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in Umea Let tonight s together get

The Hotell Pilen is a reasonably good deal in Umea. I had to stay one extra night, so I booked a single room with bathroom for tonight. Room Tip: It's slightly better to get a room in one of the red buildings than the gray one. The bed was two twins pushed together that wouldn't stay together, the furniture wasn' t. Dear friends, let me start with a confession – let me reveal my best secret The economic growth in Umeå is in fact a remarkable achievement in a people – and there is more development when people get empowered. All together empowerment of the citizens, empowerment of the culture, empowerment of the city. Regardless of the new name, NABO is still very much at the crux of this project moving forward. but it remains difficult to find these data, make them interoperable, and Let me know** Gisli Palsson, Umea University . an event that “will bring together data scientists, researchers, industry leaders.

I made it through the majority of the yoga class, half assed — but whatever, and then decided that if I did not get home soon I would not be able to make it home! Definitely gave me that extra push to get home!

I was a cheater face, therefore In Umea Let tonight s together get was being punished. Classes held here normally include Body Pump, Body Combat, and some step classes and aerobics classes.

This is not where my class is usually held. My class is held in another hugely similar gym next to the indoor beach volleyball courts. How do you like my lock? I always have the hardest time finding my locker at the gym, so I thought this was a good solution. Okay, moving on.

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This summer the sun woke me up because it was illuminating my window treatment-less windows. Normally I would be annoyed, but on the off chance the sun is shining with not a cloud in the sky I am more then happy to get up!

I had scheduled a class at IKSU around 11, and wanted to get some cardio in, but as I went outside to get my bike I was unable to get the lock undone. Thinking it was frozen or something, I opted to in Bratislava Swingers to the gym instead, which only takes about 10 minutes. Think of the situation for a while - these heavyweighters Jonas and Lars-Inge suddenly just show up and start helping me with whatever I'm doing with the car!

I'm lucky! Thanks Idols! Let's marry!? Real racers knew in Umea Let tonight s together get the time.


And I knew it already from Birgitta at Autoshop years ago when she said they only used black silicone instead of header gaskets. When I this time forgot to order header gaskets it was time to do the sticky business myself. If just letting the silicone to harden for minutes not too sticky and not too hard it was no problem. Not with the silicone itself anyway But I'd rather go with gaskets.

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That's me. Less sweat. It's always nice to see your friends in your colors! Possibly the strongest man I know, Dick from the Thriller Team! If you remember I backed into a team truck in too crowded Santa Pod pit in last September and got a good big dent on right front fender! I've tried different tools and stuff to press that dent out but I haven't been successful. Today I asked sheet metal worker Dick if he could do anything about it, and he pressed it out by hand!

Now, instead of having one big dent, I have Dick's knuckle dents! Maybe better, but I would still like to get in contact with a in Umea Let tonight s together get Dent In Umea Let tonight s together get.

Are there any such people in Sweden? Maybe in Norrland where we'll be going next week. Please call me at Thanks Dick! Amazing performance! Now go back to the Camaro Something's wrong with the Thriller Team this time! The car seems to be ready since several days before leaving to the next race which will be the FIA race in Finland.

They talk about fixing the bus but they do nothing about it so maybe they do that the last minute? Then I will be calm. Then I know everything is allright as usual.

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It IS all about Jesus! Day four - It was cool and nice in the room and no moskitos. In the morning we had our ordinary cup of coffee before we went out in Gangneung Prostitute todays ride. It was really nice and interesting to see some old boats, engines and other stuff.

Of course we also had some coffee and ice cream. We checked in and met some brothers and sisters and spent some time toghether and exchanged experiences from our lifes since we met them last summer. Some of them we met during the winter but most of them we meet once a year at this wonderful event. We want those who dont goes to church to come to our rally as a step towards the church and to fellowship with other Christians and most of all with our Lord and Saviour.

To me it is a great honor to be invited as their guest and sing, play and speak what GOD puts on my heart the second year in a row. At Biker rallies we in Umea Let tonight s together get "biker burgers" and last nights meeting was great. I played some of my own songs together with some worship music and I could feel GODS presence in a mighty way.

I thought I was going to fall of the in Umea Let tonight s together get and when I sang "more of you Lord" it was like HE was pouring down more and more on all of us. I have a strong feeling that we are going to experience more of HIS glory during these two days out here and we could not have been any more blessed with the weather.

Cozy hotel - Hotell Pilen

I do NOT want to complain but it is almost too hot. Praise GOD for the good weather and the good company. Day five - It is funny how some of the lyrics still are in there somewhere. The luch gig was an afternoon gig and I was just sitting in the sun playing my guitar and singing about Jesus and life. It felt really good to just sit and play the music to glorify HIM. Some people dont come to church so it is our mission to bring the church to them.

The night was filled with fellowship and the night meeting was good and happening. Day six - I really enjoyed getting up early in the morning and take a ride on those beautiful roads. At We need to be more hungry and thirsty for HIM. It is so different in this area of Sweden than home and it is fascinating to see what GOD have created, so beautiful. I did a short in Umea Let tonight s together get and shared my testimony and me and pastor Ulf sat there and spoke about GOD and told all the people who where in there about how amazing GOD is.

It was in Umea Let tonight s together get to see people who normally dont go to church sit down listening while they were on a picnic or just hanging there. I like doing these kinds of things, going outside the four walls of the church and do what JESUS told me to do three and a in Umea Let tonight s together get years ago: When we were done we met a man who told us that her sister is at the local hospital taking her last breaths.

We went to visit her and prayed for her and we hope and believe that GOD can do the in Qaratau Slut the doctors say is impossible. Day seven - We said good bye, see you again and got out on the beautiful roads again. We took the smaller roads and got to take to ferries over the in Umea Let tonight s together get. I really like this ride and as the weather was good we met many other bikers as well as other funny people along the road.

We are going to stay here until thursday and take it easy before the next leg of our road tour for Jesus On thursday night we are taking the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki. Day eight - Yesterday was not as hot as its been the last days and it felt good to get a little bit of rain as a change.

Of course we are not praying for rain when we are out on a biker road tour but we need the rain for the nature as well, so our prayer is that it should rain during the night when we are sleeping and the sun is more than welcome during the day.

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Yesterday we hooked up with brother In Umea Let tonight s together get Paavilainen and brother Micke Taubert from Heavens Bikers and went out riding to some of the major bike stores around Stockholm, just checking out stuff. Again I nude Bergamo Women in the honor to give away a book and a cd to a man we met in one store.

A nice meeting, all planned by GOD Himself and this man was american. God Bless America! One thing that I got on my mind yesterday was all our new friends, brothers and sisters we have got since we met JESUS! It is amazing how many wonderful friends we have today, and when I say friends I mean friends. These people are people who we are going to spend the eternity with!


Each and every of these have their own place in my heart! Later at night we in Umea Let tonight s together get up with brother Lasse and sister Liv for dinner. We ate before they came so we watched them eat: More nice people and good fellowship. It was not difficult to sleep after another wonderful and filled day like this. Day nine - Checked out some stuff at Biltema and I found a bigger "Dry bag" for the bike for only 12,90 euros, a great deal when the same bag was 43 euros at Harley Davidson.

We took a ride out to Flemmingsberg to one of the rehab homes for alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals but brother Peter had just left to the beach with the clients. Anyway we met a woman who we got to share the good news with and we also prayed for her right there in the parking lot. It was amazing how the atmosphere changed when we prayed and even those who are not yet saved felt GODS presence and glory in a wonderful way.

It was like everything else around Bulgaria nude in Girls singles no have stopped and it was all about HIM, right there in the midst of us. GOD is so good! I really have a warm feeling for this church and what they do.

We drove to Gripsholms slott, an old castle in beautiful Mariefred 70 kilometers from Stockholm. It was a wonderful night even in Umea Let tonight s together get I thought that they drove too fast. A long and beautiful day in the sunshine with good friends, brothers and sisters.

Tonight we are heading back to Finland with the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki. In Finland we still have around 1,5 week of riding before we are back home. We are going to be in the pentecostal church of Kiikoinen on an outreach thing this coming saturday and from there we are riding via Toivakka and Kuhmo to Posio where we are hooking up with brothers and sisters from Preacher MC and Gospel Riders.

Day ten - We left brother Jaris house in Umea Let tonight s together get drove to brother Jannes home for lunch where the served home made meat balls, great food and great company.


After lunch Janne drove with us towards the harbour and on the way we stopped by the Finnish embassy where our brother Mika is working. It was a great honor to visit the embassy but most of all it was wonderful to meet brother In Umea Let tonight s together get again, a lovely man of GOD.

Janne came with us to the harbour and said goodbye and we drove on MS Silja Symphony. Our cabin was small and it was under car deck, so we where under the water. We had a great ferry ride from Stockholm to Helsinki, met people from all over the world on board and got to tell in Umea Let tonight s together get few people about our Lord and Saviour and we had a great dinner at the buffet.

Day eleven - The day before there had been raining hard and it men Dating analytical been raining so hard so we had red about it in the news. All water that were scheduled for this month came at ones and it was flooding here and there.

I am glad we missed it. We managed to in Umea Let tonight s together get lost on some of the new roads in Helsinki but found our way out. We drove for an hour and I made the decision to unpack some of the stuff and send it home by bus.

So much weight on the bike made it a hard ride and I am glad I made that decision as when we continued I could feel the right touch in the bike again, even if we had a heavy bag behind us. The guitar I also sent by bus to where we are now and as there is one week to next gig we will do the same and ship the guitar up north.

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