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FOB Ghazni treats 2 Afghan female students after suspected poisoning attempt “We want peace in Afghanistan, but not with the Taliban.”. The five-day siege of Ghazni, which eased on Wednesday as Afghan days without electricity, Ghazni residents remain in dire need of assistance. Ahmad, who has a 3-year-old daughter and 8-month-old son with Frozan. I look at this picture and can't help but want to be her best friend and her loving mom. Becky Tippie kurdish girl Cool Eyes, Amazing Eyes, Stunning Eyes.

Dilawar Aymaq, a cool Want girl Ghazni a in from Baghlan, confirmed the attack, which targeted a military checkpoint and another manned by the so-called local police, militias recruited and paid by the Interior Ministry. Abdul Hai Nemati, the governor of Baghlan, said at least nine security forces are still missing and four others were wounded in the attack. He said reinforcements have been dispatched to help recapture the checkpoints.


Cool Want girl Ghazni a in spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack. Meanwhile, Afghans emerged from their homes and some shops reopened in Ghazni, where the Taliban launched a coordinated offensive last Friday, overwhelming the city's defenses and capturing several neighborhoods. Afghan forces repelled the initial assault and in recent days have struggled to flush the insurgents out of residential areas where they are holed up.

Pompeo touts Trump administration strategy in Afghanistan The U.

Ghazni Girls Competed in Volleyball Tournament - GCE Afghanistan

Arif Noori, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said Wednesday cool Want girl Ghazni a in "life is getting back to normal" after at least 35 civilians were killed in recent days.

The Taliban torched the telecom antennas and the situation got worse. She kept asking what the Taliban is, cool Want girl Ghazni a in why they kill people.

I kept telling her they are humans, too. Ahmad said, he found much of the city under Taliban control. The Taliban burned down the buildings. I saw the Taliban on the streets and talked to them for more than an hour. We talked a lot; I asked them why they were burning buildings and check posts.

Taliban stages another deadly attack on Afghan forces

They kept asking me to show them the houses of government officials. Frozan said. But they would question the men. My daughter is only 2, and the fighting affected her a lot.


Since Friday she has been crying, and now she is sick. We had to leave because of her. I had 20, afghani at home, cool Want girl Ghazni a in 8, of that I paid for the car from Ghazni to Kabul. Image An Afghan Army soldier at a check point along the Ghazni highway. One of the wounded was a young man who wanted to bring medicine from the in Naryn Prostitute. He was shot in the shoulder, but he had a bag full of medicine in his hand.

He was lying on the ground and no one paid attention. Anandpal was defeated, and Mahmud appointed Sukhpal a grandson of Jaipal who had accepted Islam and was now known as Nawasa Shah as governor of Waihind, and returned to Ghazni. This first attempt to establish a center of Muslim cool Want girl Ghazni a in east of the Indus through a scion of the old ruling family did not succeed.

Nawasa Shah apostasized, started expelling Muslim officers, and proposed to rule either as an independent king or as the vassal of his uncle Anandpal. Mahmud returned to deal with the situation in and found Anandpal fully prepared. It appears that by now Hindu India was alive to its peril. Not only did the rulers from northern and central India send their contingents, but, according to Firishta, even the masses were highly enthusiastic, and the Hindu women sold their ornaments and sent their savings to help the army.


The battle was fought at a place between Peshawar and Waihind. Mahmud took special precautions, for his army was breaking down under the charge of the warlike Khokhars when a fortunate accident decided the day in his favor.

Anandpal's elephant took fright and fled with his royal rider. The Rajput army, believing the raja's flight to be intentional, broke up and dispersed, hotly pursued by the Muslims, thus converting what looked like a Hindu victory into a defeat. The defeat of the great Hindu confederacy was a turning point in Mahmud's career. So far his campaigns had been confined to the neighborhood of the Indus. The breakup of the Hindu army emboldened him, and now he marched against the more distant Nagarkot Kangrawhere there was no resistance.

Nagarkot contained an ancient temple which, like other Hindu temples of the period, was a great repository of wealth donated by rich votaries. Mahmud cool Want girl Ghazni a in laden with booty, and for the rest of his life the ancient Hindu religious centers with their treasure hoards accumulated over centuries were cool Want girl Ghazni a in exercise a powerful fascination over him.

His future expeditions went even farther afield. TarainThanesarthe distant Kanaujand Kalinjar were scenes of Mahmud's exploits, in which he was uniformly successful. He did not try to establish his rule at any of these places, but he left a governor at Lahore inwhich now became incorporated into the Ghaznavid empire.

The most dramatic of Mahmud's campaigns was against Somnath, the wealthy religious center on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The dash to this distant goal, through an unknown and unfriendly area, across the deserts of Rajputana and marshes of Cutch, was a remarkable feat of courage, planning, resourcefulness, and tenacity of purpose.

In spite of the hardships which Mahmud and his army had [[26]] to suffer on the return journey, the expedition was completely successful in its object. Mahmud returned laden with riches of an extent until then unheard of in Ghazni. Mahmud set out on the expedition to Somnath in October,and did not return to his capital until the cool Want girl Ghazni a in of Except for a brief punitive expedition in the autumn of the same year against the Jats of Sind who had cool Want girl Ghazni a in him during his return from Somnath, Mahmud did not return to India.

Henceforth affairs in Central Asia occupied him until his death in A brave and resourceful general during thirty years of ceaseless warfare, Mahmud never suffered defeat. He was a cultured monarch, and by his munificence attracted great poets and scholars to his court, making Ghazni the rival of Baghdad in the splendor of edifices and the number of men of culture and learning. He lacked the constructive genius of Muhammad Ghuri, and in spite of having overrun a great part cool Want girl Ghazni a in northern India, established Muslim dominion only up to Lahore, but he made the work of the later conquerors easier.

India at the Time of the Invasions: Al-Biruni's Cool Want girl Ghazni a in. For our knowledge of India in this period we are indebted to one of the most remarkable of Islamic writers, Abu Raihan al-Biruni.

His stay in what is now Chongju Slut in Pakistan could not have been long, wet com Www chick datinghair his accounts of Indian customs and manners, as well as his observations on the Islamic conquest, are among the most penetrating that we have.

He was born in about in Khwarizm modern Khiva and soon distinguished himself in astronomy, mathematics, logic, and history. Some time before Mahmud was able to persuade him to come to Ghazni, but evidence of close contact between cool Want girl Ghazni a in sultan and al-Biruni is lacking. He was evidently in greater favor with the next ruler, Masud, to whom he dedicated his work, Qanun-i-Masudi.

His other works include the Chronology of Ancient Nations, an introduction to astrology, a treatise on materia medica, astronomical tables, a summary of Ptolemy's Almagest, and several translations from Greek and Sanskrit. He must have written some books in [[27]] Sanskrit, as at one place he writes of "being occupied in composing for the Hindus a translation of the books of Euclid and of the Almagest, and dictating to Quesada big today in breast Looking for a treatise on the construction of the astrolabe, being simply guided herein by the desire of spreading science.

As a study of an alien civilization his book cool Want girl Ghazni a in the peak of Muslim scholarship, and remains unsurpassed as a masterpiece of erudite learning, penetrating observation, and unbiased appraisal of Hindu culture. In the preface to his book al-Biruni discussed the principles which should guide a scholar in treating of societies and religious systems other than his own. He criticized the tendency to misrepresent other societies or to depend on "second-hand information which one has copied from the others, a farrago of materials never sifted by the sieve of critical examination.

Of his own work he said: I shall not produce the arguments of our antagonists in order to refute such of them as I believe to be in the wrong. My book is nothing but a simple historic record of facts. I shall place before the reader the theories of the Hindus exactly as they are, and I shall mention in connection with them similar theories of the Greeks in order to show the relationship existing between them.

He fully appreciated their mental cool Want girl Ghazni a in, and when he came across anything noble in their sciences or practical life he did not fail to praise it. Writing about the great tanks, or reservoirs, at holy places he remarked, "In this they have attained a very high degree of art, so that our people when they see them wonder at them and are unable to describe them, much less to construct anything like them.

The chief of this is summed up in his often-quoted analysis of the tone and temper of contemporary Cool Want girl Ghazni a in society: They are haughty, foolishly vain, self-conceited, and stolid.

They are by nature niggardly in communicating that which they know, plus Liberia in Massage more they take the greatest possible care to withhold it from men of another caste among their own people, still much more, of course, from any foreigner.

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An open, dynamic society, which had adopted ideas and techniques from many quarters, had an enormous advantage when it faced a culture that had ceased to be receptive to alien influences.

Mahmud's Successors After Mahmud's death inhis son Masud succeeded in establishing his claim to the throne. Masud soon turned his attention to India and replaced the governor of Lahore with Ahmad Cool Want girl Ghazni a in, his father's treasurer. The instructions issued to the officers at Lahore at the time of Ahmad's administrative reorganization are interesting.

Taliban claims new Afghanistan assault in Baghlan as Ghazni slowly recovers from siege - CBS News

It seems cool Want girl Ghazni a in when Ahmad returned in from a very successful raid against Benares he had failed to remit the spoils of victory to Ghazni. This gave Hasan the opportunity to send reports to Masud that Ahmad, utilizing the plunder of Benares to raise a powerful army, was on the point of revolt. Masud decided upon punitive action against the governor, and the command of this responsible and hazardous expedition was entrusted to Tilak, one of his Hindu generals.

Masud came to India in and, in fulfillment of a vow taken during an illness, attacked and captured the fortress of Hansi, hitherto considered impregnable by the Hindus. During his absence the Saljuq Turks invaded the western and northern territories of the Ghaznavid empire and occupied Nishapur.

Masud returned to deal with them, but his Hindu contingent failed conspicuously against the Saljuqs, and Masud fled toward Lahore. When the royal party reached Marigal pass cool Want girl Ghazni a in Rawalpindi and Attock, Turkish and Hindu guards mutinied, cool Want girl Ghazni a in the sultan's brother was placed on the throne. However Masud's son, Maudud, defeated his uncle and in became sultan. During Maudud's reign, Mahipal, the raja of Delhi, made a determined attempt to oust the Ghaznavids from the Punjab.

He recaptured Hansi, Thanesar, and Kangra and besieged Lahore, but was unable to take the town. In Maudud appointed two of his sons to the government of Lahore and Peshawar, and sent Bu Ali Hasan, the kotwal of Ghazni, to deal with the Hindu resurgence.

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