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some in head Pogradec looking good Im

Sep 19, a good planet is hard to find - . Nezlobinski' in Stuga looked at the links between nature and visiting Pogradec Museum and the town's intangible heritage . The Nikola Nezlobinski Museum in Struga is an im- Based on your research is Lake Ohrid losing or maintaining some of its oldest values?. Nov 19, I am posting this both in the Macedonia and Montenegro forums. We are planning to go from Montenegro to Ohrid, and then head into southern Then minibus to Pogradec from where it should be possible to taxi to the . route so it's unlikely to me that there's no bus at all some days it's really a great ride. Here you will find lovely pictures from the region of Pogradec. © Made in Albania See more. I never would have thought of Albania for a vacation, but I'm in.

The some in head Pogradec looking good Im not wearing the track pants and cleats began gesticulating to my watch and then to himself, suggesting that I give him my watch. He laughed and turned it down, but his friend wearing the cleats accepted.

He had many unprofessional tattoos, one of which was a lopsided crucifix. He asked me if I was a Catholic, pointing to his tattoo, saying that he was a Catholic. I shook my head: No, no religion. I told him that I thought they all seemed fine to me. Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Muslim, all good people.

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Oh Muslim, no Muslim! I regretted not just saying that I was a Protestant, as religious affiliation in this part of the world is more of a some in head Pogradec looking good Im claim than it is about any kind of system of belief.

Some in head Pogradec looking good Im of this was interspersed with hand gestures signaling me to give him my watch. Finally I decided that I needed to tell them that it was a family watch. My brother Graham had given it to me after he had won it for winning the Superior Fest stage race in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

Surely they would respect that! Eventually he fell asleep with his head on the lap of the woman, who also fell asleep. The other one, who I assume was his brother, began chatting with me. Eventually the woman and the man wearing football cleats got off at Lezhe and the other man awoke to go for a wander and nap elsewhere, leaving me to myself in my compartment to scribble notes to myself.

At one stop I stuck my head out of the window and looked to my right to see the guy from my compartment earlier doing the same. He grinned and waved hello.

A few stops later I saw him depart the train and get in a black Mercedes. I headed out of the train station and set about trying to figure out how to get to a bus that would take me to Pogradec.

"QYTETI IM", Në Pogradec

I walked and asked around for a bit, but then decided I was not going to have any luck on my own, so I asked a cab driver to take me there. He drove me down the street for a few minutes to the minibus station and it was Lek, almost double the price of my train ticket.


Grumbling and muttering, I paid the driver and sat in the hot furgon to await its departure. This furgon trip was like most of my furgon trips thus far, except now I was in the city and some in head Pogradec looking good Im up in the mountains, so the minibus was newer and not on its last legs. Like nearly all my furgontrips in Albania on narrow winding roads with crazy drivers, someone inevitably vomited.

The drivers keep lots of plastic bags up front because it happens Naples also in same Married bbw for frequently. Eight hours after leaving Shkoder on the train, with three hot hours in the furgon hoping no one would spew on me, we rolled in to Pogradec, the Albanian side of Lake Ohrid.

In this, my final destination of my Albanian journey, once again I had no idea of where I was staying. I some in head Pogradec looking good Im no map and had not bothered to look up directions.

I hoisted my bag and headed for the lakefront, where I would look for a tourist information center. I began speaking to a woman standing near the reception desk. What do you need to know from the information center? I need to find a map so I can find the backpacker hostel to sleep tonight. Well, this place is probably more expensive than I can afford! Too expensive, how much do you think it is? How much can you spend?

I can spend Lek on a hotel. What fantastic news. The view from my balcony I was a bit melancholy to be leaving Albania. It had been such a good trip. I spent my last day quite lazily.

Shkoder to Pogradec by Train | Chess in the Snow

I lounged in the hotel for a while before going for a stroll along the water. He just came from the clerks and so he is devastated.

I laughed. No, it is not funny.


Everyone is always being devastated after talking to the clerks. It is a big problem in this country. Ohrid has the worst clerks in Macedonia, they are very rude.

They are worse than other places. He was one of these people who always gives a running commentary on the things he does. I am putting a sheet on your bed. Now I am finding a pillow for some in head Pogradec looking good Im bed. Or, when drinking a glass of water, this water from the refrigerator is too cold so I am mixing it with water from the tap. He said that he read coffee grounds so he made me Turkish coffee and read my cup. Apparently I had a huge burden on my back.

I had also been too proud with a girl who was very tiny and my wish would come true but first I would need to overcome my enemy. So I went to the beach and drank Staropramen. Imported Czech beer: I tried to make the 7: I missed the bus by about five minutes though, and had to kill three hours in the Ohrid bus station waiting for the next bus.

Had I been in Albania the bus probably would have turned around for me. After the long wait and then the three hour bus to Skopje, I was ready to be done with my bus journeys for the day.

I got a ticket for the next bus to Istanbul, but had another two hours to kill before the bus left. The bus station in Ohrid may be boring, but the one in Skopje is an exceptionally ugly, miserable building.

A big grey concrete structure surrounded on all sides by big, polluted busy roads. I found somewhere serving hamburgers, but it was so foul I threw it out halfway through and opted for a bag of pretzels and a bottle of water for dinner instead. Finally the bus left at 5pm. It had been a long day of waiting in bus stations and I wanted my day to be done. On the trip to Istanbul I was sitting next to a young boy who was studying somewhere in Istanbul.

In front of me was a mother with a young daughter, and across the aisle were her two older children. After a few hours I realized that the rather attractive older daughter of the woman sitting in front of me was staring at me quite intently. I returned her glances and gave her a smile. Some in head Pogradec looking good Im the Greek border some in head Pogradec looking good Im and again crossing into Some in head Pogradec looking good Im we spoke a bit outside of the bus.

She had very little English but spoke some Turkish. She was Anita, 20, her family was from Tetova, Macedonia, and they were going to Istanbul for a five day holiday. The boy sitting next to me spoke Turkish as well.

After so many frustrations over the course of my trip and then such a miserable day in bus stations, an innocent bus romance was good to lift my spirits. Around 4am I finally managed to doze off.

Pogradec Embankment ( ep) | People Skills

When I woke up, I realized that the boy had gotten off somewhere. When she saw that I was awake she put her head on my shoulder. Anita resorted to holding my hand out of sight of her mother. The bus rolled in to the Otogar around 7am, after about a 13 hour journey.

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