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Ireland suck in Wanting to

Ugh, this place sucks. People have this weird desire to travel to Ireland before they die. Minnowburn, National Trust Site โ€” Belfast, Northern. Drinking you under the table: An obvious skill, but we Irish do do this better We' re the people you want to have around if the boat is sinking. Here are 11 annoying habits the Irish just can't crack That trend has also made it into our language โ€“ which like, totally sucks. Being five to 10 minutes late is considered on time so if you want to meet at 1pm, you'd be. Henrietta

For example: You know the one that yer man got me, that time? This can be extremely difficult to understand especially for Americans, who come from a country where lavish praise is awarded for the littlest of things.

14 ways Irish people have made English their own ยท The Daily Edge

Advertisement 5. Endless conversations about the weather British people are bad enough for this but Irish people take talking about the weather to a whole new level. Some luck!


An awful dose For English speakers around the globe, a dose is a measure of quantity usually related to medicine. In Ireland, it means a pain in the arse. Ara would you stop!

11 annoying habits Irish people have

A real puzzler for people of other nationalities. Giz a shot of that Sorry, a shot? A shot of what? They say hello, they Ireland suck in Wanting to, they want to give you a hand.

There was this one hot summer day in Dublin hottest day in 3 years when I took the bus and almost passed out because of lack of air and water. This young man approached me, asked me how I was and kept asking until I was able to give him an answer. Then he gave me his bottle of water and made sure I felt better. People do not know anything about turn signal lights, speed limits Ireland suck in Wanting to the difference between green and red light.

Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit but everyone is breaking the rules.


Even pedestrians just cross whenever Ireland suck in Wanting to get the chance and sometimes walk inbetween cars. In Estonia pedestrians wait behind the red light even when there is no traffic โ€” it would look ridiculous over there. Lots of green spaces Ireland is the Emerald Island and Dublin not doing so bad either. There are loads of beautiful parks where to have picnics and go on long walks.

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