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A bar in Blloku, the upmarket Tirana entertainment district where some pimps and prostitutes work. Photo: BIRN/Ivana Dervishi. to work as prostitutes in Italy, police in Tirana said on Wednesday. have dismantled a trafficking ring that forced women into prostitution in. Europe · Albania · Tirana County · Tirana · Tirana Travel Forum . by yourself, in the capital you will see women/girls (not prostitutes) at midnight and early hours.

Last year, both the government and parliament campaigned against a similar proposal from the national High Court. On June 25, the Constitutional Court sided with the politicians.

Coalition MARGINS | Sex Work in Albania – an Overview

It ruled in favour of keeping Article of the criminal code, which specifies that prostitution in Tirana Prostitute an offence punishable by a fine or up to three years in prison. Anti-trafficking experts argue Article is a great help to traffickers and pimps.

With the help of clever lawyers, what may start out as a criminal case of sexual exploitation often becomes in Tirana Prostitute case of prostitution.


Women get punished, men walk free. On the basis of ArticlePamela, a young woman forced into prostitution as child, was found guilty of a criminal offence and deprived of her liberty for 18 months. None of her clients or pimps has been convicted in Tirana Prostitute any offence.

Once she has finished her sentence, Pamela says, she will go back to prostitution. She does not feel she has any other choice. She plans to move to Belgium. Sex work is a free choice of those sex workers who engage in the business as a result of the very difficult economical situation in the country.

More Sex Work is in Tirana Prostitute in Albania. Before s this law was strictly enforced and it in Tirana Prostitute be said that commercial sex work almost disappeared during that time.

Police operation smashes ring trafficking women to Italy - The Local

After s, several developments occurred: A large number of families remained without the necessary in Tirana Prostitute means, in some cases suffering from extreme economic deprivation. The in Tirana Prostitute affected strata were the population living in the rural area, the families that migrated from rural to the urban area and some ethnical minorities Roma people and Evgjite community.

Many young girls from these population groups either become the target of human trafficking or freely decided to practice sex work in or outside the country as the sole way to obtain economic support.


According to the information from Albanian Lesbian and Gay Association, there are also male sex workers from Roma population or Gypsy community who practice street sex work. According to press reports they are mostly students — one newspaper article claimed up to female students in Tirana alone practice sex in Tirana Prostitute — girls from rural areas and other districts recently settled in Tirana and other big cities and CSW who in Tirana Prostitute from abroad.

They operate illegally and there are frequent media articles reporting police detecting brothels and arresting CSW.


Media reported police raids on brothels in Tirana and Korca in Little in Tirana Prostitute been done to estimate the epidemiological situation among CSW. Prostitution Legalization in Albania? That's right, again.

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Under the Italian occupation prostitution was a legal industry from to Women in Tirana Prostitute licensed in brothels. The first step toward legalization in Albania would be the annulment of the old communist law in Tirana Prostitute punishes the woman rather than the pimp.

Leaving these women caught between the ineffective trafficking laws and the harsh prostitution statute only guarantees their pimps the control to exploit them. The answer is to take the business away from the pimps, Ballauri said.

Legal prostitution is not a new phenomenon for Albania.

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