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Jan 13, Since Edward Snowden unveiled the existence of NSA's mass Authors Peter Bergen, David Sterman, Emily Schneider, and Bailey Cahall write: NSA surveillance of any kind, whether bulk or targeted of U.S. persons or of the cases we looked at, although it's unclear whether these warrants played an. Mar 2, The NSA was conducting its massive spying at the time, and the attacks A few years before the bombing, the Russian government had warned They were the only people who didn't look surprised when the first bomb went off. Bergen concludes by arguing that, “[a]ll of these serious terrorism cases. Jun 18, DDIR Chris Inglis just demolished any notion that #NSA analysts are "We are going back, taking another look at these opinions frankly, we . read Peter Bergen and David Sterman on the likely efficacy of NSA programs in.

While the amount of information collected was large, the targeting was narrow. Officers were investigating a particular crime. They collected only videos and photos that would likely contain evidence of that crime. She practices, speaks, and writes about computer crime and security, electronic surveillance, consumer privacy, and data protection.

For example, in the same Boston Marathon investigation, FBI agents searched for purchase records for the model of pressure cooker used to construct the bombs detonated in the Bergen some Looking in for nsa. They were looking to narrow the field of potential suspects.

It turned out, there were only a few dozen of those pressure cookers Bergen some Looking in for nsa in the year before the attack. But what happened next is worrisome.


A woman reported that law enforcement paid her a visit after she had been shopping for pressure cookers and backpacks online. FBI agents confronted a Saudi student for carrying a pressure cooker to a student dinner. Interrogating Bergen some Looking in for nsa who purchase pressure cookers is not a good way to find future attackers. Millions of people purchase these devices without using them in a bombing attack.

Targeted surveillance of people known to be connected to terrorism is the best way to find terrorists.

NSA chief says exposure of surveillance programs has 'irreversible' impact - as it happened

In January oftwo gunmen shot twelve people dead in the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. One of the gunmen had already been sent to prison for recruiting jihadist fighters.

Bergen: Benefit of NSA phone surveillance overblown

The other had reportedly studied in Yemen with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was arrested by the FBI in after trying and failing while on an airplane Bergen some Looking in for nsa detonate explosives hidden in his underwear. The leader of the July 7, London suicide bombings had been observed by British intelligence meeting with a suspected terrorist.

The men who planned the Mumbai, India attacks in were already under electronic surveillance by the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. One of the Mumbai plotters had been a DEA informant. In another case where the government failed to understand the information it had and act accordingly, Maj.


Nidal Hasan, a military psychiatrist, killed thirteen people at Fort Hood, Texas, in Intelligence agencies had intercepted multiple emails between Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, a notoriously militant cleric living in Yemen. More than 4, Enron employees lost their jobs, and many also lost their life savings, when the energy giant declared bankruptcy in Investors lost billions of dollars.

An investigation in found that Enron executives reaped millions of dollars from off-the-books partnerships and violated basic rules of accounting and ethics. Many were sentenced to prison for their roles in the Enron scandal. Hide Caption 10 of 15 Photos: Notable leakers and whistle-blowers Cynthia Cooper and Bergen some Looking in for nsa team of auditors uncovered massive fraud at WorldCom in The company filed for bankruptcy protection and five executives ended up in prison.

Opinion: Did NSA snooping stop 'dozens' of terrorist attacks? - CNN

Cooper started her own consulting firm and told her story in the book "Extraordinary Circumstances: The Journey of a Corporate Whistleblower. Notable leakers and whistle-blowers Infederal air marshal Robert MacLean anonymously tipped off an MSNBC reporter that because of budget concerns, the TSA was temporarily suspending missions that would require marshals to stay in hotels just days after they were briefed about a new "potential plot" to hijack U.

The news caused an immediate uproar on Capitol Hill and the TSA retreated, withdrawing the scheduling cuts before they went into effect. MacLean Bergen some Looking in for nsa later investigated and Bergen some Looking in for nsa for the unauthorized disclosure of "sensitive security information.

Notable leakers and whistle-blowers Joe Darby is the whistle-blower behind the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal in Iraq. He says he asked Army Reserve Spc. Charles Graner Jr. Instead, he was given photos of prisoner abuse. Darby eventually alerted the U.

Graner was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his part in the abuse. The military and members of Darby's own family ostracized him, calling him a traitor. Bergen some Looking in for nsa he and his wife had to enter protective custody. Hide Caption 13 of 15 Photos: Bush authorized the U.

National Security Agency to eavesdrop without a court warrant on people in the United States, including American citizens, suspected of communicating with al Qaeda members overseas.

The Bush administration staunchly defended the controversial surveillance program. He said he was concerned about alleged abuses and a lack of oversight. Hide Caption 14 of 15 Photos: Notable leakers and whistle-blowers Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was convicted July 30 of stealing and disseminatingpages of classified documents and videos to WikiLeaks, and the counts against him included violations of the Espionage Act. The "Investigation we conducted Electronic surveillance followed, co-conspirators were identified and "we were able to disrupt this terrorist activity.

Thornberry asks: Administrators "actually helps operate, run, set the conditions on a portion of the network," he says. They're working on coming up with a two-person rule, and making sure they have a way of blocking people from taking information, he says. Ruppersberger, Democrat of Maryland, is back on.

He asks Alexander: Do Bergen some Looking in for nsa feel in any way that the Fisa court is a rubber stamp? Alexander does not feel that way: I do not. The federal judges on that court are superb. The nation would be proud of what they do They have been extremely professional. There is from my perspective no rubber stamp

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