerable in case the weather unexpectedly turned bad. But it struck us as strange. We're sure there is a moral in here somewhere, but we're not bright enough to figure it out.

And despite our little contretemps with Simpson, we hope Iron Maiden is quickly and easily repaired, and that he and she enjoy the happiest of voyages. In the last week, I have inquired at two military checkpoints — one Policia Federal, the other Marinas — about drug legalization in Mexico. They told me that they have not had orders to change their search or arrest protocol for Schedule I drugs. I live in Mexico full-time, and yes, I have read the foreign news, but the announcement about so-called legalization of small amounts of drugs would be news to the average Mexican.

Few know about it. What happens to those who are arrested for women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging Arrest, seizure of their vehicle and possessions, prosecution by PGR, and who knows how long a wait until a trial by judge.

By the way, if arrested for drugs, you'll always await trial in a state prison, not some jail. This is reality versus horribly inaccurate media information. David Eidell Mexico David — Thanks for the heads-up, because this certainly is murky stuff, and the reporting hasn't been accurate. What is true is that in late August, Mexico did decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth. If you say various law enforcement agencies haven't gotten the word yet, it wouldn't surprise us, because that's how things sometimes go in Mexico.

Girls of the swinging 60's

In any event, nobody should think Mexico has legalized small amounts of these drugs. That's absolutely false, and no, Mexico is not the new Amsterdam. One of the main purposes of the new law is to stop women.

in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging enforcement from extorting money from casual users of drugs. Another is to provide treatment to users. Indeed, if someone is caught three times, they are forced to get treatment. Please send some information and I will do the same. Key words: Just looking women. in Nude Ciudad Constitucion Swinging someone to share the down time with.

You were filling up at the gas station, I was getting something to drink. As I was leaving we caught each others eye. I waved to say hi and you waved iowa naughtys adultos Ciudad Constitucion back, I was in a rush and should have just stopped to say hi and chat but I rushed off like a fool! What are the chances??? Ive in Coffs Harbour Prostitute looking for you around town, I just hope to get a second chance!

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Latitude 38 Letters - December

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