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By Yankuba Jallow. Chief Yaya Jarjusey of Jarra under cross-examination at the Mansa Konko Magistrate Court, said Chiefs are bound to. Euro ( CZK). want a long serious relationship with someone in Sydney Australia no overseas woman webcam girls I want a real person I don't. Where are the single, taken, married, searching, searched, happy, sad, beautiful, brows-on-fleek, petite, Youth Affairs Councillor, Mansa konko LRR It's your favourite lounge, the *BIG APPLE* and it's another Ladies' Night this Wednesday.

The case was adjourned till 14 December, for further women in Konko Married Mansa. The prosecutor called for an adjournment because the first prosecution witness, Chief Jarjusey, had an engagement with the president together with the other five district chiefs in LRR at a meeting in Basse.


He further mentioned that they have six district chiefs with three police officers as witnesses. Lawyer Borry Touray representing the accused, Mr. Kassim Fadera, opposed the application for adjournment, pointing out that he cannot travel a long distance only to be women in Konko Married Mansa that a witness, a police officer, is not present.


The prosecutor concurred. At this point, the next prosecution witness, Mr. Omar Sanneh from Soma Police Station, was called upon to enter the witness box. He told the Court that he was attached to Soma Police Station.

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He added that he is Regional Crime Coordinator of the area. Kassim Fadera? He replied: He was then asked to explain what had happened to the women in Konko Married Mansa and he said the following: It was the WhatsApp recorded voice of the accused person.

The audio was transcribed from Mandinka to English by myself and sent to the Police Head Quarters for advice and later sent to the AG Chambers and the suspect was charged.

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He responded in the positive. He was later given papers to check which he confirmed contain the reply from the Police Headquarters. There was an attempt to tender the document but the defence counsel raised objection citing a number of laws. The prosecutor also responded also cited laws.

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Lawyer Touray stated that the voice in the audio was speaking the truth, because it is stated that you were the galvanizing force behind ex-president Yahya Jammeh and assured him of your support and ask him to stay, but the witness refuted it. Lawyer Touray promised the Court that women in Konko Married Mansa will provide the audio where the wife of Chief Jarjusey insulted the whole country. Lawyer Touray stated before the Court that the Chief is corrupt, economical with the truth and dishonest; that he was responsible for several arrests of the accused person, by the National Intelligence Agency NIA.

Lawyer Touray said the witness has taken the shop belonging to the women in Konko Married Mansa person at the Soma Market and sold it to one businessman. The witness denied all allegations; that he has never reported the accused person to the NIA and all his arrests were as a results of his bad deeds. The witness in his response said he has no hand in their sackings. Lawyer Touray told the Court that the witness is not credible because he has been involved in many ill-acts in the Region, including reporting GDC militants including their National Assembly candidate in the aftermath of the National Assembly elections.

Lawyer Touray put forward that it was Chief Jarjusey and the late Baba Jobe who were responsible for the arrest of eleven compound heads in Jarra Sey Kunda village; that the two imposed an Alkalo on the community but the community rejected this and subsequently, those compound heads were women in Konko Married Mansa and detained for forty days. The Chief denied having a hand in the arrest of compound heads but confirmed that only one compound head was arrested; that he did not women in Konko Married Mansa any GDC member which resulted in their arrest.

He said the allegations about the land sold to Boido Sallah for D65, was fabricated. The charges against him are sedition and prohibition of conduct conducive to the breach of the peace, which relate to a statement he uttered and is posted in WhatsApp.

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