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j blige kci Mary dating

Nov 9, R&B singer Mary J. Blige once dated Jodeci crooner Cedric “K-CI” Hailey. The two were in love and quite suited to each other. They were quite. Apr 2, K-Ci Opens Up About Tumultuous Relationship With Mary J. Blige: “I'm And then, K-Ci started to reminisce about double dates with Mary and. Apr 24, K-Ci tells his version of Life With Mary J Blige. Thread starter . Vibe: How did the two of you start dating? K-Ci: Mary had a lot of problems.

No, don't turn the page. Blige may be yet another celebrity who's turned to God after finding that millions of record j blige kci Mary dating and all the designer clothes money can buy left her feeling emptier than ever, but it took a near-death experience to get to this point.

'My boyfriend was trying to kill me. There were weapons'

In the past she has alluded darkly to having been "closer to death [at the hands of] people who say they love me than with drugs", but only recently has she felt comfortable talking about it. She only broaches it, though, after 45 minutes of unprecedentedly polite conversation. The most telling evidence of New Mary is her approach to interviews.

Formerly she kept hip-hop time, arriving either hours late or not at all. When she did turn up, weighed down by carrier bags from spendathons at Prada and Fendi, her attitude ranged from indifference to outright hostility.

If an interviewer was especially unlucky, as model-turned-journalist Veronica Webb was inshe'd ask them outside for a fight. It was this famous episode that prompted her record label j blige kci Mary dating send her on an etiquette course, where she lasted two days.

This January afternoon, punctual to the minute, she's purringly cheerful, extending a manicured paw and gesturing to the seat next to j blige kci Mary dating. She speaks briefly to her assistant about a doctor's appointment - she suffers particularly j blige kci Mary dating PMS, which explains the bluntly titled No More Drama track PMS - and regretfully pushes the chicken platter out of grazing range, explaining, "I'm trying to lose some weight I put on webcam model mexican Enkeli Christmas".

Then she turns the full voltage of her huge, copper-coloured eyes on you. She seems entirely affable, but her assistant further smooths the way by informing her j blige kci Mary dating I wrote a complimentary piece about her during her British tour. It had been the definitive difficult interview, her replies monosyllabic mumbles that stopped altogether when, attempting to inject levity, I asked, "Is there a Mr Mary J Blige?

At that point, her feelings about her musician father, Thomas, seemed ambivalent. Yet, perhaps grateful for his j blige kci Mary dating me how to hold notes, how to harmonise", Blige used to thank him on album sleeves. His name is absent from the extensive credits on No More Drama, however, suggesting he has been relegated to the past, along with certain "hellish" figures from her "spiritually dead" 20s.

They met early in her career, when the music press was still groping for a label for her innovative pairing of juddering hip-hop beats and glorious soul Sonbong Prostitute in it settled for "hip-hop soul" and she was still wearing the Yonkers uniform of baseball caps and unlaced combat boots.

The relationship was emotionally shattering, culminating in Blige's humiliation the day she announced their engagament, only for Hailey to deny they were j blige kci Mary dating involved. A fashion note: Given that she could have chosen from a wardrobe of white fur, gold leather and gem-encrusted jewellery, the lack of bling-bling is quite disappointing.

Her diamond-studded watch and black trilby, being relatively tasteful, hardly compensate. She giggles. As a woman, I don't think a mouthful of gold teeth and over-accessorising and long, long nails is very attractive. All these girls probably always wanted the blondest weave and all the furs.

She goes on, sounding a bit wistful, "I used to wear platinum rings on every finger and five gold bracelets j blige kci Mary dating each arm. It's like you have to be seen by everybody in the street, and I don't need that attention now.

Besides, you could get robbed. Would anyone actually rob the queen of hip-hop soul? It's obviously the silliest question she's been asked in years. She splutters with amusement and sips mineral water to compose herself. Whereas if I'm on Fifth Avenue with just one ring, they'll know I'm out shopping or whatever and leave me alone.

Blige, though, has kept it real without trying - frequently to her detriment regarding her choice of men. The strong bond that her fans feel exists between Mary and themselves comes of her having never really left the street in her mind. I'd be hanging out every night and getting high.

But I'm still writing and working with other artists. I've been behind the scenes here and there making things happen. I'm actually enjoying being in the background and out of the limelight. What is your response to j blige kci Mary dating new video that Mary is doing with 50 cent? That's crazy. After all this time she's making a video about me and her? I haven't j blige kci Mary dating the video.

But Daman Prostitute in heard about it. It's supposed to be about a time in our life when we were supposed to get married. I never said I was going to marry her. So you two were never engaged to jump the broom? Did you ever give her a ring? Yes I gave her a ring, not because I wanted to marry her. I gave her a ring after she came off tour and she kept hinting around that she wanted a ring. I never agreed to marry Mary J.

We never talked about starting a family or anything like that.


We were not as serious as people thought. So, she thought that the two of you were getting married? That was all in her head. I was young and living my life. I didn't want to be anybody's husband. I was young and living wild. I was celebrating everyday and partying and j blige kci Mary dating up with different women.

I wasn't ready to settle down with anybody. Mary knew hottie in Pedernales Single. She knew I cared about her but she also knew that I wasn't going to be tied down to her. She accepted that and continued to call me and come around me even at times I didn't want her around me.

I would tell Mary over and over to go and find a man that is ready to settle down and play hubby. J blige kci Mary dating had to have loved her at one point or another.

You guys sang together, did shows together. There had to be something. There was something. It wasn't what Mary wanted everybody to think.


She wanted the world to think that we were living a fairytale and all of a sudden I ended it. We cared about each other, but I wasn't in love with here. The feelings j blige kci Mary dating never mutual. We would do shows together and afterwards I wanted to hang out with the guys and party and talk to fans. Mary would go crazy. She would come up to my hotel and bang on the door, screaming and hollering at the j blige kci Mary dating of her lungs until I came out.

She would come up to me at parties and disrespect my company. I had to be careful because if she saw me with a woman she would try to start fights and put on a big show. It was crazy.

PART TWO: Why Mary J. Blige Is DONE Dating These Kinds of Men

Why do you think she was acting like this? There had to be reason. Do you think she was mislead to believe that you wanted to be with her? I don't understand how, because I told her all the time that I didn't want to be in a relationship with her. That still didn't stop her from calling and paging me and showing up at the studio drunk.

There were so many episodes. She was constantly embarrassing herself. Do you think the sex made her fall in love. If the feelings are not there, you have to let go and move on and work on building yourself.

You can't let good sex control your mind and control your emotions. A lot of men would have loved to be with her, but she was into me instead of being into Mary J. She turned down a lot j blige kci Mary dating guys because she thought they only wanted her for her money and fame.

She would cry about this all the time. Were you ever attracted to her. She is a beautiful women. Very stunning. I was attracted to her because she had so j blige kci Mary dating ambition. She would be in the studio for 12 hours a day. She was determined j blige kci Mary dating live her dream. That's what I was attracted to. Her determination and her drive is what motivated me. What about the physical? When you first saw Mary, what was your first thought?

She seemed very nice.

K-Ci tells his version of Life With Mary J Blige

Very down to earth. I wasn't attracted to her the first time we met. How did the two of you start dating? There had to be some kind of attraction between you and Mary. What was It? How did the two of you make a match? We saw each other at Uptown records several times before we exchanged numbers. I wasn't trying to get involved at the time. When we recorded a song for her debut album What's thewe had a lot of chemistry. We slept together. She enjoyed it.

We began hanging out at the studio. We became friends. We would talk a lot. She was very opened about everything. I respected her for that. She was honest. She would tell me the truth about myself. That's j blige kci Mary dating made me want to embrace her as a friend. She was a good friend, so how did j blige kci Mary dating fall downhill?

Jodeci's KC Recalls Turbelent Relationship with Mary J Blige - Lynne Haze

Mary had a lot of problems. She came from Yonkers New York. She was from a broken family and she still had to carry those issues on her back. She had low self-esteem. She was very insecure. That's the part of Mary I didn't like. She was a determined woman and she was serious about her career, but she had no self love. She would always say how much she hated her big feet. She would complain about the scares on her face she got from fighting girls around her neighborhood in Yonkers.

She wanted me to make her feel pretty. I couldn't. She was just a woman to me. She was just a regular woman. That was fine with me, but it wasn't fine with Mary. She didn't feel good about herself. Even with the clothes, j blige kci Mary dating hairstyles and the jewelry, she didn't feel j blige kci Mary dating. If you could go back and change things, do you think you would have married Mary J. Now that you are older, do you have a change of heart?

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