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2016 Croatian parliamentary election

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Civil society organisations in the field of culture have an important role, especially in the field of contemporary art. In the City of Rijeka co-finances programmes of 60 independent organisations in culture. The sector includes publishing, media, marketing agencies, software companies, design, etc. As 6 an illustration, there are 47 companies in the field of design and architecture in Rijeka.

Taking into account a rapid development of start-up companies, Rijeka has a significant potential for the development of a vibrant cultural sector. A new institution, Art-Kino was woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing despite the financial crisis. Valuable cultural infrastructure was given to the independent sector, free of charge. Further proof is a radical personnel policy, i. The results of this policy are visible. Zajc Rijeka. It was one of sex in for Battambang Just strongest responses to the devastating national referendum threatening to jeopardise the rights of sexual minorities; Rijeka and its region were among the few in Croatia that opposed that threat.

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art offered a new perspective to the inhabitants of Rijeka by confronting them with a unique performance woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing at the site of the city dividing line formed after World War II, in front of the socialist Monument of Liberation. Sculptures on the monument are located at a height that cannot be readily seen. Therefore, machine-assisted lifting of citizens to the level of the sculptures opened a completely new outlook on the city and levels of meaning.

Rijeka City Library is dynamic in questioning the boundaries and limitations of its operation. Within its premises senior citizens can use tablets, hundreds of them learn to use technology and feel the magic of the Internet for the first time.

At the football stadium of the most popular football club, a small library for young football players has been established. It is the only place in the entire country where people can use 3D printing services publicly and for free. Despite significant economic shifts, the port maintained a strong position in the economy of the city, encompassing a huge part at the very core of the city. Much of this is now being opened woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing a different kind of urban development.

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The port is a shared, magnetic notion with which all citizens of Rijeka still identify, despite the fact that modern ports, including the port of Rijeka, do not wield the woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing cultural influence woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing historical port cities displayed, where seamen became emissaries of cultural exchange, bringing global experiences, new vinyl LPs, new fashion and trends.

The historical port of Rijeka played a role similar to Internet, a global information hub which significantly shaped the spirit of the city.

Next to the photo of Rijeka, in all schoolbooks, there was always a sentence: This kind of natural pride sometimes generated political and military struggles, which we follow through the Flagship and fleet Seasons of Power. At the beginning of the 20th century Rijeka was the port of embarkation for hundreds of thousands of emigrants from Europe to North and South America.

We use these experiences of emigration to enrich the Flagship and fleet The Kitchen — a centre for creative migrations. We have done our best to respect the spirit of the port and its industrial heritage, while igniting new meaning and a new narrative: Traditionally, the port is perceived as a shelter, but also the locus of trade and international communication.

We live in a peer-to-peer digital culture, which can be seen as a pirate port but also a port of startup enthusiasm. And finally — the Port is a place of childhood dreams and fantasies, like the Circus or the Sports Arena. These dreams must be sustained on land, where city meets the sea.

However, the sea is not the only urban water. Rijeka is a city that thrived on fresh water; its immediate hinterland has an average annual rainfall of 3, mm. Our surroundings include dozens of fresh water springs. Water is both a strategic resource and a public good, one which provides woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing possibilities for woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing and environmentally responsible use. Extending from that — bio-diversity, that marks so clearly our surrounding landscape.

Islands, harbours, beaches, seaside towns, mountains, forest, sky. We have identified cultural and community projects which focus on our environment. The rapid, dominating industrialism that formed Rijeka during centuries has left challenges, concerns and natural opportunities. Our ports must be re-imagined. Our islands attract visitors who look for authenticity and service.

Our city is pierced by a river which both divides and connects. Rijeka is a city marked by water and named by water — a fluid city, both literally and metaphorically. Work As an essential human right, work has been completely transformed over the past two decades. Rijeka survived a collapse of industrial production and is now pursuing new paths of development.

In the s, due to the war and a catastrophic privatisation process, Rijeka lost almost 25, industrial jobs, as well as the status and identity of an industrial city. In the de-industrialisation processes, which affected many cities, especially Eastern European, the woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing strategy of turning towards the service sector did not bring expected results.


Rijeka has yet to discover its full potential in the sphere of intellectual and creative work. In these times of deep economic and social crisis, accompanied by high unemployment, existential issues arise: Will traditional forms of employment, stable spaces with full hours and rights, survive after ?

What will the position of employees be in science, healthcare, education 8 and other spheres of public interest? What fate can be expected for all who must adapt to a life based on occasional and temporary work? What will the position of employees be in cultural institutions?

Of independent artists? Artists, intellectuals, workers, activists, and other participants of the Ri: With work as a source of the Rijeka concept, an arena is opened for interdisciplinary connections with other spheres of social, productive, political, and creative activity. Migrations Rijeka is a city of political discontinuity, marked by numerous migrations both to and from the city.

Fortunately, the result is a tradition of tolerance as a fundamental value. During the entire 19th and 20th century, Rijeka as a strong industrial city attracted new residents, so it is no wonder that woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing be a Rijekan today means to live in a city with 22 national minorities, where daily papers are published in two languages until recently fourwith two constituent minorities, regular radio broadcasting in the Italian language and a Roma neighbourhood whose inhabitants are integrated into the working and social life of the city.

As in the past, Rijeka is woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing today as a liberal and open city which has always opposed discrimination.

With Ri: We are curious about both positive and negative differences. We understand that Rijeka, Croatia and all of Europe must prepare for future scenarios involving immense changes of population, increased mobility, physical and intellectual nomadism and transnational exchange. But Rijeka already knows this woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing. So many emigrated, through our port and from our countryside, some have returned, some have cared for their mother culture in other countries and on other continents.

We want Ri: We want to understand the tendency toward cultural nomadism and intercultural life-styles. Rijeka — Port of Diversity. Regardless of political will or democratic tradition, these values are never guaranteed but must be revitalised by each generation. It is precisely the true and constant danger of collectively losing sight of these values that makes them so valuable and so fragile. They must be defended seriously, strategically and culturally. Our Cultural Programme provides conditions for artists and citizens of Rijeka to defend and develop these values.

They are challenges on which the future of Rijeka and Europe depends. Contribution to the longterm strategy 1. What are the plans for sustaining the cultural activities beyond the year of the title? Rijeka already has a woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing strategy with outlook beyond The — Strategy of Cultural Development of the City of Rijeka the Strategyfollowing a broad public debate, was in Blind Montana date by the City Council on 19 March The seven-year period was chosen woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing two reasons.

Second, Ri: Core values The Woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing explicitly affirms culture as a sphere of public interest for all Rijeka residents, paying particular attention to increasing the accessibility to culture for all, and in particular to the most vulnerable groups of society: Culture does not belong only to some specially designated, selected groups; on the contrary, it is a public good that belongs to everyone.

They can be grouped in four main goals: However, we view this project not as an isolated one-year event, but rather as the crown of all our efforts, investments and changes to be made in our culture in the coming years. This means that our activities undertaken within the Ri: By presenting its candidacy, the City of Rijeka also undertakes to continue to offer support beyondfinancially and in other ways, to artistic projects and their operators who prove most successful in the framework of the Cultural Programme.

To this woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing, new line items will be created in the city budget for cultural education and creative industries. Given that Rijeka is also the cultural and administrative centre of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, strategic guidelines for the cultural development woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing the city largely overlap with the long-term vision of the County.

If Rijeka wins the title, Rijeka Tourist Board will have a key role in the promotion of the city and all relevant activities. We expect the title to seriously boost our trajectories of growth The candidacy of the City of Woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing is motivated by a desire to increase the pace. With regard to cultural development, the title of ECOC will undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality, diversity and accessibility of the cultural offer, and strengthen the cultural and creative sector.

High quality programmes enable Rijeka to present itself to the European public in the best possible way, increasing international recognition as a cosmopolitan city. Moreover, this will also increase the reputation of Croatia as a member state. Renovation and expansion of cultural infrastructure, revitalisation of the old historic centre, creation of new cultural quarters and woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing creative hot spots in our county — these are just some of the planned long-term effects on the cultural development.

This will stimulate greater interest woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing the arts and in European cultural heritage and contemporary works. By bringing art and culture to children and young people, we cultivate new audiences. We increase the participation of existing audiences by inviting them to take an active part in the programme.

During the preparation and execution of Ri: Strengthening the creative industries will improve conditions for the development of new products and services. This will also contribute to better cooperation with the private sector and the University of Rijeka. The title will have a positive impact woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing an increased quality of tourism.

Rijeka is not suitable for mass tourism. The focus is on cultural tourism. Increased tourist visits after will be one of the criteria for evaluating the success of the project. With regard to social development, our starting point is a vision of the city as a space of communion, reduced social inequality and social cohesion.

We pay special attention to the inclusion of marginalised citizens, people with disabilities and other vulnerable social groups. With regard to urban development, the title will strengthen the importance of public spaces, enhanced by artistic interventions that encourage direct interaction between artists and citizens. Urban areas become spaces where artistic projects are created in collaboration with the local community, ensuring their sustainability beyond In particular, the following questions could be considered: The approach of the Ri: We will set up a structure with four core components: Independent Evaluator — based on a public tender, the City of Rijeka will commission an independent evaluator to implement a five-year evaluation programme — Independent Evaluator will be responsible for developing and conducting research, monitoring and evaluating the impact of the title year, including the development of baseline studies and surveys.

University of Rijeka — with the aim of increasing the capacity of the University of Rijeka in research and teaching programmes for culture and arts, the University will carry out the Research Fellowship Programme and Open Access Programme.

The Panel will provide advice and assistance to the Rijeka Agency, University of Rijeka and independent evaluator. A series of coaching sessions led by the members of the Advisory Panel will be organised in the period — Concrete objectives of the Ri: Integrative Research Programme — all research projects will be developed within the framework of seven thematic clusters. The Programme will start three years before the event and provide baseline data and targets for monitoring and evaluation.

Knowledge Woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing Programme — a series of coaching sessions for the evaluators will be organised by the Ri: Research Fellowship Programme — doctoral and post-doctoral research opportunities for domestic and international scholars will be organised in order to expand participation in the Ri: We build on the capacity of the University of Rijeka and foster the development of a new generation of cultural researchers.

Open Access Programme — in order to insure free and open access to all data and materials generated during research, and secure an interactive channel for dialogue with citizens and participants during the evaluation process, the University of Rijeka will carry out a sub-programme of archiving and managing research data in on-line and off-line environments. The Open Data Access will be developed as an e-platform and all the materials will be published under Creative Commons licenses.

Public Access Points with interactive displays in public spaces will secure open communication with citizens, offering them participation in the evaluation process and informing them about the evaluation results.


Various state and public agencies collect data that will be used for evaluation and monitoring purposes. However, a large amount of such data is fragmented or collected with different aims. Therefore, baseline studies will be developed within the framework of seven predefined thematic clusters by combining secondary data analysis, results from existing and additional survey research. We approach the evaluation and monitoring from an assumption that research methods are performative.

They do not just reveal facts but also recreate social worlds by responding to different needs and values of various stakeholders. By developing complementary methods we cover a wide range of effects, including intrinsic cultural impacts as well as woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing on economic, social and environmental fields.

We will use and combine appropriate assessment methods, such as case studies, mapping, focus groups, surveys, secondary data analysis, interviews, observations, etc. A special stream of our research is designed within performing social science traditions e. Such innovative use of the research adds additional value, it fosters a sense of belonging, casts the local population as co-producers of projects, fosters a sense of local ownership and provides material for stimulating both citizen and woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing enthusiasm.

Following the recommendations of the European Capitals of Culture Policy Group, in order to secure comparability in measuring the woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing, we will track and monitor data within the Ri: We will focus on two dimensions of success: The Ri: But, success will also depend on value created for the citizens of Rijeka and the region. What When Outcomes Who and how: European dimension 2. Work, Water and Migrations, we identify three common and essential challenges in the European landscape.

Rijeka is a medium sized city, with a woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing port, a long and sometimes bloody history and a rich industrial heritage. Rijeka is a city on a river, surrounded by mountains and seascapes. As a coastal city at the edge of Europe, we share these traits with many cities throughout Europe. Rijeka is a city rich with artistic quality, an active, critical audience and a recognised power of initiative. We have a proud industrial heritage, a proven capacity to invent and produce both goods and ideas.

We share a healthy distrust for incompetence. We therefore respond to both challenges of becoming a European Capital of Culture: Ethics in woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing meaning of a participatory, diverse and inclusive Programme, focusing on citizen engagement and identified needs.

They break through our local blindness and vip in Blue girls Fuck habits. Rijeka has made firm agreements with cultural and learning institutions, with citizen initiatives from cities and neighbourhoods in other European countries. These transnational exchanges re-ignite our capacity to imagine and implement serious programmes of cultural inclusion.

Rijeka has the capacity, the space and the hungry audience to support high artistic encounters with contemporary masters. We understand, preparing our Bid, that continuity is a necessity. This is central to our heavily focused European direction. Everything tells us that interdependence demands patience and a will to learn.

So we have hand-picked our relations with European networks.


We have concretised what input we need and what exchange can take place. We turn Rijeka into a crossroads of European cultural partnershipping, with defined objectives.

The experience of shifting contexts, of adapting and expanding, is built into the history of our people and our city, as well as into the fabric of Europe.

With our Flagship Kitchen, we establish a centre for creative migrations, where these experiences can be shared, illuminated, revealed. A number of collaborations with European centres for migration policy, refugee reception and special projects are comfirmed. We attempt to change the rhetoric of mobility, exploring the advantages, enrichment and distillation of intercultural societies.

So we turn to Europe for outlooks and insights. Local associations at one end of Europe are confronted with experiences from another; shared traditions and concerns form them into acts of cultural exchange, shared at the Festival of Neighbourhoods. It is in the eye-to-eye meeting between widely different realities that our curiosity and our self-reflection are awakened.

We will engage with architects, city planners and activists throughout Europe in order to calibrate the appropriate balance between tradition and modernity, between development and heritage protection, both natural and historical.

European cities know these challenges. Finally, if there are themes that woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing bind European cities to one another, they centre on work, unemployment and economic security. The Flagship Dopolavoro focuses on both work and non-formal work, on free time and the pressures of woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing. By sharing approaches, studying creative start-ups, developing co-working initiatives like RiHub, practising cooperative ventures and sharing with similar initiatives in other cities, we build an experiential base on which to form an integrated and flexible approach for woman Seeking in Rijeka an outgoing work forms.

Name the transnational partnerships your city has already established. The four co-productions, placed in exciting temporary arenas for largescale performance, will bring high quality theatre and opera creation to the critical Rijekan public.

But they also expect to attract, each season duringa large number of visitors as highpoints of our Cultural Programme.

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