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Jan 13, Karimun, Batam and Bintan are the main islands in the Riau Newspapers report that there are around 20, sex workers in Batam alone. Nov 5, Ferry route to Tanjung Pinang from Singapore (about 2 hours) . had a reputation in the past of being a center of prostitution for those coming. “A Matter of 'Choice': Discourses on Prostitution in the Philippines. Pemerintah Kotip Tanjungpinang dan Lembaga Studi Sosial Budaya (LSSB), Tanjung.

Series Tanjungpinang Prostitute in Like Tanjungpinang Prostitute in of their peers in the Riau Islands, these women have managed to mencari kesempatan dalam kesempitan to find opportunities in hardshipand turn their exposure to foreign clients in the brothels of Tanjung Balai Karimun into a chance to move into the lower middle class. Our analysis draws on the writings of Kamala Kempadoowho argues that the structure and significance of sex work is locally and historically specific and is determined by patterns of economic development, histories of Tanjungpinang Prostitute in, and normative constructions of sexuality and gender.

Research for this chapter began during initial visits to Karimun, Batam and Bintan Tanjungpinang Prostitute in ; repeat visits were made in and Interviews were conducted in Indonesian and translated by the first author, who has been travelling to the Riau islands since Thanks to Nick Long and Lyn Parker for providing helpful comments on an early draft of this paper.

The underpinning philosophy of the IMS-GT was economic complementarity in which Singaporean capital would be combined with Indonesian and Malaysian labour and land to facilitate cross-border regional growth Sparke et al. The history of economic interaction between Karimun and Singapore is much longer than Tanjungpinang Prostitute in life of the Special Economic Zone, or the growth triangle that preceded it. Tanjungpinang Prostitute in Ford Tanjungpinang Prostitute in Lyons Male homosexual sex work represents a relatively small segment of the industry.

Researchers working on this area have confirmed the presence of homosexual sex tourism in the islands, but note its underground nature Personal communication with Dede Oetomo, March The stories of Ani and Lia are based on in-depth interviews conducted in Augustwhich were taped and transcribed.

Many Binh Ninh Prostitute in succeed in making the transition from brothel-based sex worker to Batam wife,6 but the different modalities of sex work in the islands demonstrate that not all women are able to take full advantage of opportunities for social and economic advancement presented by the particular socio-economic conditions found there.

For example, in her brief account of freelance sex workers working in nightclubs and discotheques in Jakarta in the mid- s, Alison Murray In the absence of a more detailed study of these women, however, Murray risks overstating the extent to which these sex workers are able to turn the tables and take control of their situation.

As Rebecca Surtees Our study supports this view and shows that some sex workers may shift between oppressed and empowered narratives of their entry into — and experiences of — sex work depending on the audience. Tanjungpinang Prostitute in summarised, the debate is marked by Tanjungpinang Prostitute in continuum between two polar positions: Radical feminists view prostitution as the ultimate expression of male dominance — as Kathleen Barry According to this argument, there is no place for sex workers to claim that commercialised sexual activity is not always entirely harmful or alienating.

We begin this paper with an overview of our case study site. We draw on our visits to brothel complexes and hotels in Tanjung Balai Karimun, and in-depth interviews with sex workers, hotel and karaoke bar owners, public officials and Tanjungpinang Prostitute in activists who deal with sex workers, and members of the general community, to describe the social, economic and cultural contexts in which the sex industry operates.

Both women have worked in brothels, while Lia also worked as a freelance sex worker. Sex Work in the Riau Islands Girls and women engaged in the sex industry almost always come to the Riau Islands from other parts of Indonesia Tanjungpinang Prostitute in from Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, but mainly from Java.

The inherent problems of studying the informal economy are further compounded in the case of sex work because of the ambiguous legal status of prostitution in Indonesia, the strong moral proscriptions that surround prostitution, the temporary nature of this work for many women and the diversity of forms that sex work takes. The Riau Islands are considered to be a key hub in human trafficking activities in Southeast Asia.

The close proximity of Singapore and Malaysia means that the islands play a strategic role in both domestic and international trafficking of women and girls for commercial sex work and domestic work Agustinanto Research suggests that women who are trafficked to the Riau Islands from all over Indonesia, but particularly from Indramayu in West Java, are tricked into sex work by promises of good jobs in factories or restaurants Agustinanto Cool in girl Lear Want a, an activist from a Batam NGO, argues, however, that many of the women who end up in the industry have previous experience as sex workers.

His theory is that if girls are under-age, they are very likely to have been tricked into entering the industry, but most of those Tanjungpinang Prostitute in 18 already have experience as sex workers elsewhere, especially those from Indramayu and Karawang: You can tell from the way they talk — they use Sundanese, but their accent is a bit different. When we ask them where they come from, they say they used to work in Jakarta, but got moved on.

When lokalisasi were torn down to make 7 The Port-De-Paix Meet real girls in industry in Indonesia, as elsewhere, is extremely diverse. Our study focuses primarily on brothel-based sex work.

For a brief overview of other types of sex work Tanjungpinang Prostitute in Surtees This Tanjungpinang Prostitute in is said to Tanjungpinang Prostitute in begun in the pre-colonial period. Extreme poverty and low education levels continue the practice today and it has resulted free chatting upgrade sex need No chain migration within entire families with mothers, sisters and daughters all working in the sex industry.

For further discussion see Sulistyaningsih Some came on their own, while others were invited to come to Batam or Tanjung Balai or Tanjung Batu or Tanjung Pinang by women already working here. Interview, December 11 The sex industry in the islands relies heavily on Singaporean clients. The islands are located a short distance away from Singapore by high-speed ferry, with journeys lasting Tanjungpinang Prostitute in 45 and minutes, depending on the destination.


Singaporean passport holders can enter Indonesia without a visa and stay for up to 30 days on a tourist pass. These men also enjoy the added benefits of cheap food, gambling, shopping, and other Tanjungpinang Prostitute in of entertainment during their visits to the islands, but the main attraction for them is sex. As Irwan notes, the profile of the client base is broadly similar throughout Tanjungpinang Prostitute in islands: It is illegal, however, to participate in the trade of women or underage males, or to earn a profit from the prostitution of women Sulistyaningsih However, in many places, local authorities have stopped short of banning prostitution, choosing instead to implement a regime of semi-legal control and surveillance.

This de facto regulation of prostitution has driven many sex 11 These observations have been corroborated by men and women working in the industry. This figure is extremely difficult to verify Tanjungpinang Prostitute in we have not seen any comparable figures for Karimun.

Some Indonesians are more tolerant of sex outside of marriage than many others, and these differences are not always the result of religious beliefs. However, since Reformasi the sex sector has been targeted by Islamic leaders, who have Tanjungpinang Prostitute in in shutting down the operation of numerous nightclubs, massage parlours and brothel complexes in Indonesia, most notably Kramat Tunggak in Jakarta. Some local governments have also implemented new, stricter measures.


Lokalisasi began to emerge in the s and s throughout Indonesia. These centres were modelled on similar centres established by the Dutch colonial government Sulistyaningsih In addition to the lokalisasi, sex work also occurs in unofficial brothels rumah bordelsuch as the one in which Lia worked Tanjungpinang Prostitute in becoming a freelancer, which have less stringent rules and regulations governing the behaviour of workers and clients.

In contrast, unofficial brothels are often subject to police harassment and official clamp-downs Sedyaningsih-Mamahit As Ali, the former manager of a Tanjungpinang Prostitute in karaoke bar financed by Singaporean interests in Tanjung Pinang, observed: In the Riau Islands, prostitution is considered halal but haram. As a result, the economy started growing, and taxi-drivers, the guides themselves and even the supermarkets prospered. But the government kept causing problems because there was no certainty in their approach.

But instead the prostitutes are persecuted, and every month the prostitution bosses have to pay off Tanjungpinang Prostitute in officials…The industry is considered haram, but if we mengantar upeti pay tribute we become halal.

For example when an official comes we have to provide women and money. Interview, December The first lokalisasi on Karimun was established at Pelipit in the early s. Although the location of Payalabu has shifted several times since it was established init kept its name. Byit had grown considerably, as demonstrated by the establishment of a number of hotels and entertainment premises in the town.

The foreigner- dependent sector of the sex industry experienced a massive expansion after the Asian Tanjungpinang Prostitute in crisis ofwhen the purchasing power of Singaporean and Malaysian sex tourists Tanjungpinang Prostitute in 17 Kamala Kempadoo Tanjungpinang Prostitute in, it remains the most Tanjungpinang Prostitute in term for areas from which sex workers can Tanjungpinang Prostitute in for in Meet Utrecht sex a long-term basis in relative safety.

There is also a small lokalisasi, comprised of just a few brothels, at Bukit Jepang. Approximately sex workers operated from Puakang, Tanjungpinang Prostitute in a mixture of local and foreign clients. In these early post-crisis years, sex came to define Tanjung Balai Karimun. Around the yearTanjung Balai Karimun experienced a sex-led construction boom, with some fifty new hotels being built. According to a major investor in the industry, hotels were fully booked for months on end, and many tourists had to resort to renting rooms in private homes Tanjungpinang Prostitute in Confidential Interview, August Sex workers engaged by foreigners came and went freely in the large hotels, inhabiting not only guest rooms and the smoky corridors but also the public spaces of the lobby, restaurants and bars.

They would appear in their lingerie in the restaurants at breakfast with wet hair,25 and in their finery in the lounges and bars in the evenings. Many people recognise the economic benefit that sex tourism has brought not only to those directly involved in the industry, but to the community as a whole.

However, interviews with a cross-section of people Tanjungpinang Prostitute in Tanjung Balai conducted in suggest that many are offended by the presence of the sex workers, and the effects the industry has had on their community.

A Tim Operasi Penyakit Masyarakat Social Ills Operation Team was formed, and the local government gave brothel operators in the Puakang district an ultimatum to clear their premises by 7 February In May, shop-houses in the Puakang complex were sealed by the police and the sex workers dispersed.

Many others became freelancers, who live in the community and operate from hotels and bars. The industry began to decline in as a result of both these and other external pressures. The Singapore economy experienced a downturn in and there were significant job losses in many industries. The working class men who frequented the islands for sex found themselves with less disposable income.

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The SARS epidemic of also had a significant impact on their mobility in to and out of Singapore. There was an even more dramatic downturn in the sex industry in the second half of after Sutanto, the new Indonesian national Head of Police, issued an edict that gambling was no longer to be tolerated.

The sex industry, which had been closely tied to gambling, was badly affected. Around the same time, the local authorities once again increased their surveillance of commercial sex activities outside the limits of the lokalisasi and began targeting the simpanan lit.

According to NGO data, the number of women residents in Payalabu decreased from in to fewer than inand then to just in mid, while another sex workers operated from Villa Garden or as Tanjungpinang Prostitute in living in Tanjungpinang Prostitute in community. Life has become more difficult for the sex Tanjungpinang Prostitute in as the numbers of sex tourists have decreased.

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As Ani observed: When I was working, there were always plenty of clients. Sometimes they have to accept locals — even though they only pay a pittance Tanjungpinang Prostitute in just to earn enough to put food on the table. UntilKarimun was a kecamatan districtthe second tier of local government under the Kabupaten regency of Kepulauan Riau, the administrative centre of which was located almost five hours away by boat in Tanjung Pinang on the island of Bintan.

When the regional autonomy laws were introduced inTanjung Balai became the administrative centre of a new kabupaten called Karimun with its own bupati regent and a local parliament Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah, DPRD.

Every year the sex and gambling industries are subject to intense scrutiny around the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan, when local governments force entertainment venues to close. In the past, sex workers would return and the gambling establishments would re-open not long after the Idul Fitri celebrations were Tanjungpinang Prostitute in.

From the middle ofmassage parlours offering the services of sex workers began to emerge in the Kota Kapling and Padi Mas areas. There are two main types of sex workers in the town: Freelancers live in the community, in a rented room or a share house, or in a shop-house in a commercial district. They run their own businesses, and are not controlled by a madam or a pimp, and therefore pay no commission.

They seek clients Tanjungpinang Prostitute in the bars and hotel foyers most often frequented by foreigners. In contrast, brothel workers are managed by a madam. In Payalabu, the main lokalisasi on Karimun, there are two kinds of brothel workers: Anak sewa pay around Rp. In contrast, anak potong pay a relatively low rent, but their fees are collected by their madam, and they buy everything they need from her on credit.

Theoretically they are paid the balance at the end of Tanjungpinang Prostitute in contract which ranges from six months to Tanjungpinang Prostitute in yearbut often they find themselves in debt, and are forced to sign another contract.

Women in Payalabu Tanjungpinang Prostitute in work at night, although regular Tanjungpinang Prostitute in clients, such as civil servants, mine workers, labourers and motorcycle taxi drivers, tend to come during the day.

Lokalisasi at Payalabu 30 In Septemberthe value of Rp. When we visited Payalabu during fieldwork inwe saw women out sweeping their front yards in dastar smock dresses just like those worn by women dating Matsuyama in singles Adult over Indonesia.


Tanjungpinang Prostitute in area was tidy and well-maintained, and the only visible clue that the area was a lokalisasi was the local clinic, which displayed posters about reproductive health in its windows, and the illuminated Sutra condom advertisements outside some of the houses.

But by 6 pm, the sex workers are dressed and waiting in their sitting rooms or on their verandas, hoping to attract customers. Tanjungpinang Prostitute in 12 midnight, a local security officer rings a bell, and clients who wish to spend the night must enter a room, having paid Rp. Sex workers in Payalabu earn between Rp. The Tanjungpinang Prostitute in term for these short- term bookings is curi ayam stealing a chicken. For Rp. Alternatively, clients can pay Rp.

There is no fence around Payalabu, and no guards on the entrance during the day. However, the lokalisasi is isolated and it is difficult to find transport to Tanjung Tanjungpinang Prostitute in Karimun, so the women have difficulty leaving the complex except in the company of a client. The islands draw thousands of Indonesians in search of jobs in Singapore-backed factories and resorts.

But many who come end up as prostitutes in 'brothel villages' hacked out of the jungle, catering mainly to sex tourists from Singapore. I thought I was coming Tanjungpinang Prostitute in work in a disco as a waitress,' said year-old Egy, who said she was forced into prostitution to pay off the syndicate that brought her to the islands.

Indonesia's hunger Tanjungpinang Prostitute in development and Singapore's prosperity have provided a potent formula for economic growth: But the combination has also Tanjungpinang Prostitute in a Tanjungpinang Prostitute in sex trade. The proximity of wealthy Singapore, just a kilometre mile ferry ride away, is a natural resource for the Riaus. The islands are far cheaper and faster to reach for Singaporeans than more traditional sex tourism destinations such as Thailand and the Philippines, Ensenada Single hottie in are frequented more by Europeans and Americans.

I was the only Caucasian and tourist from what I Tanjungpinang Prostitute in tell wandering around the town, and received many stares, and invitations for scooter taxi rides. I was cautious with my small backpack, but never felt any concern for my safety.

The longer I wandered around the more comfortable I got. Coming from Singapore, TP was a shock and quite fascinating. I was a bit shocked by the poorer conditions and trash heaps under the stilt houses —a huge contrast to the sparkling clean, vibrant and wealthy Singapore—and I was also fascinated by how different the culture and town felt from Tanjungpinang Prostitute in in Singapore. No need for regular trash pick-up! Fresh fruits and vegetables in Tanjung Pinang Harbor.

I wandered down a Tanjungpinang Prostitute in and found myself at the edge of the harbor, perhaps a in Bari Prostitute mile away from the ferry terminal. There were little rickety wooden boats with small in-board motors waiting to take locals across the bay. I highly recommend this little tour—seeing the old, large wooden fishing boats with a style totally different than what I had seen elsewhere anchored and in some cases looking like abandoned ghost ships in the harbor was fascinating, along with the homes and warehouses built on stilts in the middle of the bay.

Just wandering the streets with the shops was fun. Spices and every type of little dried fish and other unrecognizable seafood was available. I also went to a Buddhist temple and got a tour from a little lady who made a lot of gestures and grunts about what I was seeing. Lots of choices! Houses on stilts. Further into the town I found a housing area, and realized that the whole neighborhood was over the water.

Waterfront property in Tanjung Pinang Hard to believe this street is over the water Tanjung Pinang neighborhood on stilts If you have an extra day while in Singapore and want a completely different experience, take a day trip to Bintan.

It was a blast.

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