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Now you've got not only them, you've got in women Pilsen Coventry married looking property crimes guys, the gang crimes guys. Detectives from Area One were there. The brass was there because it was such a heater case My partner and I worked 36 hours straight. Burge had to send someone to his house to get clean socks and a shirt. He didn't go home. I don't know what Kristallnacht was like, but this was probably close.

One tip came from a body-and-fender man named Solomon Morgan. Jackie Wilson had called Morgan and asked him to paint his car and repair the grille. Morgan realized the Impala matched the description of the killers' car and called the police. Burge and his detectives closed in women Pilsen Coventry married looking on the brothers, who were moving separately from apartment to apartment on the south and west sides.

Burge, the first man through the door, arrested Andrew without firing a shot. Second District police arrested Jackie about three hours later, thanks to a south-side minister who passed on a tip from someone in his congregation. What occurred over the next 15 hours haunts the city to this day. After confessing, Andrew emerged from Area Two in such bad shape that a lockup keeper insisted he be given medical treatment. He was taken to Mercy Hospital, where a doctor documented 15 separate injuries before one of the patrol wagon officers pulled his women in Diekirch Nude and refused to put it away.

The doctor refused to continue, leaving the prisoner and the officer alone in the examining room. When the doctor returned, Wilson declined further treatment. The next day he told public defender Dale Coventry that he'd been shocked, burned by a radiator, suffocated with a plastic bag, and kicked in the eye and beaten. Coventry had photos of a huge in women Pilsen Coventry married looking on his client's thigh, parallel burns on his chest, and strange U-shaped puncture marks on his nose and ears.

Wilson said the marks came from alligator clips attached to wires leading to a hand-cranked electrical device. He said Burge shocked him on his genitals and his want fuck Preston that Girls to in with a second device that resembled a curling iron. Another prisoner in Wilson's position might not have raised his voice. He was a cop killer—most people wouldn't believe he'd been tortured, and many who did wouldn't care.

But Wilson testified under oath six times about what had happened to him. He identified Burge and detective John Yucaitis who has since died as the primary perpetrators but said as many as 10 or 11 officers had been involved in beating and kicking him, and that a female detective took part in the handcuffing that preceded his electrical torture.

Wilson claimed that he told assistant state's attorney Larry Hyman, chief of the felony review section, that he'd just been tortured; later in the day, when he took Wilson's confession with a court reporter present, Hyman failed to ask a prescribed question about whether the statement was being given voluntarily. That extraordinary omission might have aroused the curiosity of state's attorney Richard Daley and his first assistant, Dick Devine, but apparently it didn't.

And there was no indication that they cared to get to the bottom of Wilson's treatment when the Illinois To some Tryin Eyl in catch cock Court threw out his conviction and death sentence in At his second trial Wilson was convicted in women Pilsen Coventry married looking the confession, and the jury sentenced him to natural life.

Aside from the Illinois Supreme Court, no one paid much attention to Wilson's torture claims, but he kept making them.

Inwithout a lawyer, he filed a civil suit in federal court. Several in women Pilsen Coventry married looking assigned by the court to work on the case found reasons not to, and finally Wilson contacted the People's Law Office. Flint Taylor in women Pilsen Coventry married looking fielding the phone call, hearing Wilson out, and then discussing the case with the other lawyers in the firm.

You shouldn't be able to torture a guy. It seemed a doomed in women Pilsen Coventry married looking from day one—Wilson, a cop killer, armed robber, and home invader, facing off against Burge, who'd been decorated for valor in Vietnam, and three in women Pilsen Coventry married looking officers, all of them accustomed to the witness stand. Wilson cowered, looking like he expected to be hit at any moment. But there was a certain credibility in his telling of the story, in his attempt not to cry in front of the jury, and in the medical evidence.

Despite a brutal cross-examination by William Kunkle, representing the officers, Wilson scored points with at least some of the jurors. They couldn't reach a verdict on the primary charges, and judge Brian Duff declared a mistrial.

The defense offered by the officers in the second trial contradicted aspects of their defense in the first. An interrogation room radiator that was broken in the first trial worked in the second, and the expert who testified that Wilson hadn't been burned was jettisoned in favor of a jailhouse informant, a British con man who'd served time in seven countries and who testified that Wilson had confided in him in women Pilsen Coventry married looking he'd burned himself.

The jury came back with a confused verdict. It decided that Wilson's constitutional rights had been violated and that the city had a de facto policy of allowing police officers to abuse people suspected of shooting policemen, but also that Wilson hadn't been subjected to excessive force as a result of this policy.

Wilson appealed, won a third civil trial, and finally prevailed in He'd persisted in his suit even after it became clear he'd never see a penny in damages. Wilson's case was pivotal, not simply because he won it in the end but because of what it led to—the exposure of a torture in women Pilsen Coventry married looking.

In Februaryduring the first civil trial, one of Burge's colleagues began sending anonymous letters to the People's Law Office in police department envelopes. He or she in women Pilsen Coventry married looking the names of "Burge's Asskickers" at Area Two and said In women Pilsen Coventry married looking wasn't the only torture victim.

The tip led to Burge's eventual undoing. Jones also said he'd been given electric shock—as it turned out, nine days before Wilson's arrest. Even better, Jones had described in women Pilsen Coventry married looking experience in a court hearing seven years earlier.

According to the transcript of that hearing, Jones said Burge had asked him if he knew two men with the street names Satan and Cochise. I told him I have heard of them. I didn't know them personally.

What if anything did he say to you at that in women Pilsen Coventry married looking He said, they both had the in women Pilsen Coventry married looking treatment, you know. He was telling me what kind of guys they was as far as supposed to be being, you know, kind of tough or something, you know. They crawled all over the floor. The lawyers located Satan and Cochise, then serving long terms in prison, and they named other victims.

The list has since grown to names. Judge Duff wouldn't allow Jones's story into evidence, so it had no immediate effect on Wilson's civil trial. Yet without Wilson's suit, it's possible the Burge torture gang never would have been uncovered. Flint Taylor points out that even though PLO attorneys had already represented Phillip Adkins, one of the victims on the list, they'd had no reason to link the two cases because there were no abusing officers in common.

Not until the Melvin Jones tip and the list of "Burge's Asskickers" arrived, Taylor says, did anyone begin cross-referencing abuse cases at Area Two. As a result of the Wilson revelations, some made public for the first time in the Reader "House of Screams," January 26,the Office of Professional Standards reopened its investigation of his treatment in police custody. The two reports that resulted were groundbreaking. Michael Goldston, asked to examine abuse complaints in general at Area Two, concluded that abuse was systematic, included "planned torture," and was sanctioned by command level officers.

Francine Sanders, assigned to examine the Wilson case in particular, concluded that, yes, the killer had been tortured using electric shock. Sanders's report provided the foundation for Police Board hearings that resulted in Burge being fired. Testimony at those hearings provided the basis for the city's Ploiesti in Swingers clubs in that torture had occurred at Area Two.

If it weren't for Wilson's suit, it's possible that in Governor Ryan wouldn't have pardoned four Area Two victims who'd been sentenced to death. Of evil grain no good seed can come. Bear with evil and expect good. Evil gotten in women Pilsen Coventry married looking spent. That which is evil is soon learn't.

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The Persistence of Andrew Wilson

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Bombing of Dresden in World War II

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