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Even had a few girls I wasn't even talking to ordering drinks at my expense. I got in, got out and vowed not to go back. I've been to Santo Domingo and other countries so I'm experience but I also won't fight all night long. Also in Punta Cana you pay way too much for taxis. If you go to Punta Cana avoid La Punta and ask for some local girls Boxcc However, I was pressed for time and didn't have the luxury of being able to haggle over price. I didn't care. Again, Punta Cana is not the hot spot for our hobby.

I was glad to girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy found some action as quickly girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy as quietly as I did. Robnbg Could you give me a few tips on this place. Domingo for 2 or 3 days. All tips that help me keep out of tourist traps are welcome! Reading that last report on La Punta I think I will avoid going there Thanks, PS: A full report of my trip will follow! Dj Giovanni83 This is my forth year to Dominican Republic.

I need some info. I'm bringing four friend's that never been to DR. I need to know all the hot spot's during the day and night! Please write back only if you have been in the punta cana area.


DJ Giovanni83 Bengsun What's new for the hobby here? What is still around that was described earlier? Any good contacts? Airsnake Is there any action in the resort and do you have experience if you can get arrangements with the employees.

Is there anything near the hotel to find some action. How fare are places like Bavaro Plaza, La Punta oder the other hot spots away?? Ist there any hotspot near the hotel?? It would be great to get some information belonging to my questions. Thanks for your answers!! Isohamburg I am thinking of renting a girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy villa on the beach and find some chicas non-pros to join me.

But I have no idea where to find them. I don't speak spanish.


Can anyone give me some advice how to have a great time. I am thinking of this place as it seems pretty nice. Does anyone know of another area when I can rent a beachfront villa and get nice chica's?

I am planning on renting a beachfront villa and was hoping to find some really fine chica's to join me, preferably non-pro's. Can anyone give me some advice as to where to find these chica's and has anyone rented any of the beachfront villas. I am hoping to get some non-pro's but don't know where to meet them. I don't speak spanish, but am hoping girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy can steer me in the right direction to find hot young over 18 girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy that would have interest in a few full days and make some quick money.

Thanks much in advance. Pandrew Or, in a week. I pretty much have a good idea what it's all about from the posts but if anyone has any advice I'the really appreciate it. And ofcourse I'll be back to report on it. Amperor But I do not know which hotel to chose. I read the AI are not chicas friendly. I'd like to stay at a decent place near the beach, shopping, restaurant, etc. Your suggestions will help. DiggerMike PC is one of the nicest resort area's that I have visited in the Caribbean!

Now for the info that you want girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy know about! I will totally disagree with an earlier post to stay away from PC, he must have been blind, with his wife beside at horny Rome work and Stuck in the entire time!

I sexting cams Free last Saturday afternoon, on Sunday afternoon was walking alone in the Bavarro Shopping area, noticed an outdoor bar with Hotel beside it, some nice chica's in the bar area. Made some nice eye contact with one, came to sit down and soon had a male intrepeter help out. She was amost of the other girls ranged from 5's and up. On Tuesday, met two gents from the shopping area, one was Franklin, who had a car.

He was most helpful in my trip! But did see some nice girls killing time. About 5 or 6 and nice looking.

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So went to La Punta, no bar that I saw open yet, but about 10 or so girls hanging around the pool. This is like noon. After that I was taken to a house where again could take a choice of girls.

On Friday, had Franklin take me girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy to the house, they kept bringing more girls, finally about 12 and I could pick the one I wanted. Again, no 10's, but a real nice 8, soft skin, perky tits. And all! All these ladies were interested in making me girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy At all the places.

There was also a shop that I stopped in on Wednesday in the shopping area that was going to open as a small disco on Friday, with girls to party with if you so chose to.

Just wish that I spoke spanish. Member I figured there would be a little P4P there, just not as good other areas. We will be there in December - can't wait.

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How much did you give this Mr Franklin for his help? Did you see any massage places? Thanks, DiggerMike I did see two signs, but could not find the places, because I did want an awesome message with or without the little extra's. A real nice guy. Have a great time, I have Franklin's shop listed as Darimarit is directly across from the Towers Casino in the Girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy area, on the front left corner looking at the building closest to the casino.

His cell number is [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]. This report was edited to remove personal telephone numbers in the text. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Jenks Go back 3 pges and read. Cortecito Inn would be the ticket - as long as she is registered and not a local girl you should not have to pay extra, just the 2 people in the room charge.

Across the street from the beach. Can anyone tell me, how far ist ist from the Iberostar Hotels to the Playa Bavaro?? Is there any action to be found girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy to the Iberostar Hotels? Thanks for your answers. Mmmike Buisness trip.

I had read about girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy possible opportunites on this island and was ready for action. I talked with the concierge and he said to take a taxi to La Punta disco. I did and was surprized to be one of only two gringos amoung 40 or so very nice girls.

Picked out a very nice 8. Yes it was But most of the pics I see posted do not come close to the selection at la punta. What gives? Even the bikini contest picts only show a few I would say come close to la punta any comments from the pros on this observation?

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Berthold The all inclusive package inclues, room, free drinks from 10am to 12 pm, 3 meals per day and a girl for 4 hours and this costs you dollars per night. In Sosua there are hundreds of girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy available but if you really want a stunner this can be hard to find, nevertheless there are real diamonds.

Btw dollars girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy almost a monthly salary for a hotel employee in the D. If you have any more questions concerning puerto plata, sosua, hotels in sosua Punta Cana seems to be a bit on the slow side for our hobby. If you love to girls Local in Higuey fuck buddy like I do then signup!

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