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Touts attempted to direct the passers-by into the nearby restaurants where they could sit and Humahuaca Prostitute in the spectacle. La Boca is alive with the daily sounds of the tango, the world famous dance that originated in this old port section of Buenos Aires, the Argentinean capital. It is well-worth visiting! On a recent visit to Argentina I found the colourful streets of La Boca fascinating. La Boca translates as the mouth of the rivera natural place for a port.

As the story goes, the sailors painted the old wooden sailing ships in the harbour and any left-over paint went home for use on their nearby dwellings. Humahuaca Prostitute in the sailors were poor they welcomed any paint which meant that walls and houses often had a variety of colours.

Hence it, the tango has a dubious history and it was only when the Parisiennes took to it that the tango became the dance inextricably linked to Humahuaca Prostitute in.

I visited La Boca on a bicycle tour which is a Humahuaca Prostitute in pleasant and un-demanding way to see Buenos Aires, a largely flat city. Cafes, street art vendors, dancers and the inevitable T-shirt shop were evident, with the colours of the local and famous, as the club of Maradona Boca Juniors Football team most prominent.


Nearby San Telmo was certainly worth a visit as we cycled our way back towards Retiro and the Microcentro. Its hundreds of small shops are crammed with antiques and curios. Buenos Aires is an easy city to get around, with city buses, an extensive underground and Humahuaca Prostitute in train lines all running efficiently.

On our way back, we stop to check Humahuaca Prostitute in a geological curiosity, Pozo Los Animas. A must see!

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After a long day, it's restaurant time and we decide to give the Parilla another try at El Quincho de Mario, recommended by Lonely Planet! Although it looks good, Big mistake: One interesting thing about restaurants in Argentina, first of all, Humahuaca Prostitute in that most people do arrive after 10 pm and most of Humahuaca Prostitute in time, with the kids, no matter the age It certainly would not be acceptable in restaurants in France, but here, it is absolulely part of the culture.


We have seen it all around Argentina, sofar and no clients Humahuaca Prostitute in, the waiters are also eager to take care of the little fellows and provide high chairs, when required. That evening, I decided that I needed to eat some green and opted for a vegetarian dish. In my mind, Humahuaca Prostitute in goes with healthy. Another mistake, I saw a zucchini dish arrive, but Just thinking that Alain wanted to add some French fries, we would have had another balanced meal!

We leave the following day towards Mendoza. We have now driven kms on Ruta The day comes to an end, the local campground in San Carlos is closed and we don't know where to Humahuaca Prostitute in.

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Once again, we decide to ask the locals. I see a nice little house on the side of the gravel road, an elderly man watering his plants and I ask Alain to stop.

With my best ''Castillano", Humahuaca Prostitute in give a twik to my usual story by stating that the camping is closed which is true: He does not seem to understand and soon Humahuaca Prostitute in back with a lady.


It has been more difficult than in Chile to be accepted on their property and we Humahuaca Prostitute in afterwards, that it was for security reasons. They will warn us later against Buenos Aires, Mendoza However, now that they have accepted us and opened they door, they open their heart! They all want to make sure that we are okay, introduce us to all of their family members. Humahuaca Prostitute in allow us to put our table under their patio, use the table, we have access to our own washrooms and welcome to take a shower the following morning.

Thank you Maria and Jose! We are so lucky to meet people like them!

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We will stop at a Bodega: Francois Humahuaca Prostitute in, who owns different wineries throughout the world! We will then decide to visit the Bodega Salentein owned by some Hollanders. They started their winery in and built the main building in The size of the wineyard is hectares, Humahuaca Prostitute in on three different altitudesand m a little mind buggling for any French person The humidity is controlled within the buildings and the temperature is stable at 12 degrees.

They mainly grow Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

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