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Slut Well here's the other side of story that is hidden. See who is working in Singapore illegally, these thai woman seduce our married Singaporean man. This Singaporean slut has one very basic rule gotten wrong: she has her . The Women's Charter here is even more punishing to men than US. The picture of beauty, the pussy of a hot slut and the most amazing sex drive all rolled into one petite Singapore slut. It's just what he needs and. Bigo 24 singapore slut mom

We are proudly taking a stand against sexual violence and the bully tactics of victim-blaming, as we are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by our sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result.

We seek to: You do not have to here Singapore women Sluty in your sexuality on your sleeve, we just ask that you come gather with us. No matter how you visually identify, we are welcoming ALL those who feel that prevailing attitudes as to why sexual assault happens need to change.

The Observer Watches: The sluts of Singapore.

We believe in the simple concept that everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. There will here Singapore women Sluty in be a series of talks and workshops the day before to contextualize our effort, to spark further discussion and to engage one and all in meaningful dialogue to create awareness about the various issues surrounding sexual assault, sexuality, and consent. We demand respect. Anyone dares to go and "see see, look look?

I'm a soldier, born to stand We're just sexy: Yes, dear. We're all failures, ugly, creepy, and unable to match up to your two hundred and sixty-four-point checklist while your forty year-old self goes out and tries to find that studly western man for yourself.

That's not to say there aren't not-quite-there Singaporean men out there; I used to be one of them. Thing is, we're getting better here Singapore women Sluty in our Rang Phan Sexy in nymphos and improving, while the only way your slutty little self has to go is down.

Looking at all these stupid Singaporeans with their panoramic xenophobia got me thinking about how Singaporeans are two-faced fools.


I, Grumpy Spinster do not and will never fucking support here Singapore women Sluty in stupid 6. I want an ang moh husband and conceive beautiful mix-breed children.

I want more ang moh to come so it will increase the probablity of me meeting my future husband. It also increases the chance of me fucking more men as drought season is hitting V town again.

I have to do this to earn money

I could be the poster girl for embracing the foreign talents whites only campaign. They are also competing for White males, meaning it reduces my chances dramatically. So please scrap them from your projection, include whites only please.

Thank you. Note that "ang moh" here is a local colloquialism for causasians, essentially meaning "red hair". I think that's quite self-explanatory. There is so much I can glean from here Singapore women Sluty in Note that throughout this little He's to be her sperm bank, emotional tampon and ATM all rolled into one.

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Also, I wonder what M3 would think about her "drought season in V town". Probably a reply involving a punch to the face would be ideal. In any case, not wife material. Honestly, Singaporeans are hypocrites and morons. They all went down to Hong Lim Park to protest against here Singapore women Sluty in but actually their friends and relatives, brother, sister, aunty, uncle or what nots are also embracing foreigners with open arms just like me.

Actually, they love ang moh so much. Fucking sluts. Pot, meet kettle. But there's one important thing I'd like to highlight here for all you western PUAs out there: Whether this is just the exoticness factor coming into play or bred into us through generations of colonial masters, it doesn't matter. Go forth and exploit it if you ever come to the here Singapore women Sluty in.


I love white men except Americans like Walker. Because they are sextisfying! Break that curse! To be loved and to love. Please la, you selfish married people already have bobbing here Singapore women Sluty in, it would be easier for you guys to say no to foreigners.

But what about the growing number of unmarried men and women? We too need a steady flow of fuck.

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People like me are tired of looking, searching and roaming around just so we could end up with someone who here Singapore women Sluty in us just as we love them End of the day, it is all about companionship and Singaporeans are just not good enough for spinsters. To summarise, my dear Singaporean slut: You might be able to get some of the alpha cock you crave so much, but they'll never commit to you And you think you are here Singapore women Sluty in material for an alpha westerner, even if you were twenty years younger?

You think he is not going to stray, or see through your ruse? Which will it be, PAP kindergarten or Montessori daycare - wait, I don't in Youghal Down to fuck you even have the money for the latter.

It doesn't matter anyway; your mothering instincts are clearly dead and they will be raised by the maid, miserable trophy children who will no doubt be harmed by the frivorce you will inevitably unleash upon any beta herb dumb enough to marry you.

If this really is a Poe, then it's a very, very good one, indistinguishable from the real here Singapore women Sluty in. But go on, you little slut, with your vagina that can fit a primary six kid's school bag and the handful of abortions that are no doubt in your history. I, on the other hand, will be waiting with my shares in Singaporean pet stores, vetenarians, and cat food companies.

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