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The area, which is renowned for its fishing business, is also a hub for child prostitution, writes RACHAEL NINSIIMA. A recent report by the. Since then, they have helped close to 2, commercial sex workers, cargo truck drivers and turn-boys from Bugiri, Busia and Tororo districts. A new report in Tororo says that hundreds of boys are dropping out of school to A prostitute at UCI trading centre, only identified as Pamela.

It is one of the most accessible markets since it is located along side Mbale-Soroti highway just three kilometers from the town centre.

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The interior accommodates over 10, traders including shop attendants, clothes sellers, food kiosks, salons and fresh food sellers. Despite the hug number of people Tororo Prostitute in here, the market has failed to grow in terms of infrastructural development.

History of Kikindu market Boniface Musisi, a resident of Kiteso cell, says the market was started inin Wanambwa cell.


He says he witnessed the market shift from Wanambwa to Nkoma. Some vendors started selling items in their local trading centres.


Some vendors, especially those residing in Nkoma, started selling goods in their area from morning to evening. This forced all merchants to shift to Nkoma, abandoning Wanambwa.

Uganda: Kiyindi, Where Child Prostitution Is Common, Cheap

After the establishment of the Islamic University in Uganda in Februarythe market experienced Tororo Prostitute in growth in terms of customers. Traders started to work all day. Structures were erected, especially to offer Tororo Prostitute in and catering services to the growing number of students in the area.

The land size of the market was reduced significantly. Market to the current place Eventually the market was shifted to the Kiteso cell. Kassim Kapapali, a resident of Mirembe cell, Namakwekwe ward, witnessed this change.

I came here with my family.

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Whereas an adult may charge Shs 8, a child's 'service' is as low Tororo Prostitute in Shs 1, Additionally, adults tend to like young girls due to their developing breasts and buttocks, as these allegedly boost their libido. The International Labour Organization ILO defines child prostitution as the use of underage girls and boys in sexual activities, remunerated Tororo Prostitute in cash or in kind.


Government, through the ministry of Gender, Tororo Prostitute in and Social Development, developed the National Action Plan on elimination of the worst forms of child labour to forbid the involvement of children in commercial sex exploitation.

Nonetheless, AfriChild Centre's findings in Kiyindi reveal child prostitution is ranked the second highest risk, after child labour, affecting children's well-being. According Tororo Prostitute in the research, prevalence of child prostitution is linked to a number of factors, including overexposure of children to pornography, inadequate education opportunities, low social status of women and girls, poverty and unemployment.

Many do it to earn money, clothes and fish to take home.

Industrialisation Breeding Prostitution in Tororo – NBS TV

A community elder who preferred anonymity said: We even have a year-old who Tororo Prostitute in the crowd and no one is concerned. Wanican further attributes the growing numbers of children engaged in child prostitution to parental negligence. Parental negligence is exposing young girls in Kiyindi to prostitution," she says. The researchers note that community-based Tororo Prostitute in protection mechanisms CBCPMs are fast becoming important responses in addressing child protection concerns.

Despite the existence of the probation and welfare office and the community development office that create child protection committees, communities are oblivious of their existence. Moreover, families prefer handling cases on their own rather than reporting to the police.

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