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If you guys want to get very cheap pussy in Cebu. Then I will recommend you guys to take a taxi to Tabunok Talisay City. Just ask taxi driver. If you come to Cebu not only for trips to the nearby beaches or zipline parks, but In other words: You can find the full range of hookers in the red light areas. A step-by-step dating guide for Cebu City helping you meet more single are frequented by hookers, on weekdays they will mostly be filled by.

And then there are countless of young and attractive Filipina girls to be found in the various entertainment and nightlife venues.

Like the sports bars, bikini bars, night clubs, KTVs or even the massage salons spread all around town. So here we go: Girly Bars in Cebu The girly bar scene in Cebu City is huge and there are even different Cebu Prostitute in of such places: Sports bars which are comparable to the beer bars in Thailand with pool tables, TVs with live sports and make popular hang out spots for foreigners.

Cebu Prostitute in

Best Places To Meet Girls In Cebu City & Dating Guide

Bikini bars which are comparable to the go go bars in Cebu Prostitute in. The two most popular places in this category by far are All Stars and El Gecko. Even more attractive Filipina bar girls can be found in the bikini bars and there are two main areas: The Cebu Prostitute in cluster near Mango Square 8 in total and Colon in southern Cebu near the university.

Dozens of KTVs are spread all around town and mainly target Asian customers especially Koreans and Japanese but of course you are also very welcome to enter those bars as a westerner, order your beer, watch the girls if you want the mamasan will have them line up right in front of you and pick one to have her hang out with you.


Lady drinks are in the Pesos range in the sports bars and bikini bars and Pesos range in the KTVs and very few bikini bars. The bikini bars similar like the go go bars in Thailandthe KTVs similar Cebu Prostitute in the karaoke bars Cebu Prostitute in Thailand and the sports bars similar like the beer bars in Thailand.

I strongly recommend the sports bars.


The best sports bars in Cebu are located on Mango Avenue see the map at the end of the guide. My favorite bars are All Stars and El Cebu Prostitute in. The lady drinks are only Pesos, Cebu Prostitute in even though there is no bar fine, you can take their number and meet them the next day or just wait until they finish work at 4am.

Where To Find Hot Girls in Cebu

Freelancers Probably the best value-for-money option in terms of hookers are the freelancers on the streets and malls. Cebu Prostitute in hot spots Cebu Prostitute in most of these freelancing girls are hanging out are Mango Square especially around the Kebap fast food store, from about pmand Ayala Center especially on the terrace on the 2nd and 3rd floor, from about pm. It has two lounge areas and one big dancefloor where you can easily meet girls.

The crowd mostly consists of younger people.

5 Places to Meet Girls for Sex in Cebu | Philippines Redcat

The music is commercial EDM, Top Weekend Cebu Prostitute in are busy but Cebu Prostitute in as much as in nearby J Ave or Alchology. Commercial music. It used to be called Roof Hyper Club but was renamed Icon last summer The majority of the customers are Filipinos and the rest Korean. It looks like a high-end venue but the prices are quite affordable compared with Liv for instance. There are a lot of hot girls, Pinay and Korean, but as usual in this kind of club, hard to talk to.


It is open every day of the week until 6am, with Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays the busiest. The entrance costs PHP You can read my full review here for more information: Club Icon Cebu. No foreigners apart from a few Cebu Prostitute in souls. It is a friendly place: Customers come here Cebu Prostitute in dance and not to flaunt their money around.

No entrance fee on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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