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You're such a gentleman; I really like your reaction to the inccident which . One disappointed accident to a young lady who was shot dead in Torit town. Whether they reside in Junglei,Rumbek,Wau,Tony,Gogrial,Equatoria inheron.com .. of going to bed with those wealth seeking and terrorist Arab witches. I'm torn on GoGirl, which is a doodad that allows women on the go to pee standing up. A true gentleman is about honesty and since your father wants to be .. Looking for that fresh Pink,not sweaty Boob girl to call my own. Fuck buddies in Croatia pa Good horny woman seeks Bad girl 26 BA. Thick girls please reply looking for asap. gentleman seeks daddy s girl Looking for a.

In gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman the brother doesn't do it, bad spirits will come to his family. A woman and her 3 children walking in the evening sun. Birthcontrol is done by the rule that a woman cannot have sex during breastfeeding. The social structure is polygame and most men have more than one woman. The women live in separate houses, sometimes in different villages.

The man divides his income over his women and children. Women are responsible for the foodpreparation, thatching of the tukulroofs, working on in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman land and raising the children. Men take care of the cattle and sometimes help on the land. TB remains a stigmatised disease. People say it is the disease from bad spirits that makes you cough and makes you thin.

MSF tries to get rid of this stigmatism. With the right treatment people can heal from TB. Young boys on the road from Aweil in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman Gogrial.

People used to walk around naked, but nowadays clothing is more and more integrated and becomes a status symbol. Nudity is dissapearing and shame is taking over. In gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman boys are still proud to be who they are, just the way they are.

A dissapearing image of the new nation. A woman visited her relative in the MSF hospital in Aweil. South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality in the world and the mortality rate of children under 5 years old is extremely high as well. Therefore MSF focusses on maternal and child health. Harsh living conditions, the high incidence of diseases such as malaria, and the lack of qualified medical staff all contribute to the high maternal and child mortality rates. The Dinka culture has a strong hierarchy built around all different kind of leaders.

During meetings, men and women are sitting separately and mostly men are speaking. In this village the traditional court is held under this tree. A lot of Dinka prefer to go and see a traditional doctor to solve healthproblems in stead of coming to a hospital. People believe diseases come from bad spirits of ancestors and divinities. Many children and mothers die due to the lack of knowledge and wrong treatments.

When a child gets burned, one of the traditional ways to heal the wounds is putting charcoal and cow excreta on the wound which can cause infections. Sometimes catlle is slaughtered to cure a sickness. Most of the people follow the traditional Dinka-religion. The catholic christian minority is growing. A spearmaster is usually completely dressed in red and wears a hat.

A woman is waiting for the boat to cross the river Jur.


During rainy season a boat helps people to cross in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman hour. Cattle swim next to the boat to cross the river. During dry season people can walk to the other side. Crocodiles and bilharzia are dangerous threats in the water, but still people are bathing and washing in the river. Riverwater is in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman used for foodpreparations and therefore causes diarrhea.

In May the rainy season starts. Heavy rains and storms appear. This old man walks home just before the storm. The MSF hospital is shown in the background. It is in Yantai Prostitute only reliable healthcare center in the area. In case of an emergency, MSF sends an ambulance to in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman up the patient. Dinka men and women get scarifications at a young age. I know majority of you hails of new Nuer Inter sectional fighting as has draged for year of CPA fueled by uncivilize Gogrial Kitchen Cabinet, the lost of your Comrades and civilians should not be reverged by the death in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman Dr.

Please, try to be Consellors of Peace in Southern Sudan. Your support or rejection would not means alot to this evil act for a simple reason that Majority of you are watch dogs of the current Interim Government of Southern Sudan.

Please, do something useful for yourself, neighbors and your Nation. This is nothing but a Dinkaweed attempt to confuse. Did the Arab father of Taban rap the Nuer woman who gave birth to Taban or did he married her officially? In nude Salcedo girls Naughty should Nuer women accept to be fucked by Arabs if they do not want to spoil Nuer blood? Taban is a mistake of Nuer Women who opened the holes between their legs to Arabs if at all he is a curse to Western Nuer.

He is also a mistake of Nuer men who accept cows from any where in return to fucking their girls. Taban is innocent as far as his birth right is concerned because he did not choose to be born as he is now. Stop abusing him for his blood mixture with Arabs. There are so many innocent Arab-born Nuers in Bentiu and else where but this should not be used to tarnish their names.

Please I advise you to say something else not the issue of birth-roots of politicians. Black,unless you yourself is one of these people we can call the "colored of South Sudan" who were born out of mistake and negligence with the Arabs. The colored are everywhere as you confessed,but they are not all who have been integrated fully into the Southern Sudan society. Taban has proven himself a terrible blood sucking opportunist who never hesitate to sell the people aspiration for cheap political gains to the Arabs or his Dinka boss,Kiir.

I call upon the people of Unity to be vigilant enough and know their number one enemies,Kiir and Deng,they should not be given a chance again to exploit the poor people of the state. Lets say enough is enough to the murderous manipulations of Kiir and Taban in the state.


God bless Unity state forever and ever,amen. Both of you and the rest who were born by the Arab fathers are a true curse to the South Sudanese,this is much so when people put their trust on you and believe you entirely like one of their own.

It was just the common to learn from big mistake that Taban become a Governor in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman the State. This phenomena will soon be corrected in the coming elections. You must really be ashamed of yourself as you painfully laments your background,so your mother was fucked and the result was a black curled haired bastard like you and that of Taban produced to aches as thorn in the ass for Naath community development?

Cursed are your poor mums who made the "mistake" of going to bed with those wealth seeking and terrorist Arab witches. Since your integrity to the community is in a questionable state,the most clear example is how Taban keep in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman the people of Unity to both the Dinka leadership in Juba and the Arabs in the North.

This characteristics I suppose should earn you a nickname of "betrayal nephews" and therefore unworthy of following or support.

You rot Mr. In gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman cool,you have been revenged as has always been the case. It was not your mother alone who had to endure a snake entering her vagina,but the Arab women have paid dearly in a golden plate,they parted way for an angry ancient Dragons which eat away all the orgasms nature had given them.

Aswaodi am truly honest to myself,your aunts are like michuzi mix Oooooh-um!!!!!! Good luck. Aswaodi,am truly honest to myself,your aunts are like michuzi mix,Oooooh-um!!!!!! My Nuer mother made a mistake when she went to bed with an Arab because of money and cows. Now I am being insulted for a mistake of a fuck that led to pregnancy of my Nuer mother.

Ya Allah! How come in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman want to change it now?


He is a nuer, if not He may be Dinka as most people claimed him to be. By the way, this is not the right way of giving comment. Angelina Teny. If I may say, there was only a gun pointing on her without a pull of trigger to shoot her. This could be regarded as a threat to instill fear in the Minister and Wife of Dr.

Riek machar so that she stay away from touring and doing her politicking freely in Unity State or in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman call it Western Upper Nile next time. If it were assassination, in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman bullets might have flown very fast from the gun and somebody would have been wounded or killed in the action.

SPLM secretary replies to Bona Malwal over Gogrial speech

The real assassination attempt is what happened to Dr. Lam Akol when he was in Malakal in the first quarter of the year There ambush was planned and guns were triggered, killing those who were in Dr. Lam Car car but with a surprise from the killers that Dr. Lam was not in the Car. Compare this incidence with what Angelina is claiming to be an assassination here and you will see how the title of this news article is misleading.

I am not in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman. I am just inside that Arab-led Unity State.

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Stay where you are in Egypt. A foolish person gives a different name of gun pointing at the person if it did not fire, then it is not assassination attempt. Is not wrong to hunt down him. I think this mistake was done by one or two mastermined people or they act alone.

I know all the Dinkas are not protect, but still not all Dinkas are bad as some of you described above. Be clever where are!!! In gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman story is authored in gentleman seeking Gogrial a Woman Khartoum and London with no substance whatsoever.

First of all, what does the term pulling a gun mean to the author and the crazy Riakist such as Gatngoth and his whore Angelina Teny not to forget Kim and anyother like minded individuals who are filled of hatred by their masters in Khartoum To tell you the fact, Kiir has no need to hide his punishment if there a gross misbehavior to the person who is working under his leadership in South Sudan.

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