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zarine Salman khan dating khan

Salman Khan is a highly paid & successful Bollywood film actor from India & for the Almost actors sleep without dating even though many actresses offers to. Said to be Katrina's look alike, Zarine Khan also started her journey in Bollywood with the help of Salman Khan. Salman even purchased her a 3-BHK apartment. Sangeeta and Salman Khan started dating each other in when Still, Zarine khan's career ended before the start, after the film 'Veer' she.

Somy Ali was willing to marry him but the actor refused and asked her to walk out of his life. As a result, Aishwarya found a better person in Vivek Oberoi.

7 Actresses Who Were in a Relationship with Salman Khan Once

This created the most messed up issue in Bollywood. He got her enough contracts and movies. But the trouble went lose when the actor found Katrina involved with Ranbir Kapoor. Salman even purchased her a 3-BHK apartment in Zarine Salman khan dating khan. However, due to some unknown reasons Salman Khan chose to keep a distance from the actress.

Daisy Shah She was a background dancer until she caught the sight of Sultan. Impressed by her hard work and dedication, he offered her the lead role in his movie, Jai Ho. Salman thought to offer her some work is better than getting involved with her seriously.

Does Salman Khan sleep with his female co-stars? - Quora

Lulia Vantur She is the latest addition to the list. She is a Romanian actress who wanted to make it big in Bollywood. Bruna Abdallah: After Katrina Kaif it was Bruna Abdullah. Bruna caught audience's attention after her item song zarine Salman khan dating khan "Rehem Kare" in Anubhav Sinha's action movie, Cash.


It was said that after Katrina Kaif, Bruna Abdullah became Salman Khan's love interest but there was no such proof for it. Claudia Ciesla: Rumor about romantic relationship between Salman Khan and Claudia Ciesla started when Salman Khan introduced her to his family.

The Story Of Salman Khan and His 11 Girlfriends

The actor said, "Claudia is a very nice girl and I have introduced her to my family. Salman Khan also said Claudia Ciesla is his "special friend. He is not my boyfriend. Everyone knows that it's Katrina Kaif who is his girlfriend and not me.


I haven't even zarine Salman khan dating khan that long in India to start controversies. This actress is was very similar to one of Salman's love interest, Katrina Kaif. Also the actor helped her to begin in Granby Prostitute carrier in Bollywood industry.

He even bought a apartment in Bandra for her. However, things does not go well between them and Salman decided to part his ways with her. Hazel Keech: The rumour of Salman Khan's relationship with this British model was once was in news. Hazel came to India to work with Salman Khan's movie 'Bodyguard'.

Past Affairs of Salman Khan with Actresses, 8 Girlfriends of Salman Khan

zarine Salman khan dating khan The movie was shot in Pune and it was reported that the two had a great time in Pune and they were enjoying each other's company. Hazel and Salman also went on biking in Pune. If it was a rumor or not there was no such evidence.

Hazel is now happily married to cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

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