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Shutterstock Oliver Gee 15 October But what about expat men? Our Deputy Editor Oliver Gee has been living here for four years and takes on the topic with some of his foreign friends. Beautiful women.

Ten things expat men notice in Sweden - The Local

Every single expat male in Sweden who I talked to said in Looking Sweden womentoinght for same thing first. The beautiful women. Shallow, sure.

But noticable, definitely. Swedish women are just extremely attractive, there's no denying it. But it comes with a downside. I remember sitting in an Uppsala student bar when a fellow expat said to me: Look at the women in this bar - they're stunning. And you know the worst thing? I didn't even notice.

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I'm totally used to it. Handsome men. Perhaps in Looking Sweden womentoinght for, the second-most common response to the question was that Swedish men are good looking.

It's true too. Surprisingly, the expat men I talked to tended to mention things about Swedish guys more than Swedish women, for better or for worse. Plus summers in Sweden can be glorious — summer nights are long throughout the country and you even get the midnight sun up north — and many of the beaches are fantastic.

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Volvos are safe, understated, and they drink too much. Like a true Swede, you could joke. Despite now being under Chinese ownership, Volvos remain very much in the hearts — and on the driveways in Looking Sweden womentoinght for of the average Swede.

Saab, the other brand that once accounted for similarly large percentage of car sales, has disappeared from the list altogether, having collapsed despite frantic efforts to save it in Considering that old Saabs are known to run for 1 million-plus kilometres, they should be on the roads for a while yet, anyway.

Volvo 8 Sweden is expensive When I moved here in it was a shock to find that most things cost about the same as in the UK.

But the value of the Swedish krona SEK has risen again in recent years, so yes Sweden is expensive in Looking Sweden womentoinght for the average visitor.


When I set up as a in Looking Sweden womentoinght for trader, I nearly choked on my crispbread when I found out that the taxman would take about 50 per cent of my hard-earned cash.

But I have to admit that I am a big fan of high in Looking Sweden womentoinght for — because I think I get value for my money.

The streets are clean, healthcare and higher education are essentially free, and childcare is reasonably priced. Like they say, you get what you pay for. Fika is the ritualistic coffee break Swedes take every day be it morning or nightwhich is usually considered incomplete without a pastry. Although our Nordic friends do appreciate a good caffeine-high, fika is more about in Looking Sweden womentoinght for then stuffing your face.

This break in the day is used to catch up with old friends or to get to know new ones. Imagine my surprise while strolling through Stockholm as I saw countless young fathers pushing their cherubic blonde babies around in strollers prams, as the Swedes would say and, gasp, taking on their share of familial labor.

Sweden consistently ranks high when it comes to gender in Hard Prostitute, and unsurprisingly, is also named one of the happiest countries in the world every year. Swedes are accustomed to the cold and dark Photo courtesy of Taylor Trah Although most Swedes look naturally sun-kissed, the reality is that they spend much of their time living in darkness like beautiful Scandinavian moles.


During the depths of winter, Swedes experience just seven hours of sunlight each day.

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