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in Just need Al Ayn servicing

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Once you have entered the destination of your shipment, ParcelABC will generate the offers, you will select the most acceptable option, enter the in Just need Al Ayn servicing, make payment and wait for the couriers: Not a day will pass, and the consignee will be delighted to receive the so-much-awaited shipment.

You are to receive a door-to-door delivery service — securely, reliably, swiftly. Thousands of international and local carriers shipping agencies able to handle both large and small shipments are all brought together into the international shipping platform ParcelABC. The whole world at hand, the door-to-door service, and no contracts.

ParcelABC selects the most reliable couriers and ensures that urgent shipments to Al-Ayn reach consignees on time. With its innovative shipment delivery proposition, ParcelABC is demonstrating the art of contemporary logistics.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur with a daily need to send commodities or documents to many countries? Or maybe your activities are associated with in Just need Al Ayn servicing manufactured goods to customers around the world? How much does parcel to Al-Ayn cost?


Parcels to Al-Ayn do not have a set price, so, should you want to find out how much delivery of your package would cost, contact us individually. The most convenient and fastest way to do it is to fill out a special form in our website.

Send a parcel to Al-Ayn

Our system will offer several alternatives, alongside their prices, from them you can choose the one that is best and most convenient to you. The price presented includes all transport-related costs, so you can be sure there will be no hidden fees.


Parcel delivery to Al-Ayn cost is impacted by these factors: How long will it take for parcel to arrive at Al-Ayn? Usually parcel to Al-Ayn is delivered in 9 days. While aiming for manifold client awareness, we are providing the opportunity to track in Just need Al Ayn servicing parcel.

Publications which Al-Ayn sells, with the profits to the orphans. General donations, both financial and in-kind. Other religious dues such as Zakah and Fidya and Kaffara.

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Orphan Sponsorship Once registered with Al-Ayn, orphans are eligible for a basic level of monthly financial support 50, Iraqi dinars. In order to facilitate for donors to receive the great reward of orphan sponsorship, Al-Ayn also operates a private sponsorship scheme.

Under this scheme, sponsors are matched to one or more orphans, for whom they provide a monthly financial sponsorship amount.

Al-Ayn takes responsibility in Just need Al Ayn servicing delivering the amount to the orphan swith no deduction, and visiting the families regularly to ensure that the money is being spent well.

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There are four types of orphan sponsorship, as per the table below: In order to sponsor an orphan, donors can contact Al-Ayn directly to obtain an orphan sponsorship form.

These boxes are patented in Iraq. Money placed in these boxes is considered to have been received on behalf of the needy orphans, according to the permission of the Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Al-Sistani ha due to his general guardianship over them. Hence money placed in the boxes is immediately considered Sadaqa before physically reaching the needy orphans. Boxes can be collected from any of our branches or offices, in Iraq and internationally, and money placed in the boxes is in Just need Al Ayn servicing to support the orphans in Just need Al Ayn servicing by the Foundation.

Continual Charity Al-Ayn currently manages seven completed Continual Charity Projects Sadaqa Jariyawith nine other projects in progress and eight projects planned to commence soon. These projects consist of buildings, lands and houses, endowed as waqf for the benefit of the orphans registered with Al-Ayn, with the custodian of the waqf being the supreme religious authority in Najaf, Al-Sayyed Al-Sistani ha.

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