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Here is a guide to etiquette and culture in Luxembourg. Not only do the families stay close to each other, but also the family friends and neighbours remain. Post & find flats, rooms, and houses in our expat forum in Luxembourg. Get help Hey there Guys, I am also looking for a room in Luxembourg. Close to railway station and highway with easy access to Dudelange, Esch/Alzette, Belval, Luxembourg,. . Can I get some contacts of your friend, if the space is still available?. What I've learned while looking for love in Luxembourg is that most people I've also met people whom are not close close friends but who.

It is the oldest town in Luxembourg, displaying historic beauty and old world architecture in what feels like a town trapped in time. The a in close for Luxembourg Looking friend is currently closed for restorations, but tourists can still admired it from afar. The hectare lake was dammed in and now provides drinking water supplies, generates electricity, and a separate large portion of it plays host to leisurely water activities like swimming, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing.

Motor boats are not allowed on the lakes, but a trip on a solar boat is a must.


The area is where Count Siegfried constructed his famed Castle of Luciliburhuc. The casemates, or Bock Casemates, are a system of underground galleries and passages that a in close for Luxembourg Looking friend become an extremely popular Luxembourg tourist attraction. Vianden Castle in northern Luxembourg is one of the most massive fortified castles west of the Rhine river.

The Romanesque style castle with Gothic transformations and a Renaissance mansion once fell into ruins, but it has since been restored and opened to the public.

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The Petrusse A in close for Luxembourg Looking friend are one of few fortifications in Luxembourg to have been so well preserved. Burial in a municipal cemetery is restricted to people not necessarily resident in possession of a valid funerary concession, as well as to their parents and children, together with their respective spouses.

For details of the procedures for ' A in close for Luxembourg Looking friend the death of a relative or close friend ' and ' Organising burial or cremation ', please consult the Citizens' portal. Anyone bound by an employment contract is entitled to special paid leave for personal reasons in the event of the death of a family member, according to the closeness of the relationship. For details of the procedure for ' Requesting special paid leave for personal reasons ', please consult the Citizens portal.

Missing persons If a person has gone missing, please contact the grand ducal police by phoning or going to a neighbourhood police station. Notifications regarding people who have gone missing or are being looked for in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are published on the website of the grand ducal police.

The hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; it is operated by the Luxembourg National Children's Office Office national de l'enfance luxembourgeois, ONEin conjunction with the national police force.

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Forget lunch, I think, as we pass by on the way to the stairs leading to the first floor restaurant. But the moules frites sound too good to pass up.

The lavender chocolate spoons were my favorite Another spot not to be missed is the Chocolate House. They are famous for their Hotchocspoon, which is a wooden spoon with a chunk of chocolate on it.

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They sell about 20 or so different flavors, though I highly recommend the lavender. The Hotchocspoons are available for purchase in their small shop and make a great gift or souvenir to bring home. The eclectic restaurant has several rooms on two floors, each decorated differently. Or browse the telephone-book sized wine menu with a in close for Luxembourg Looking friend from all across the globe. The tiny wine growing region is part of the much larger Moselle Valley, most of which lies in neighboring Germany, and has been a near constant producer since Roman times.

The small museum is in a historic wine house from the 18th century and you can see a variety of equipment used for viticulture over the centuries.


Luxembourg does produce both red and white wines, but white is best. I was quick to assume it would just be another sparkling wine inferior to Champagne and give me a headache like Italian Prosecco does.

It was actually my first experience with a sparkling red wine and I loved it. Have you ever tried a red sparkling wine?

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Like Champagne, the grapes are all picked by hand and only the highest quality grapes are used. Photo courtesy of Pundel A complete contrast to the large cooperative, a in close for Luxembourg Looking friend also visited the small producer Pundel. It was a shame that the skies had opened up and were pouring big, fat rain drops on us just as we arrived because the modern architecture of this winery combined with its setting up the steep hill from the Moselle River in Wormeldange-Haut are a stunning combination.


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