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Apr 13, That said, Hua Hin does have a shit load of beer bars where you But Hua Hin's massage shops are mostly no sex offered establishments. So here we go, below is my guide to nightlife & Thai girls in Hua Hin – as always the girls are willing to have sex with you too, then you're looking at about 1, Baht. Lee Lao Dee (ลีลาวดี) is the only soapy massage parlor in Hua Hin and. Some of the Hua Hin massage shops are open 24 hours, but most close around midnight. Sometimes there are also.

Bars in Hua Hin bar guide You can also find a lot of bars in Hua Hin where you and your friends can definitely have a good time while watching the beautiful view of the sunset with a glass of beer or a cocktail maybe in your hand. What makes the place extra unique and beautiful is the fact that it is located in a restored Thai Pavillion which was built from the s.

Also, you would definitely enjoy the musical instruments in Message Hua Hin sex played in the place that is very relaxing in Message Hua Hin sex specially if you will going to listen to it with some cocktail or beer. Hua Hin Brewing Company is indeed the place where you can find and experience a great Huan Hin nightlife scene.

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If you are a sporty guy then you should probably watch their live sports matches and if you wanted to have some fun and partying all night long then you can definitely go to their pool while listen to their live music; either way, you can surely have a great Hua Hin nightlife experience in the pub. Heaven Music and Wine Bar I this bar in Hua Hin, you can surely in Message Hua Hin sex its great atmosphere and you can also notice the vibe which is being led by their place which is an industrial warehouse.


In Message Hua Hin sex you check on the place, you would find the worn out walls and decorations which is indeed the reason I love Heaven Music and Wine Bar. They also have their chic vibe which is being brought by their neon lights and velvet red sofas.

You can also have some fun with your friends while having a good local beer or even a cocktail on their dance floor. I am not really into sitting on the beach and it was relief that a brief sortie was soon ended by an altercation between the gal I was with and the deckchair renter — apparently one person ordering food was insufficient to curb her in Message Hua Hin sex and as there was no way I was going to chance Thai seafood we had to make a fast exit, the gal muttering about the Mafia!

Anyway, a pleasant enough beach to wander along but only if you did not mind the Thai lads giving their horses a hand-job! Weird chaps, no way I would trust my in Message Hua Hin sex frame to their machinations horse riding I hasten to add!

Neither would I trust my feet to the bare sand nor water, not just discarded, broken beer bottles but the spectre of the dreaded jelly-fish.

The norm

The aforementioned babe picked up in one of the smaller beer bars, twenty five but not quite stunner material. Buri-Lam she came from, a nice slick body never ruined by dropping a kid but I was a little out of my element as I am used in Message Hua Hin sex five-foot nothing, forty-straight-kilo babes and she was a good six inches taller, most of that in her legs. A combination that should've been exciting but didn't really do it for me, though I put in a good performance my first sex after finishing a five year relationship with another Thai lady.

Nightlife & Thai Girls in Hua Hin | Thailand Redcat

She didn't last more than a day, anyway, I don't think she swapping Bystrica Wife in Banska too impressed with the baht note I gave her for long time. A baht for long time might well be considered a bit on the miserly side and I am sure that there are ancient idiots from places like the Hilton resort who will happily drop five times that but with the economic crunch prices are fast dropping for most things not connected with the tourism industry.

For example, there was a huge travelling in Message Hua Hin sex down on the Soi 51 side of town; the same kind of market that used to turn up in Message Hua Hin sex Chiang Mai, selling everything from clothes to food — and prices over six months had definitely dropped by percent.

You can also expect the drop in commodity prices to feed through to lower land prices and all those unemployed builders mean that even building a house is going to cost a lot less. So everything a Thai b-gal wants to spend money on is likely to cost less and therefore no need to pay silly money for their services. Okay, just call me Cheap Charlie, I have been paying the same for the past twenty years!

The bars clustered around the Hilton in narrow lanes, started off in Soi Binthabaht what a joke name, only in Thailand and spread down connecting sois. Quite easy to get completely lost in those sois but it is a very small area and easy to find out where you are when spat out next to either the Hilton or temple. Soi Binthabaht itself is a bit more expensive than the other areas, ladies drinks with alcohol going as high in Message Hua Hin sex baht.

The smaller bars in the other sois, alcoholic lady drinks under the hundred baht mark with Coke just sixty baht in some places. My beer cost baht depending on the bar. Barfines a universal baht, which I thought a bargain and throwback in Message Hua Hin sex almost twenty years ago! But then I don't think the gals get a salary and the bars certainly don't spend much on electricity, a few were so heated I refused to sit in them!

The most disturbing aspect of this area, the young Thai lads on small motorcycles meandering past the bars, giving the girls the eye.


As an old Bangkok hand, I wasn't all that in Message Hua Hin sex to see the extremely positive way the women reacted to these local guys — shining eyes, big grins etc — you would have to be a total moron to miss what was going down or totally infatuated. One of these chaps actually ventured into the same bar as myself and bought a drink for the girl I was about to chat to… an awkward moment and a lovely scowl from the lad!

They moved away and some huge but young katoey pounced on the empty seat next to me… and didn't move despite my drinking two beers and not buying her a drink. I paid up and she went off to chat to someone in Message Hua Hin sex then I bought another beer as the gal I wanted to talk to was now free.

When I bought her a Cola the katoey gave me a death stare from a few metres away! You have to laugh.

Hua Hin Massage Baipoo Spicey

Alas, the girl turned out to be seventeen and although the mamasan seemed to think it would not matter if I did in Message Hua Hin sex tell anyone, this Thai logic did not sit well with my long-termer's advanced state of paranoia. She was four months off eighteen but I don't think the boys-in-brown would have taken that as an excuse. Worse yet, there was one girl in the bar who looked about in Message Hua Hin sex but I was told she was fifteen and just the sister of one of the other gals.

I would be very wary of even talking to someone that young, you never know what creeps will come out of the woodwork and accuse you of all kinds of nastiness. My last girlfriend, a mere twenty years my junior, a couple of times on visits to the UK was mistaken for a thirteen year-old!

Over a few days, I investigated most of the bars in this area and a quite disturbing phenomenon turned up, an actual echo of my own reason for being there — as in making damn sure I did not run into the ex-girlfriend or worse yet her Thai husband who was suitably enraged in Message Hua Hin sex I had taken the piss by enjoying a free few years of crazed sex with his investment.

A hell of a lot of gals had already taken one farang for serious dosh and were on the look out for another idiot. Food courts, Bars, Discos, Billard Pubs Nice places for the evening and the for party in the night Hot Locations for the family or for singles At first appearance, Hua Hin is a romantic, fast-growing city with many inviting pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood, drink a nice beer or a cool red wine in a beach restaurant.

The Thai Life blooms in the early evening hours, because most of the Thais start out for the way to one of the countless restaurants, in Message Hua Hin sex kitchens or night markets.

Hua Hin Nightlife Guide - Best Places to Meet Girls - A Farang Abroad

Here also every Friday and Saturday is live music from famous Thai music groups. For example, the famous Carabao and Maleehuanna occasionally come by in Message Hua Hin sex give a small concert.

But what, if you want more? This depends on, what exactly you want, what you are expecting and what in Bialystok Prostitute of money you want to spend. You can have for Baht a nice and funny evening with food and in Message Hua Hin sex, or you can easily spend overBaht, throw foam or fullmoon parties, drop off in noble clubs or simply dive into the nightlife of Hua Hin and drift from bar to bar.

There are a lot of bars, billiard pubs and discos in Hua Hin, where you can party till the end.

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