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Angelina Jolie, who plays Christine Collins, gives an outstanding performance as a single mother who returns home from work to find that her son is missing. Angelina Jolie does a superb job of portraying a Los Angeles woman ("Christine Collins") in the late s whose boy is. Changeling supporting cast - notably Donovan, Kelly and Amy Ryan as a prostitute also wrongly incarcerated by the police - is uniformly fine. In Clint Eastwood's latest film “Changeling,” Christine Collins (Angelina When Carol Dexter (Amy Ryan), a prostitute imprisoned in the same.

She leaves the boy alone at home and, when she returns late in the day, he's vanished. The police investigate but find nothing.

Changeling: True Crime from Clint and Angelina - TIME

Changling Prostitute in It is five long, desperate months before her prayers are answered by a call from the LAPD informing her they've found her son traveling in Illinois with an adult drifter. There's just one problem: The boy who arrives back in Los Angeles is not her son.


This fact is immediately evident to her and to usbut Changling Prostitute in boy claims to be Walter and the police, eager to close the case, agree with Changling Prostitute in. The police are unmoved. They send a doctor to affirm, again, that the boy is Walter; they respond to her declarations that of Changling Prostitute in she'd know if he were Walter, she's his mother, by arguing that she is therefore "in no position to be objective.

This is, to put it mildly, a fantastical story, the kind of dark, absurdist allegory that we might have expected to ooze from the pen of Kafka. It is also, remarkably, a true or at least trueish story, as the film announces in its opening moments.

But it is not enough to declare such improbable material historically accurate and leave it at that. It is Eastwood's burden to make it feel true, to overcome our skepticism at its innate outlandishness, and in this, Changeling is a singular failure. Scene after scene, twist after twist--and this is a film of many twists--rings false.

I have been a fan and defender of Eastwood for as long as I can remember, but Changeling is a genuine stinker. Some of the blame for this must fall on screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski. A TV veteran Changling Prostitute in known as the creator of "Babylon 5," Straczynski struggles to find a key that does not sound like, well, science fiction. But the ordinarily sure-handed Eastwood provides Changling Prostitute in help.


The film is so stylized it could Changling Prostitute in times be mistaken for a Coen brothers excursion--the too-perfect compositions; the vibrant color Jolie's lips look as though they were painted with the blood she used to wear in a pendant around her neck transposed with muted, nearly black-and-white backdrops; the accents that push toward caricature Donovan's Irish brogue, in particular, seems to grow more pronounced as the movie progresses. The film's many villains are such exaggerated grotesques that in the end they are less frightening than profoundly irritating.

In addition to Donovan, we're treated to Colm Feore as the police chief, Denis O'Hare as the head doctor at the asylum, and a Changling Prostitute in of Ratched-y nurses. Who am I to say whether or not the courtroom proceedings actually had that much fervor and zest?

Changling Prostitute in is Changling Prostitute in to find fault in conceivable truth. Another strong performance in the film comes from John Malkovich as Reverend Gustav Briegleb, a man determined to expose the misdeeds of the Los Angeles Police Department via his radio show. Briegleb vows to help Christine in her quest for her son as he believes that "Walter" is not Changling Prostitute in same boy.

Malkovich gives a convincing role as a man of God, women Hot in Bahrain horney man of principle, and a man of determination. He plays the hero, but never saddles up his white horse.

Malkovich and Jolie together save the one part of the film that could have poisoned the entire piece. When Miss Collins refuses to be quiet on the issue Changling Prostitute in her son and is convinced by Briegleb to go public with the misdoings of the police, she is whisked off to a mental ward. Until she admits that she is making the whole impostor-son bit up, she will remain in the ward.

The mental ward scenes were in complete discord with the rest of the film. The inclusion of stereotypical elements like electro-shock therapy and evil nurses allowed these scenes to toe the line of ridiculousness.

If it were not for a convincing and levelheaded performance from Jolie, nothing good would have come from these scenes. And when Malkovich's character swoops in to save her from the grips of the ward and the police, it never once feels trite.

The Changeling reviewed.

Eastwood should really thank these two and consider the possibility of never, ever filming any hospital-like scenes ever again. The unsaturated color choice for the film gives an immediate feeling of doom Changling Prostitute in sadness for the picture, but a more upbeat, stylized look might have complimented the film better. The cinematography attempted to mirror the motif of the film Changling Prostitute in ended up missing Changling Prostitute in mark and falling more into dark and muddled than stylistically relevant.

With the film clocking in a minutes, it is impressive that it never feels that long. Eastwood navigates through a significant chunk of time with little duress and manages to take on a troubling story without being all too troubling. Easily an audience favorite and definite Oscar-bait, as the United States release is set for November under the title "The Exchange.

The Changeling

I find it hard to love it, but I do not hate it either. That's the problem: It is within this realm that I find this film, more than anything else, a tad bit frustrating. It is a virtuous attempt and no doubt going to do Changling Prostitute in both in box office numbers and with awards.

But because of that, I wanted more punch. I wanted more zing, more attitude.

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