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Sex & dating in New York City: Time Out offers New York's best guide to date Locals lay bare their kinky, out-there and cringeworthy only-in-NYC sexcapades. Get New York local news and breaking news for New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut and New . From sex parties to masturbating at work and threesomes, we asked New Yorkers wanted to know about sex in New York City (but were afraid to ask) We polled hundreds of locals from more than 50 neighborhoods in all.

Best Underground Sex Clubs in NYC - Thrillist

Labyrinth Midtown Geared mostly toward straight couples, Club Labyrinth is known for its rotating theme nights, like Menage a Trois Monday, Cuck and Bull Wednesdays, and other naughty themes.

The parties are for couples or singles and the location is kept secret until you RSVP on the site. Submit Various locations These monthly Friday night parties bring together women and York Sexy locals in folk for a night of 50 Shades of Grey without the obscene level of cheese.

The BDSM-themed parties, which are open to BDSM players, exhibitionists, voyeurs, and anyone who York Sexy locals in under LGBTQ umbrella, so long as they identify as a woman, come complete with a shower, slings, a cross, bondage set-ups, peep holes, and more. Bowery Bliss Nolita Bowery Bliss is a classic swingers club -- no bells, whistles, secret passwords, or photo uploads. The club is open to all couples looking to play, swap, or make new friends.

The surprising, dirty and occasionally public ways New Yorkers are having sex now

Anyone and everyone are welcome, so long as they are over Saint Venus Theater Various locations Saint Venus is a password-protected, members-only, roving non-strip-club. While they will NOT strip for you, the dancers here will give York Sexy locals in dances. But absolutely no touching or you will not be invited back.


Chemistry Williamsburg A laid-back but still decidedly sexy affair, York Sexy locals in is the sex club for those that need a little help easing their way into the idea of a sex club. A mix of sexy performance and live music, this monthly soiree makes sex partying feel shockingly comfortable.

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You need to subscribe to gain access, and the site is totally SFW. The events themselves, however, are not. Fifteen percent of you wish your partner were better at oral sex, while 22 percent long for someone more adventurous.

Forty-seven percent, to be exact, including these folks: She was gorgeous and horny as hell because her husband lost interest in her. She lived York Sexy locals in a bit, and one day York Sexy locals in was going to be in the area on business, so she invited me over for lunch.

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She came to the door dressed in a short skirt and flimsy blouse. We started kissing and made our way into the dining room. I banged her right there on the table.


We managed to have lunch, too. Seventy-nine percent of you have had sex in public. Speaking York Sexy locals in those: During a best-out-of-five air hockey match at Ontario Bar in Williamsburg, I bet the guy I was playing a blow job if he won, and an eating-out session if I did.


I lost the first two games, won one, and then he clobbered me. Then I blew him in the bathroom. She got drunk too fast, and the party ended early, but I was still having fun, so I stayed at the bar with a few people. The bartender and York Sexy locals in kept talking, and it got later and later.

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