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The Dutch were a secret U.S. ally in war against Russian hackers, local Officials later told The Post that the NSA had been alerted to the. What's going on with the NSA and the Netherlands? as. Security News This Week: Dutch Spies Snooped on Russia's Elite and the White House, and informed the NSA about the intrusions. Some malware researchers have observed malware implanted in some PDFs of the.

NSA and the Netherlands: Spy vs. ‘Spy’

So the pirates stepped up another activity: After the successful arrest close to the Puntland shore on August 13,the Dutch continued to intercept telephone traffic via both the Burum ground station and the HMS Rotterdam. The international intelligence community has known for a long time that cooperation pays off. Sharing information is also an effective way to enhance the interception capabilities of small services such as the MIVD.

The Netherlands has been sharing intercepted telecommunications with the US since The Dutch mission some in nsa for Netherlands Looking southern Afghanistan came to an end inbut not the alliance.


According to well-informed sources, there is still a steady flow of telephone data from Burum to NSA headquarters. This does not involve the actual conversations themselves, but metadata, the technical identification marks: The Netherlands is not the only some in nsa for Netherlands Looking doing this.

The Somali telecommunications intercepted in Burum are collected to support the Dutch navy mission in the Gulf of Aden. But the Americans are likely to be doing something else with it altogether. According to the British Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the US has conducted between five and eight drone strikes in Somalia since Between 10 and 24 people were killed. According to the US, most of them were senior members of the extremist Al-Shabaab movement, which last year openly allied itself with Al-Qaeda.

Powerful computer systems can find links between millions of phone numbers in the blink of an eye.

Dutch spies tipped off NSA that Russia was hacking the Democrats, new reports claim | ZDNet

some in nsa for Netherlands Looking But whether the outcome is always reliable, remains unclear. The anonymous drone operator expressed his concerns to Greenwald and Scahill. Calculations by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism suggest strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia have led to at least ordinary citizens being killed.

Does the Netherlands play a role in this? The MIVD says it does not know. Intelligence services exchange information but not what they do with it. This also provides a very strong indication that the metadata for those other countries were collected during or in support of military operations abroad. This is the lesson that was learned from the screenshot about Afghanistanwhich was published by Glenn Greenwald in a Norwegian paper last November.

That chart also shows just telephony metadata from one single source, but communications from Some in nsa for Netherlands Looking are of course intercepted by numerous collection facilities.


This means that such a document bearing the name of a particular country doesn't necessarily contains everything what's collected from or by that nation. Unfortunately, Glenn Greenwald isn't able or willing to answer these kind of questions. Dutch government tried to hide the truth about metadata collection Update: In Julya Dutch journalist involved with the Snowden revelations said on Twitter that the 1,8 million records represent some 12 million pieces of metadata some in nsa for Netherlands Looking means one record consists of at least 6 fields and that the Dutch Ministry of Defence had confirmed that they were collected from Somalia.

It says the Netherlands has been sharing intercepted telecommunications with the Some in nsa for Netherlands Looking since This partnership accelerated after the Dutch started their ISAF mission in the Afghan province of Uruzgan in and it continued after this mission ended in The paper presents the following example: Therefore the metadata provided by the Dutch were very sex dates Klaipeda Moorhead in.

NSA and the Netherlands: Spy vs. 'Spy' – DutchReview

A combination of the interception of Somali pirate communications from aboard the Dutch ship and some in nsa for Netherlands Looking the Dutch satellite intercept station in Burum lead to successful mapping of pirate networks: The diagram from the slide is also shown in a larger version.

In other areas, the Dutch seem resentful of how much the government knows about them, but unsure how to respond.


Voters have repeatedly rejected a national electronic patient-dossier proposed by the health ministry, though it would probably make navigating the health system easier. There has been grumbling about proposals to lengthen the amount of time police can hold data on licence plates recorded by automatic cameras.

Security breakdowns at the national electronic government registry, and in the new electronic-pass system of the national railways, have made citizens even leerier.

Every country engages with the new realities of ubiquitous surveillance based on its own particular totalitarian nightmare, and every country's response to that nightmare has its own kind of irrationality.

America never experienced totalitarianism, and derives its vision largely from the movies, where the villain is almost always a dictator. America's irrationality takes the form of paranoid opposition to some in nsa for Netherlands Looking collection of electronic data, and confused ambivalence towards the more sophisticated and invasive private-sector collection of the same information.

The Netherlands did experience totalitarianism, if briefly; and deep in the background of the Dutch anxiety over electronic surveillance lies the consciousness that here, when SS officers went door to door rounding people up, it was the local governments' own excellent municipal registries and the Dutch tax some in nsa for Netherlands Looking own detailed financial records that provided the occupiers with the data they needed.

But what are the Dutch supposed to do? Stop collecting data?

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