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Dublin: 8 °C Thursday 7 March, A fine looking woman. .. It's usually a little woman squatting with her arms under her legs holding her. Whether you are looking to familiarize yourself with the Irish culture or looking to translate website content, it's important to Would you look at that girl, what a ride! . It feels a little divvy to bury myself in covers like that. 75 jobs Search and apply for jobs in Dublin through Ireland's leading job site inheron.com largest home safety company. We protect over , homes and small businesses nationwide. We are currently looking to add Field Sales Representatives to our growing. .. Maintenance Handyman/woman · Experienced and.

Mank Insufferably gross. Giphy 9. Gobshite A gobby shite, aka a bit of a thick.

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Wootang01 Eejit Usually prefaced with feckin, an eejit is one of the most exasperated of idiots. Urban Dictionary Here, it means something excellent.


Like Savage the rapper, he is probably a savage musician. Wikimedia It was a thrill to see Dublin represented raw and real instead of sanitised and cosy.


Although Barrytown is fictional, it felt more real than many real settings in fiction. These days, I work in housekeeping in Trinity College.

I walk to work at 5. I pass the hour convenience store where drivers of taxis and buses and lorries gather for coffee. I walk by in great hurries, imagining them sorting out the world before it has gotten started.

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Men wearing headlamps unload crates of milk at a local primary school; a man in a shop-coat delivers bread to hotels and guesthouses; a newsagent unlocks a metal box outside his shop and takes out batches of newspapers. Vivian would love these secret errands and hiding places, but I feel she would make a nuisance of herself chatting to busy people.


On both sides of the weekend, people are still making their ways home from nights out. One morning, a young couple argued loudly and shoved each other before joining forces to scoop the coins out of the paper cup of a sleeping man.


Foddered — Eaten That last time I took her out, she picked from my plate until it was foddered. Jammers — packed full The pub was too jammers to order a in Toledo Slut plate. Poormouthing — when someone with abundance, feigns lack, then laments their plight I know because when I asked him to pay for small in Dublin for Looking ladies round, he started with the poormouthing. I could ate the twelve apostles!

Gas — funny So, I left her sitting at the pub just for a gas. Acting the maggot — being a jerk I tried being nice but she was acting the maggot. Langered — drunk I walked home alone, half langered.

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Bolloxology — messing around, goofing off, time wasting I ran into the boys on the street corner, just up to a bit of bolloxology. Drobes — bits and pieces Then Lionel slips in a puddle, and smashes his watch to drobes. Funny flour — cocaine When he wears his coat with the fur collar, he looks like a shaper selling funny flour.

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