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The Anuradhapura Kingdom named for its capital city, was the first established kingdom in .. The oldest coins found at Anuradhapura date up to BC. .. miles ( km) long and 40 feet (12 m) high, was done during Dhatusena's reign. . The term historical sources used in this article refer to the ancient texts on the. Located in Anuradhapura, in a building dating from , miles from Kuttam Pokuna, Twin Ponds, Hotel Flamingo has guestrooms with free WiFi. All rooms. JLanka Technologies branched out to Anuradhapura with a view of finding that could improve their production with reduced long term capital expenditure.

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The owner prepared everything herself. The hotel arranged a tuktuk for us. Beau, Netherlands friendly and helpful staff, cleanliness is very good, well maintained, really worth for money. Supun, Sri Lanka The staff are so very friendly - they helped with travel advice!

It can take some time. The garden with a large swimming pool is heaven. We spend 4 nights here with in Oral Swingers kids and got the biggest room with 3 king beds. The air conditioning was so quiet that you could leave it term in Anuradhapura dating Long all night and sleep in a comfortable temperature. We rented bicycles through the hotel and within 15 minutes you where at the ancient city.

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It was a rather quite road with only 2 busy crossings. Nice swimming pool with 4ft depth, good for kids. Food is food. Dhanuka, Sri Lanka The interior of the Deluxe bedroom was very good though Parties Sarajevo Swing in Towel rails could have been fixed at the standard 1.

The first reference in historical sources to any written work is about 80 Term in Anuradhapura dating Long, but both Sinhala and Pali literature existed even two centuries before this, if not earlier. Most of these verses are describing or even addressed to the female figures depicted in the frescoes of Sigiriya. One of them, Siyabaslakara, was written in term in Anuradhapura dating Long 9th or 10th century on the art of poetry and is based on the Sanskrit Kavyadarsha.

Dampiya Atuva Gatapadaya is another, and is a glossary for the Pali Dhammapadatthakatha, providing Sinhala words and synonyms for Pali words.

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Both these have been written during the last two centuries of term in Anuradhapura dating Long Anuradhapura period. Pali chronicles such as Dipavamsa and Mahavamsa have been written during the Anuradhapura Kingdom, and are still useful as resources for studying the history of the country. Depicting female figures carrying flowers, they are the oldest surviving paintings of the Anuradhapura period.

Some suggest that they are apsaras celestial nymphs[] others suggest that they are the ladies of the king's court or even a representation of lightning and rain clouds. The paintings of Term in Anuradhapura dating Long and Hindagala are the only surviving specimens of art of the Anuradhapura Kingdom. However, remnants of paintings indicate that walls and ceilings of some buildings and the inside walls of stupas and vahalkadas were also painted. The earliest Buddha statues belonging to the Anuradhapura period date back to the 1st century AD.


The Samadhi statue in Anuradhapura, considered one of the finest examples of ancient Sri Lankan art, [] shows the Buddha in a seated position in deep meditation, and is sculpted from dolomite marble and is datable to the 4th century. The In Banyuwangi Prostitute statue is similar to this, and dates to the later stages of the Anuradhapura Kingdom. Notable standing Buddha statues dating from the Anuradhapura period include the ones at AvukanaMaligavila and Buduruvagala.

All these statues are carved out of rock. Skill in arts was a respected and valued trait during this period and artists were well rewarded by the rulers. Term in Anuradhapura dating Long Mahavamsa records that Jetthatissa II — was himself term in Anuradhapura dating Long in stone and ivory carving.

The construction of stupas was noticeable not only during the Anuradhapura Kingdom but throughout the history of Sri Lanka. Stupas were built enshrining an object of worship. The stupa of Thuparamayabuilt by Devanampiya Tissa, is one of the earliest built and was constructed immediately after the arrival of Buddhism.

The Jetavana stupa, constructed by Mahasen, is the largest in the country.

Anuradhapura Kingdom

Suitable methods for each type of material have term in Anuradhapura dating Long used to lay foundations on a firm basis.

These stone columns can be seen in several buildings such as the Lovamahapaya brazen palace. Large ponds were attached to some monasteries, such as the Kuttam Pokuna twin pond. Hospital complexes have also been found close to monasteries.


Buildings were constructed using timber, bricks and stones. Stones were used for foundations term in Anuradhapura dating Long columns, while brick were used for walls.

Lime mortar was used for plastering walls. Under these conditions, rain fed cultivation was difficult, forcing early settlers to develop means to store water in order to maintain a constant supply of water for their cultivations. Small irrigation tanks were constructed at village level, to support the cultivations of that village. Nuwara wewa and Tissa Wewa reservoirs were constructed a century later.

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These reservoirs were enlarged in subsequent years by various rulers. Construction of large scale reservoirs began in the 1st century AD under the direction of Vasabha. Among the reservoirs constructed during the term in Anuradhapura dating Long of Vasabha, Mahavilacchiya and Nocchipotana reservoirs both have circumferences of about 2 miles 3. During the reign of Mahasen, the Alahara canal was widened and lengthened to supply water to the newly constructed Minneriya tankwhich covered 4, acres He was named Minneri Deiyo god of Minneriya for this construction and is still referred to as such by the people in that area.

These constructions contributed immensely to the improvement of agriculture in the term in Anuradhapura dating Long and eastern parts of the dry zone. Reservoirs were also constructed using tributaries of the Daduru Oya during this period, thereby supplying water to the south western part of the dry zone.

This conservation and distribution of water resources ensured that the water supply was sufficient throughout the dry zone. The water resources of the dry zone were further exploited during the times of Upatissa Term in Anuradhapura dating Long and Dhatusena.

The construction of the Kala wewacovering an area of 6, acres The construction of this network is also attributed to Dhatusena. The Jayaganga supplied water to square kilometres of paddy fields. The Mahavamsa records that many other rulers constructed a number of irrigation tanks, some of which have not yet been identified.

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