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The majority of these victims are exploited in urban centers such as Juba, Torit, and Wau. Child prostitution continued to rise in Juba during the reporting period, . Jun 16, Mel Aleu Guc, Wau Mayor, says prostitution has become a bad thing in the town because girls started practicing unaccepted behaviors, Radio. Jun 19, Juba has reportedly seen a significant rise in child prostitution in recent . It operated additional CPUs in Wau, Malakal, Renk, Mapel, Wunyiik.

Many migrate willingly, with the in Wau Prostitute of legitimate work, and are subsequently forced or coerced into the sex trade. South Sudanese and foreign business owners exploit the lure created by employment opportunities in hotels, restaurants, and the construction industry to entice men and women from these countries, as well as South Sudanese women and children living in rural areas, to migrate to urban centers where they are subsequently forced to work for little or no pay.

Kenyan and Ugandan children are subjected to domestic servitude and forced labor in construction and street vending in South Sudan. Local civil society organizations report that overall instances of trafficking increased during the reporting period, largely due in Wau Prostitute a continued influx of foreign laborers, including children, who are vulnerable to exploitation and that some traffickers may operate in organized networks within the country and across borders.

Authorities occasionally assisted traffickers in crossing international borders, and some public officials subjected women and girls to domestic servitude; others purchased sex from child trafficking victims or facilitated the prostitution of children. Inter-ethnic abductions continued between some communities in South Sudan, especially in Jonglei in Wau Prostitute Eastern Equatoria states.

In Jonglei state, this was less prevalent than during the previous reporting period; however, dozens of women and children were kidnapped during the year.

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Some abductees were subsequently subjected to conditions of domestic servitude, forced animal herding, or sex trafficking. South Sudanese girls, particularly in Upper Nile state, were in Wau Prostitute sometimes abducted by Sudanese slave traders and transported into Sudan, where in Wau Prostitute were subsequently forced into domestic servitude or sold into other forms of slavery in Khartoum or other urban centers. Thousands of In Wau Prostitute women and children and a lesser number of Nuba children were abducted and subsequently enslaved by members of the Missiriya and Rizeigat ethnic groups during the concluded North-South civil war.

Some of those enslaved remain in Sudan with their captors. Orphans were vulnerable in Wau Prostitute abduction for exploitation in sex and labor trafficking while moving between refugee camps, particularly while crossing the Kenya-South Sudan border. Girls as young as nine years old in Eastern Equatoria state were forced into marriages, at times as compensation for inter-clan killings; some may have been subsequently subjected to sexual slavery or domestic servitude. UN monitors in the country, however, reported that there was no evidence of forcible recruitment of adults or children by the SPLA during the year.

Monitors did report one incident in which two children were kidnapped by SPLA officers and subsequently released; these children may have been subjected to labor or sexual exploitation while held by the officers.


During in Wau Prostitute reporting period, militias that were known to harbor children among their ranks were integrated into the SPLA, though UNICEF reports that the groups were adequately vetted and that in all known cases associated children were identified and removed prior to being integrated. Unlike during in Wau Prostitute previous year, there were no reports of forcible recruitment of adults or children by the SSNPS.

Armed militia groups, including those allied to David Yau Yau in Jonglei state, recruited hundreds of children as young as 10 years old throughout the year, at times through force. The Government of South Sudan does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.

The government made progress in implementing its UN-backed action plan to eliminate the use of child soldiers in its armed forces; it identified and demobilized 72 children from the SPLA, improved efforts to vet new recruits for age verification, and, in partnership with UN agencies, increased its provision of reintegration services to in Wau Prostitute children. However, its efforts to address other in Tolu Slut of trafficking—which in Wau Prostitute increased during the year—remained negligible.

Authorities identified six suspected trafficking victims without rescuing them from situations of exploitation or referring them to care.

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Some abductees were subsequently subjected to conditions of domestic servitude, forced animal herding, in Wau Prostitute commercial sexual exploitation. Forcible recruitment of adults and particularly children by virtually all armed groups, including government forces involved in Sudan's concluded North-South civil war, was previously commonplace.

Since seceding from Sudan and becoming an independent country in JulySouth Sudan committed to releasing all children from its military's ranks and signed a new action plan with the UN in March Armed militia groups recruited children, at times through force, throughout the year. Boys and girls were identified in the ranks of rebel groups, including those allied to Peter Gadet and the late Gatlauk Gai in Unity and Western Bahr el Ghazal states and David Yau Yau in In Wau Prostitute State; during the reporting period, some of these militias were integrated into the government's armed forces.

The Government of South Sudan does not fully comply with the minimum standards for in Wau Prostitute elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. The government continued to take some steps to eliminate the use of child soldiers in Wau Prostitute its armed forces, including through the signing of a new joint action plan with the UN.


Despite these efforts, it in Wau Prostitute not demonstrate evidence of increasing efforts to address other forms of trafficking; therefore South Sudan is placed on Tier 2 Watch List. Public officials' awareness of human trafficking remained extremely low and the government lacked sufficient human and physical capital to adequately enforce its laws. During the year, the government indiscriminately in Wau Prostitute individuals in prostitution, including child sex trafficking victims, and sentenced them to prison.

Recommendations for In Wau Prostitute Sudan: Prosecution The Government of South Sudan made no significant law enforcement efforts to combat trafficking during the reporting period.

Its law enforcement presence in some regions of the country remained limited; some courts did not operate, and those that functioned often lacked the human and physical resources to investigate and prosecute criminals, including traffickers. South Sudanese law does not prohibit all forms of trafficking. South Sudan's Penal Code Act of prohibits and prescribes punishments of up to seven years' imprisonment for abduction Article or transfer of control over a person Article for the purpose of unlawful compulsory labor; the prescribed punishment of up to two years' imprisonment for compulsory labor without aggravating circumstances in Wau Prostitute not sufficiently stringent.

Article criminalizes buying or selling a minor for the purpose of prostitution and prescribes a punishment of up to 14 years' imprisonment — a penalty that is sufficiently stringent and commensurate with in Wau Prostitute prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape.

Punishments prescribed in Article for procuring a child up to 10 years' imprisonment or an adult up to two years' imprisonment for the purposes of in Wau Prostitute are not commensurate with those for rape. Article prescribes punishments of up to 10 years' imprisonment for parents or guardians who cause or allow their child to be involved in the sex trade.

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South Sudan's Child Act of prohibits the recruitment and use of children for military or paramilitary activities, and prescribes punishments of up to 10 in Wau Prostitute imprisonment for such crimes. The Government of South Sudan did not investigate or prosecute any trafficking offenses using these or other articles during the reporting period. Most of in Wau Prostitute U. Aid workers say the U. Get development's most important headlines in your inbox every day.

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