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Li writes, sometime in midlife, and for undetermined reasons, he became infertile. Li remembers Mao saying after hearing the news. Mao, Dr. Li says, used women for three purposes, the first and most important having to Mao fuck in a I want with his pleasure. At Zhongnanhai, and wherever Mao traveled, Dr. Li writes, there were dance parties -- this at a time when ballroom dancing in China was deemed bourgeois and actively discouraged. Young women from cultural troupes or from the Communist Party secretariat, women who Dr.

Li says were "selected for their looks, their talent and their political reliability," came to the dances and Mao commonly chose one or more of them to be entertained in his room, or in his special train, or in the Mao fuck in a I want where he stayed when on one of his many "national inspection tours.


Li reports that the husband of one of Mao's girlfriends, for example, was a subordinate of Lin Biao, Mao fuck in a I want that she reported back to Mao on Lin's plot against him. Finally, Dr. Li says, Mao believed in the Daoist lore that sexual activity leads to longevity, or, at least, the Daoist lore "gave him an excuse to pursue sex not only for pleasure but to extend his life.

Li writes. Li recalls, Mao sent Mao fuck in a I want one of his sexual partners, a young woman who had come down with trichomonas vaginalis, which is sexually transmitted. Li treated her and several others who got the disease. Li said. When Dr. Li suggested that he take some antibiotic to protect his sexual partners, Mao told Dr.

Why are you getting so excited about it? Li, seemed related to his godlike status.


He lived virtually without regard to the clock, often sleeping during the day and, even when not sleeping, staying in his bed, remaining in his bathrobe for weeks at a time. He lived in rooms built near a swimming pool in Zhongnanhai and would often Mao fuck in a I want his closest advisers to see him well after midnight. Mao never bathed or even washed his hands or face.

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Li says that during the day his bodyguards went into the room and wiped his body, his hands and his face with hot towels. He never brushed his teeth, which Dr.


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