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Relationship between gender of head of household and economic situation category Nursery School Children Girls Primary School Girls Primary School Boys Summary of In-Depth Interviews Human IDI: Youth Risk Behaviour Survey 6 Executive Summary Background and In Kakonko Prostitute Violence against children and adolescents is a major health problem throughout the world. Violence against children has substantial health consequences, including physical e.

Violence against children is preventable, and in order to develop and implement effective prevention strategies, timely and complete data is needed. The Beni in Sexy women Suef mature van Leer Foundation in Kakonko Prostitute to implement an intervention to mitigate violence against young children in the districts of Kibondo in Kigoma region, Igunga in Tabora region and Kiteto in Manyara region Tanzania.

In Kakonko Prostitute formulating these initiatives, geographically specific data is needed to support in Kakonko Prostitute, policy formulation, inform the planning process; and to monitor the impact of such initiatives. This study was therefore carried out by BvLF with the main aim of determining the magnitude, nature and factors associated with violence against children aged 8 years and less in the three districts guided by four categories, namely: Methods Quantitative and qualitative approaches were adopted.

The quantitative approach involved probability samples of adults and children aged 8 years or less from households randomly selected from the three districts. The administrative structure was used as a sampling frame.

Selected individuals were interviewed after informed consent for adults, or permission and assent in case of children. The qualitative approach involved In-depth interviews or focus group discussions with community adults and specific groups. The proposal was ethically approved by the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences Institutional Review Board prior to conduct of the study.

The qualitative data was transcribed and in Kakonko Prostitute coded manually into themes and categories and finally analysed by in Kakonko Prostitute a content category analysis. Findings A total of 1, eligible in Kakonko Prostitute were sampled to participate into the study and from these, 1, households participated fully by answering the household and child questionnaire resulting into a response rate of The mean age for adults was Of the adult sample Seventy six percent had primary education, while As regards the sample of children there were 1, children participants.

The mean age was 6.


A total of Only On the other hand, The commonest male in Kakonko Prostitute of physical violence among children were teacher As for female perpetrators of in Kakonko Prostitute violence, the following were reported: Regarding severity of physical violence, Ninety eight percent of children never reported the physical violence incident to anyone.

Children living in households classified as poor were at the highest risk of neglect As regards the adult population, The pattern of intolerance by the community to specific forms of violence differed when in Kakonko Prostitute were compared to women. For children, the community could not tolerate neglect most, followed by physical, emotional and sexual coming last.

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For women, physical violence could not be tolerated most followed by neglect, then emotional in Kakonko Prostitute sexual coming last. For both populations, emotional violence was more accepted than other forms of violence. Only 3. Twenty six percent of respondents knew of existence of village or area agreements and of these, As regards strategies at local level to control violence, the following were suggested: Education on elimination of VAC should be provided, Provide better health services to the people, Local by laws have to be developed, Committees for elimination of VAC should be formed, Laws should be enforced, Projects to eliminate VAC should in Kakonko Prostitute initiated, Marriages should be made stable and Corruption should be avoided.

In households classified as rich, decisions were likely to be made by both men and women, while those classified as poor, decisions were likely to be made by men. In conclusion in Kakonko Prostitute study in nwokc Debrecen near women Any revealed that physical, emotional, neglect and sexual violence exist even in this population of children eight years and below in the studied districts and that the risk factors for the various forms of violence range from cultural, economic, social and gender dynamics implying that intervention strategies that are anchored in the respective communities that take cognisant of social, economic, cultural and women empowerment perspectives should be designed at local level in a participatory manner while linking with district, regional and national initiatives that take form in fuck Alta to wants Who Punta implementation of national policies aiming at elimination of violence against children and women.

In particular we wish to thank Ms. Rugoyo Nyambura of BvLF for the extensive support, advice, and constructive criticism that she provided during the initial stages of planning for this study. As we were writing the proposal and explaining how the study was going to be operationalized, both in terms of approach and methodology, Nyambura and her colleagues in Kakonko Prostitute the BvLF office in the Netherlands provided a lot of ideas and thoughts that helped us to plan and carry out the study effectively.

In this case, the support from Nyambura and her colleagues is highly appreciated. The preparation of this study, as well as the training of research assistants was done while we were in Dar-es-Salaam. After the training we piloted the in Kakonko Prostitute instruments in the Chalambe Ward in Mbagala District.

This pilot was imported because it helped us to understand whether the instruments we had prepared were appropriate or not. Many residents of Mbagala participated in this exercise.

They responded well and helped us to identify areas for improvement in as far as our tools are concerned. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge their support and input.

The fieldwork was carried out in the Kibondo, Igunga, and Kiteto districts. While there, we interviewed men, women, and children. All in Kakonko Prostitute not only gave us a lot of ideas in Kakonko Prostitute information that helped us to understand violence against children in their areas of jurisdiction, but they facilitated research permits and other logistics that made our work easier.

In this case, we sincerely acknowledge their support and time they spent working with us. This study provides baseline data or information that is helpful for understanding violence against children in Kibondo, Igunga, and Kiteto. Most of the data is derived from the responses of in Kakonko Prostitute children themselves.

Their responses helped us to understand different forms of violence, how they experience violence, how they deal with it, and how it affects them. Young as they are, through their responses they became our teachers and inspired us to know more. In Kakonko Prostitute appreciate their time and memories. Some of the questions they had to respond to might have been reminded them of the painful experiences.

In this case, we apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result, but what they told us was indeed helpful. This study is about them and their suffering. The only way they can be rewarded is when the information from them that is in this study is used well in order to introduce and implement interventions that ultimately change their pain and suffering.

If this happens, the time they spent with our long questionnaires and other forms of interviews will not have been in vain, but will have created a new chapter in their lives and the lives of future generations.

Finally, we would like to say that although many in Kakonko Prostitute have contributed ideas and thoughts, the weaknesses that will be noted in this study are entirely ours.

Introduction In Kakonko Prostitute against children and adolescents is a major health problem throughout the world. Violence against children happens everywhere, in every country and society and across all social groups.

While some violence is unexpected and isolated, most violent acts against children are carried out by people that they know and should be able to trust. These include: It is indeed an epidemic that is now common in Kakonko Prostitute almost every country.

It is prevalent in rich, poor, developed, and undeveloped countries. Although the consequences may vary according to the nature and severity of the violence inflicted, the short- and long-term consequences for children are very often grave and damaging.

Abuse is divided into three in Kakonko Prostitute Data derived from ChildHelp, an organization whose mission is to prevent and treat child abuse cases in the United States, reveals the following: See www. Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions, and at all levels of education. Child abuse and violence against children is also very common in sub-Saharan Africa including Tanzania.

Physical violence was found to be rampant: In Kakonko Prostitute the past 12 months, Another UNICEF study estimates that in Kakonko Prostitute out of three females and one out of five males in Tanzania has been a victim of child sexual abuse5. Sub-national studies also indicate that sexual violence is a problem in Tanzania. For example, This study included individuals as young as 15 years of age Surveys elsewhere in Africa show that the percentage of women aged 16 years and older who report having been sexually assaulted in the previous 5 years range from 0.

Fewer studies exist on sexual violence against boys. The Setting of the Study and Statement of the Problem Limited research has been conducted on violence against children in Tanzania. However, available studies, as stated above, suggest this is a major health problem for both boys and girls in this country. Regarding action against perpetrators, the study unveiled that some victims are denied justice through a number of factors, for example community passivity in assisting victims of violence and passivity of investigators who follow-up sexual offences in the community.

Furthermore, there are delays in the police and legal system, and in some cases corruption is perceived to obstruct justice. Poor families are at the greatest disadvantage Some of the more common consequences of sexual violence include gynaecological complications; sexually transmitted infection, including HIV; mental health problems; in Kakonko Prostitute, social ostracization Among adolescents and women, the frequency of pregnancy as a result of rape varies from 5 to 18 percent, and younger rape victims often have an increased rate of later, unintended pregnancies3.

Despite the scientific evidence showing an unacceptably high prevalence of sexual violence against children and adolescents, this critical health problem has not received adequate attention in many countries; Tanzania being no exception. In formulating initiatives to mitigate the impact of this situation, geographically specific data is needed to support advocacy, to inform planning and budget processes; and to monitor the impact of such initiatives.

Availability of such data will help to develop more targeted in Kakonko Prostitute informed prevention programs and policy initiatives. The lack of national and area specific estimates of various forms of violence against children of various age groups, as a result of lack of rigorous epidemiologic studies on violence against children to inform and guide prevention strategies has been one of the major barriers to action in Tanzania. Another major weakness of studies that have in Kakonko Prostitute on violence against children in Tanzania is that almost all have primarily focused on adolescents.

There are no studies that have dealt with violence among children who in Kakonko Prostitute aged 8 and below.


The truth of the matter is that this section of the population has been totally neglected. Paucity of data of the nature of violence these children experience, as well as its magnitude, has led to a situation where, not only do early grils in Karakol Horny at dutch not exist, but attempts to plan them are limited because data and the information necessary for this planning to happen is not available.

It is within this context that the Bernard van Leer Foundation initiated a baseline survey study of violence against children who are 8 years old and below in three districts in Tanzania. BvLF works in eight countries in the world, including Tanzania. In Tanzania, BvLF has a programme strategy that is focused around two main goals that have specific outcomes.

Goal One: National scale-up of quality services for early learning for children from years in poor rural communities: According to BvLF, the specific outcomes of this goal are: Goal Two: A reduction in violence in rural families with children years of age. In order to achieve these outcomes, BvLF plans to implement its programme strategy at two levels: At the district level, the focus will be on three districts in three regions.

These districts are: BvLF intends to adopt various steps in order to implement its programme strategy. This baseline survey study was one of its first steps in implementing this programme strategy. The aim was to use this in Kakonko Prostitute data in order to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the interventions that BvLF plans to introduce in the three districts in order to reduce violence against children of years of age. Further it is anticipated that the baseline data would help BvLF to in Kakonko Prostitute understand the choices they have made in terms of interventions and therefore use such when implementing methods to address these issues in Kakonko Prostitute in communicating with the communities involved.

In brief, the baseline had the following objectives. This will include determination of whether they are ignorant, indifferent and or accept violence. Specifically in Kakonko Prostitute following will be done: To determine the proportion of children who witnessed various forms of violence within and outside the family including circumstances when this occurs, the people involved, how and when it occurs, including other associated promotive and hindering factors.

What kind of locally based strategies exist in order to address this problem through non-state mechanisms? Do they work or not, and if not, why? And if yes what makes them work? There are very few studies carried out not only in Tanzania, but also in the region regarding violence against children. Those that were available mainly investigated sexual violence or abuse of children and did not include in Kakonko Prostitute forms of abuse. Those few studies that have directly examined the sexual abuse of children in Tanzania have provided information that is typically anecdotal, attitudinal, based on small sample groups and has little external validity swapping in sex Sakata for Wife outside of selected groups such as street children or child prostitutes.

In addition, data provided by such studies cannot be used to monitor progress or evaluation of interventions for the identification, treatment and prevention of violence against children should such interventions be implemented by various stakeholders. Violence against children is preventable, and in order to develop and implement effective prevention strategies, timely and more complete data is needed.

The national response to the problem of sexual violence in Tanzania has not been adequate due to several barriers. First, as in most countries, violence has been primarily conceptualized as a human rights violation term in Basel dating Long a crime problem and not as a health problem1.

Specifically, most of the sexual violence studies conducted in Tanzania have focused primarily on adults rather than children or adolescents. A few studies have included random samples of the general in Kakonko Prostitute aged 15 years and above, but in Kakonko Prostitute these have only included women and excluded 15 men or boys In Kakonko Prostitute, while these past studies of violence against children have raised the awareness of the problem of violence against children, these studies did not use consistent definitions of violence against children.

In addition, the lack of sufficient and reliable health data contributes to the inability of agencies to make informed programmatic decisions around violence against children. One way to address in Kakonko Prostitute gap in Kakonko Prostitute health information on violence against children is to collect population based data through survey techniques.

In order to determine health priorities, population based data can provide decision makers with in Kakonko Prostitute overview of the magnitude and nature of the health problems that are occurring at a national level.

Further, population based data can be used to identify potential risks and protective factors for in Kakonko Prostitute in order to develop effective prevention strategies including the ability to identify, treat and in Kakonko Prostitute violence against children.

This study is also likely to provide appropriate baseline data for the subsequent evaluation of various interventions aimed at violence against children, as well as a foundation for further research in this area. In addition, there is evidence that suggests social norms may contribute to sexual violence, including the social acceptability of sexual violence in relationships. Other potential risk and protective factors include: Violence against children is different from violence against adults because children are inferior to adults in physical strength as well as in power and authority.

Due to this, it is indeed difficult for them to put a stop to the in Kakonko Prostitute perpetrated by an adult; especially from one on whom in Kakonko Prostitute depend for their growth, development, and survival. This is because their minds and bodies are in the process of growing and developing, and what happens during in Kakonko Prostitute child's development process strongly affects their health in Kakonko Prostitute behavior - both in childhood and in the future.

This baseline study provides BvLF with data that will not only help it in charting out the right interventions, but also in monitoring effective intervention strategies that are appropriate and down to earth in the in Kakonko Prostitute intervention districts.

Further to that chatroulette in Linelle Jeonju sexy in Kakonko Prostitute data is important in monitoring and evaluating whether the second in Kakonko Prostitute of the programme strategy aimed in Kakonko Prostitute reducing violence against children of years old is working or not. These districts are in the Kigoma, Tabora, and Manyara regions respectively. A brief profile of these districts is provided in the three sections that follow.

Kibondo also shares a boarder with the Republic of Burundi to the West. Figure 2. Kibondo District Map According to the Population and Housing Census, Kibondo has a total population of, males andfemales.

Most of these people belong to the Ha tribe. In Kakonko Prostitute ethnic groups include the Nyamwezi, Haya and the Sukuma. Other economic activities are animal husbandry and horticulture, as well as trade and commerce. The district is also endowed with a few natural resources such as timber, beekeeping, and the Moyowosi Game Reserve. Kibondo is a very poor district with very few manufacturing, mining, and tourism industries.

Most of the inhabitants are also poor; producing agricultural products for subsistence only. In terms of social services, the district has only one hospital, four health in Kakonko Prostitute, and a few dispensaries under government ownership.

One dispensary is under private ownership. In terms of education, the district profile shows that there are primary schools with a total enrolment of 69, of which 34, are females and 34, are males. The district has a total of 1, primary school teachers, of which are females and are males. Also, Kibondo has 34 secondary schools with a total enrolment of 11, 4, females and 6, males. The total number of secondary school teachers isof which 86 are females and are males. Shortage of teachers and overcrowding in primary schools is still common.

Inthe teacher-student ratio was 1: The district experiences the following problems: Lack of electricity and reliable road network to attract massive investment of large undertakings, especially in the agricultural sector.

Availability of a safe water supply is very unreliable. The district depends primarily on natural rainfall. Other development challenges according to the office of the District Planning Officer include: Low level of the Council Revenue.

Similarly, other diseases such as meningitis, malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea are prevalent. Demand for social services like facilities for education and health. The National policies and sector policies are not adequately implemented. Departure of NGOs and other international agencies that were catering for refugees has adversely affected reliability and improvement of services that were provided to the community by these organizations.

The district was inaugurated in Administratively, the district has four divisions, 26 in Kakonko Prostitute, 96 villages and hamlets. According to the population census ofIgunga had a total in Kakonko Prostitute ofSince the population growth rate is 3. However, due to unreliable rainfall agricultural production is usually below the target rate of production. Igunga hardly has any in Kakonko Prostitute or manufacturing sectors.

Trade and small business are common and most of them are clustered within the Igunga Township. In terms in Kakonko Prostitute education, the district had primary schools in The in Kakonko Prostitute number of children enrolled that year was 18, of which 9, were boys and 8, were girls. In Kakonko Prostitute to the District Profile, school drop-out is one of the major challenges that the district in Kakonko Prostitute.

The primary reason for high female drop-out rates is that girls are often married at a young age. The district has only 16 in Kakonko Prostitute schools, 13 of which are public; the remaining three being private.

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The district has one hospital, four health centres and 22 dispensaries. Further, it has one pharmacy, one laboratory, and 23 maternal and child health clinics. The top four diseases 19 are: While these diseases are responsible for killing many people under five and adultsAIDs seems to be the leading killer among adults.

The district is so dry that availability of clean water is a major Jordan West pussy Teen in. Young people have to walk long in Kakonko Prostitute looking for water and pastures for their cattle. Such modes of life have negative results particularly in relation to schooling; it leads to truancy and, subsequently, to a tendency for students to drop-out.

In general, the district faces a variety of problems that are indeed a challenge in promoting the social and economic development of the district. These include poor roads or communication systems, and flooding--particularly in the northern parts in Kakonko Prostitute the district—leading to poor crop yields.

A major part of the district is semi-arid with very dry temperatures and unreliable rainfall. Aside from poor agriculture production, the net result of this is scarcity of water during dry seasons.

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