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The same port made Bruges world's chief commercial city in the middle ages. Church of Our Lady is the tallest structure in the city and the second tallest brickwork in Rick Steves Belgium: Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp & Ghent · Lonely Planet. Answer 1 of What do you think about a women traveling alone in with public transportation, is it Ghent or Bruges or maybe you have a. Hey guys, So, I am a 35 year old woman. Used to work as journalist for 12 years, decided to quit the corporate world and get back to school to.

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Flemish and Dutch. Best time to visit: April to September for pleasant climate perfect for women Bruges Lonely in along the cobblestone streets. Be prepared for occasional rainfall. Arriving via airport: The charming streets are lined with quaint boutiques, stellar restaurants, pubs and the widest selection of accommodation available in the city.


Maps are available at the tourist information centres. De Lijn operates the bus service through the city. Taxis are a superfluous luxury best left for travel to the outer suburbs or to Zeebrugge, the port area. Call 50 women Bruges Lonely in 57 57 or 38 81 to book.

Eiermarkt is popular for its rows of bars and restaurants that provide a casual, relaxed atmosphere that centres on excellent beer and banter. Church of Our Lady is the tallest structure women Bruges Lonely in the city and the second tallest brickwork in the world dating back to the 13th century. Yes, those are chocolate boobies. Bruges Market Square was bustling with activities.

In Bruges, we did what every good Belgian does, we dipped our pommes frites fries in mayonnaise and ate moules—mussels steamed in big pots. We missed eating Belgian waffles no worries, I had one in Amsterdam because we were too full after our first lunch at Le Pain Quotidien this bistro is also in New York City but originated in Belgium and our second lunch at Salade Follea delicious natural foods restaurant. We went to Bierbrasserie Cambrinus for dinner one evening, since Belgium is known for its expansive menu of beers.

Not being beer drinkers, we sipped wine instead and women Bruges Lonely in on fresh fish dishes from the region. women Bruges Lonely in


Bruges is known for moules mussels women Bruges Lonely in, pomme frites dipped in mayonnaise friesand Belgian beers. Lunch at Salade Folle—salmon salad and paella.

Dinner at the bierbrasserie with local fish dishes. Each evening we stopped at Gelateria Da Vinci for a cone of homemade gelato— stracciatella on Monday and hazelnut on Tuesday.

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I was a nice girlfriend and shared my cones with L, even though I could have eaten them all by myself. I shared my gelato with my boyfriend L. Venice of the North On our second day in Bruges, our Viking guide, Annike, gave us a walking tour of the city, which is the fifth largest in Belgium. She told us about Bruges' founding in the ninth century; its good times and bad times through the Golden Ages, Gothic periods, Napoleon era; and how it developed as a port for trading with its waterways and canals.

That's where the term 'bursar' originates. They made parchment books, Flemish paintings, jewelry, cut diamonds. L and I enjoyed our boat ride on the canal. I walked about women Bruges Lonely in, steps while I was in Bruges, according to my FitBit. It's a great walking city, especially when the sun is shining, which it was for our stay. The women Bruges Lonely in city of Bruges as viewed from halfway up the Belfort. I definitely was feeling good vibrations in Bruges.

There was no doubt that our Viking voyage was off to a fantastic start. We were all smiles after two days in Bruges. It was a great way to women Bruges Lonely in our Rhineland Discovery. As they say in Bruges, tot ziens and au revoir for now. Next stop:


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