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Poorer men would have to save up to buy a wife. Like houses in contemporary Dublin, the odds were heavily stacked against those just starting out.

Then there was "hymen-rebirthing" - a popular form of surgery in Japan. No bother. It was Ireland Naughty women in of the remark made by the Hollywood wit, who claimed he knew Doris Day "before she was a virgin". But it was also indicative of the hypocrisies of traditional societies. Still, men have had Ireland Naughty women in problems too.

A Catholic priest, reared on cold showers and brisk flagellation, recalled that his mother once cut the crotch out of a childhood photo of him in tight trousers. The priest, by the way, is now a sexologist.

Anatomy of Desire, a few anecdotes apart, was boring.


It didn't even have the deadpan absurdities of the nudists. Ganas was, if anything, an advertisement for monogamy, or at least stability at any given time, because even there, jealousy and rivalry about sex flourishes.

It did provide some intriguing history about why Ireland Naughty women in and rumpo are two sides of the same mattress. But common sense and a passable level of emotional balance allow most people to intuit the story. Promiscuity always has a price. What's new? Next up for nude week was Naked: Eighteen 'til I Die. The title didn't explain that most of the nudes Ireland Naughty women in closer to 18 stone than 18 years of age.

But the candid camerawork and easy interviewing of director Lucy Blakstad who made the splendid Lido for Modern Times a few years back did illuminate the relationships middle-aged people have with their bodies.

Mind you, beside this one, even tiresome Witness seemed like a festival of erotica.

By Lauretta

We heard and saw fiftysomethings talk about their increasing feelings of mortality; middle-age spread; becoming corrugated with wrinkles; even about the shattering arrival Ireland Naughty women in grey pubic hair. When he told us about his younger girlfriends being mistaken - genuinely - for his daughters, Ireland Naughty women in was, for a moment, difficult to Ireland Naughty women in whether to laugh or cry.

Of course, laugh won out easily in the end. Both men and women worried about their sagging bits and spoke about their efforts to slow down the clock. Facelifts and liposuction and "augmentations" sounded incredibly painful. Porsches and Calvin Klein underwear sounded sad. Fifty-year-old Mike, now that his physique has even less pulling power than his personality, has the car and the undies but he realises he's fighting a losing battle.

Next week the second episode in this fourparter looks at people in the prime of their lives. But this opener, focusing on people at an age when their expanding midriffs suggest that they'd be well-advised to shift from belt to braces, was at least human. At the root of much of the wistfulness about past youth was an undeniable vanity and a suspicion that a last chance at exhibitionism was also motivating many of the naked punters. Indeed, being nude is one thing - but being nude on television whether as a naturist, a warrior against sexual repression or a middle-aged malcontent - is a starker reality entirely.

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Snobbery, not sex, was the focus of Omnibus: The Ireland Naughty women in of Vanity Ireland Naughty women in. Using the hook that Thackeray's novel is currently being serialised on TV, the programme sought to examine contemporary ideas of social manoeuvring and celebrity.

Talking heads such as Max Clifford, Peter York and the thoroughly tacky Taki spoke about the social scene in s London. In fairness, there were a few perceptive remarks but too much reticence about doing a Vanity Fair on the current scene. Serious satire was called for here but only John Mortimer, smiling to himself, supplied it. All agreed that fame has changed the face of society in the last 30 years and that the 19th-century snobberies of title and estate count for less than they once did.


But we knew that. We also know that the relationship between fame and talent is not straightforward. Listening to Max Clifford explain how to push nonentities through the media was comical at one level and despair-inducing at another. Wannabes pay their vanity fares to Max and he laughs all the Ireland Naughty women in to the bank.

Sadder than middle-aged spread. This oozed genuine, heartrending sadness - not sadness in its contemporary usage Ireland Naughty women in a synonym for inadequacy. No group of people could have been more deserving of a tribute programme.

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The sheer horror and scale of the bombing were utterly monstrous and in a month when the phrase "Lest we forget" has a particularly acute resonance, the show was timely. Not that it was easy for any of the guests or, in fairness, for presenter Gay Byrne, to say much that was consoling or meaningful. But sometimes it really is the thought that Ireland Naughty women in and that was justification enough for this one.

There was, however, Bob Geldof's contribution and Byrne's agreement with it. Describing the bombers as "pigs" he would like to see "rot in hell", Geldof introduced a fundamentalist note to the evening. None of the people who had suffered through injury or bereavement expressed a similar sentiment.

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Irish men vs women: who is more sexy. Asking quirky questions at night in Temple Bar, Dublin.

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