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long Maggie q dating justin

Maggie Q and Justin Long were reportedly an item in , when they were spotted making out at a party at the Playboy mansion. They co-starred together in . Maggie Q Breaks the Ice Ice, ice, baby! em>Live Free or Die Hard costars Maggie Q and Justin Long party for a cause on Saturday at the Santa. Commenced Dating: ; Date Engaged: October Maggie Q and Justin Long were reportedly an item in , when they were spotted making out at a.

I know! With a Vengeance! It was like having my own DVD commentary. Did you pal around? But he was always very nice to me.

Maggie Q Breaks the Ice | Justin Long, Maggie Q : Just Jared

I just think he maybe consciously knew that that long Maggie q dating justin sort of help our character dynamic. I think he liked you, but you were a big douche. That was a good story, though, that he maybe thought it would be good for your acting. DirecTV aside.

The norm

I much prefer the smaller, kind of more intimate… MQ: It lends itself to the work and the acting, and you can focus. On Die Hard, I worked with two groups of people, one director and one action director.


One unit and another unit, like I was making two movies. And two hours to set up the next shot. Ok, i have to ask: Did you see that?

Of course! It got into, like, Sundance.

Maggie Q flashes lingerie on date night with fiancé Dylan McDermott | Daily Mail Online

But as Larry Flynt. He made like two-fifty for Die Hard. Have you two hit a sort of happy groove at this point in your careers, maggie with action movies and justin with comedies? And you should see Balls of Fury.


As the issue of Maggie Q dating a long Maggie q dating justin man dominates the internet, some websites have named her one of Hollywood's home wrecker. Before the actress had a controversial dating history with Care, she also used to date several men in the business. There were rumors that she dated her "Naked Weapon" co-star Daniel Wu.

Inshe was also reported to be dating Daniel Henney.


Inshe had an on and off relationship with actor Justin Long who happened to be her co-star in the film, "Live Free or Die Hard". Another gossips regarding Maggie q dating Shane West, her Nikita co-star have spread in different sites on the internet.

Maggie Q Breaks the Ice

However, long Maggie q dating justin rumors of them dating shortly lived since photos of West dating another Nikita star began to spread in the net. Moreover, the action star that appeared in one of the Mission Impossible movie franchised hasn't been lately involved in a dating controversy. See Now: The U. Do not reproduce without permission.

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