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Life is a duty, accomplish the. Life is a game, play the. Life is precious, takes in care. Life is a fight, accept the.

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Life is a tragedy, tackles the head-on. Life is an adventure, dare the.


Life is a happiness, deserve the. Life is life, defends Kebili Prostitute in. Life is a wealth, preserve the. Life is a love, enjoy in. Life is a mystery, pierce the. Life is a promise, fill the. Life is a sadness, overcome the. The next morning I take the louage to Tataouine to see the fortified Berber villages in the surrounding areas. These are mud buildings of stories, used as grain silos as well as living quarters although no longerand are famous Kebili Prostitute in backdrop in the "Star Wars" movies.

Ksar Ouled Sultane The intercity louage station in Tataouine is 2km from the center of town and is well organised with ticket windows and a louage carpark with entry boom. The problem Kebili Prostitute in that local louages leave from the market instead of here, and so I trudge the 2km to the market to find a local louage going to Ksar Ouled Sultane, a famous fortified village. Crossroads These local louages could be vans, or in this case a converted station wagon with two benches in the back facing each other.

Kebili Prostitute in take a spot and wait with a few others for the louage to be 'complet'. After half an hour it is finally about full, full of women with their shopping from the market, and I am asked by the driver, an old man with a greying moustache, to move to the front seat, away from the women I suppose.

Clothes market at Houmt Souk, Djerba island Djerba island is the mythical land of the lotus eaters from Homer's Odyssey We drive Kebili Prostitute in the countryside, stopping now and then to drop off a passenger, who would disappear behind an outcrop or down a rock path. Ksar Ouled Sultane, which sits on top Nassau Swingers in a hill, is very quiet. A half dozen boys play table football, a few men are having coffee, another Kebili Prostitute in are talking outside a grocery shop.

A truck full of straw comes by, the only vehicle I'd seen in an hour, and drops off a few bales. A funduq converted from a caravanserai, with stables for camels on the lower floors and rooms up top Finally, after waiting over three hours, the old man with the louage Kebili Prostitute in on the way back Kebili Prostitute in town. He looks at me sadly: I hop in and we head back to Tataouine, where I find a louage to Jerba island.

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The Kebili Prostitute in is fast and bumpy. Kids stand at intersections trying to sell clumps of hash, which they wave at the passing louages.

Louages in Houmt Souk Ben Gardane: Kebili Prostitute in louage station in Jerba also has a ticket window, whereas most towns you have to find a tout or a driver directly. From Jerba it is about km to Sfax, where I was heading to find Kebili Prostitute in ship to Egypt. After receiving Libyan visa related news in Sfax see entry on "The Libyan Visa" I found another louage that same afternoon from Sfax to Ben Gardane near the Libyan border, another km.

This shows how quickly, and dangerously, the louages can cover the distance, even though the road is single lane and full of trucks.

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Breakdown Taking my usual back row left hand seat, the chap next to me introduced himself: He works as a mechanic in one of the gas Kebili Prostitute in, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, just had a medical in Sfax and was going back to his wife in their new house in Ben Gardane. I was invited to stay over. The conversation was mostly in basic French, intermittent like the pools of orange light flashing past us in the dark night.

Occasionally on the side of the Kebili Prostitute in we would pass jerry cans stacked on top of each other full of amber liquid. Some shady characters lurked on the edges of the shadows, waiting for customers for this black market petrol.

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Petrol for sale We arrive at Hedi's house late Kebili Prostitute in the night, a two bedroom place on the outskirts of Ben Gardane. He first visits his mum, who lives next door, to say a quick hello, and we proceed to his place. Hedi's wife is there, cheerfully preparing a snack. Now, one thing I've noticed in Tunisia is that toilets don't have toilet seats. I had thought that Kebili Prostitute in was due to the dodginess Kebili Prostitute in the establishments I had been frequenting, but Hedi's house was brand new and very tidy and clean.

The bathroom was spotless and everything in its place, and the toilet had no seat!


Hedi Ras Ajdir: Next morning Hedi walked me Kebili Prostitute in to where the local taxis to the Libyan border were leaving from and we said our goodbyes.

I was the only passenger - a novelty for me - as we Kebili Prostitute in along in the bright, cool morning. As we approached the border the driver pointed out to me massive tented camps along both sides of the road. UNHCR camps for refugees from the fighting. The border seemed very busy in fact. Large groups of people were passing through in both directions. Kebili Prostitute in Ben Gardane there were louages going straight to Tunis, and many of the people who had crossed from Libya, mostly businessmen, were also looking for these louages to Tunis.

We left in the early afternoon, with Tunis still 7 or 8 hours away. It's a small world indeed.

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