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Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland is home to only people and it has no cars, trains, or buses for transportation. My name is Ruth Aaqqii, and I am the owner of "Outside Ittoqqortoormiit & Arctic Wool East Greenland", I'm so happy to know someone in East Greenland. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures! I just have to say that I 'm fascinated by your life choices and so glad you are sharing them on this blog. The place doesn't have a true port but just a bay where big ships could anchor. It will be helpful if someone with local knowledge could suggest us We arrived in Greenland, but despite it's name, it didn't look very green.

After someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just flight, you will arrive in Constable point Nerlerit Inaat. From Constable point you will venture on minute helicopter flight to Ittoqqortoormiit village. The journey from someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just point to Ittorqqortoormiit is a mesmerizing experience, as you will see the beautiful winter snow, overlaying the landscape. Your first sight of ittorqqortoormiit, will be just as mesmerizing as the colorful houses are spread across the land, contrasted to the white snow.

A local representative will meet you upon arrivail and transfer you and your fellow explorers to your guest house. The rest of the day is yours to create. Day 2 - Free time in Ittoqqortoormiit Ittoqqortoormiit is a little village and you can easily walk around and explore the streets yourself.

Walk in the snow between the houses and enjoy the view of the different colors. You might see the sled dogs relax between the houses, if they are not out on a journey - just remember to keep your distance from them, when the owner is not around.

During your stay you can have a look at the museum, the church, handicrafts workshop or just observe the daily life on your stroll through the village. There is also a possibility of various activities of your own choice. The next days will mention some of your options. Day 3 - Lots of Possibilities During your stay you can have a look at the museum, the church, handicrafts workshop or just observe the daily life on your stroll through the village.


Day 4 - Free time Dogsledding as an option In wintertime there are different options for activities in Ittoqqortoormiit and the landscape surrounding the village. You have the unique possibility to join on an dogsledding adventure out of the village.

Ittoqqortoormiit (and Qaanaaq) - Greenland Forum

You can either go by dogsled to Kap Hope, Kap Tobin, to the ice-edge, where the local hunters stay during seal hunt, or even on a two-days dogsled tour. The two day tour goes to Kap Hoegh and the area of Liverpool Someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just. They said they were coming back to village anyway. They told us, that just 3 days prior, a polar bear was spotted in the center of the village.


There was also a case in the past where someone was attacked on the road we were just taking. This confirmed what we already knew — we should not go anywhere without a gun.

Life in Greenland’s Most Remote Village

All three women were nurses in the local clinic. The youngest who was carrying the rifle was there from Denmark for just a few summer months. Another normally worked in a hospital in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, and came only for a short visit. The oldest of them was local and lived in the village most of her life. It was someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just who was the most excited about the yacht from Poland was visiting Ittoqqortoormiit.

Years ago, when studying in Denmark, she shortly visited our country. From them, we learned why the place seems to be so deserted. The night before there was a big family party which involved half the village as here, everyone is related to everyone else. It was also payday, so they were able to party till morning. Other residents who preferred a quiet weekend left the village for hunting. Before leaving the UK we arranged to hire a gun.

In the Arctic, you are required to carry a gun to protect yourself against polar bears. However, laws and airport regulations make it more and more difficult to travel with your own arms. The travel agency with whom we exchanged emails, confirmed it will be no problem to hire it from them. They were anticipating our arrival on the previous day. The nurse gave us the private mobile number for a girl working at someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just tourist office and rough directions how to find it.

We called straight away.

Winter in Ittoqqortoormiit | 8 Days | East Greenland

Again silence. No one answered the phone. We hoped they were just resting after the party. The gun was important but there were also other pressing issues. On board the yacht we had strict water restrictions. A thousand liters sound a lot but is not much for 10 people for 3 weeks.

There are ways to keep up personal hygiene without water like dry shampoos etc. While searching for the travel agent we also asked about a place to take a bath. We tried to get help and directions from locals, but this was surprisingly difficult.

Someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just teenagers were still in party mood and offered us a beer.

Ittoqqortoormiit – one of the world's most remote villages – PolarQuest

Others obviously someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just a strong headache and avoided contact with tourists at all cost. We were very hopeful when an someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just man stopped and greeted us.

There were a lot of children but somehow they were all playing alone without parents. The group of two Europeans and one Inuk distinguish stood out in this environment. They were definitely sober and more than happy to chat with us. Soon we learned that the Danish guys are social workers someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just were accompanying the man in his one week visit to family.

They all were very helpful. The local men also knew someone who could help us to find relatives of the girl from the travel agency. Soon we asked someone Ittoqqortoormiit looking in for real Just her in a shop just a few hundred meters away.

The old lady there called on her mobile, someone from the house where our travel agent lived. The White whale The white whale, also known as the beluga, is easy to spot thanks to its white colour. The Minke whale The minke whale is the smallest of the baleen whales and measures approximately 8 meters.

It mainly feed on krill and small bait fish that are abundant in the rich waters of Svalbard. The minke whale is black or grey on its back, white on the abdomen and is characterized by it dorsal fin. He made his first trip to Svalbard in and has returned every summer since then. Read his exciting story about life as a sea captain in Svalbard! Fourteen of the fifteen boys in my class wanted to go to sea.

Either in shipping or within fishing, and I knew I wanted to fish. Throughout my upbringing, I took every chance I got to accompany trawlers, and when I finished ninth grade, I was eager to go, but my parents made me wait. After graduating high school I did two years of shipping education. Per made his first expedition cruise to Svalbard the summer between my first and second year at high school. That expedition was the talk of the town! Sometime after graduating, a couple of friends and I bought our own trawler and spent ten years fishing in the North Sea and the Atlantic — from Iceland all the way to Morocco.

I quickly started working as a mechanic and later on as an engineer, navigating officer and finally captain on board.


So, working at sea has always been a dream of yours?

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